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How to make candied pumpkin sugar in an electric drier


Dry jam is also called candied fruit. Sweet candied fruit pieces, vegetables, everyone loves. They replace sweets, confectionery sweets, thereby replenishing the body with vitamins, microelements, do not contain "Esek." Housewives prepare candied pumpkin in an electric dryer for a year, and then served with tea, added to sweet pastries, dishes.

Features cooking tasty candied pumpkin at home

One of the useful vegetables growing in our region is pumpkin. But the paradox is that relatively little is eaten. According to taste characteristics, it loses to other vegetables. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare and then the wealth of the nutritional composition and beneficial properties of this gourd culture will be revealed.

Pumpkin has a rich nutritional composition

Since the vegetable is odorless, add sugar (honey) and additional components that form the taste and aroma of candied fruit:

  • lemon;
  • orange;
  • carnation;
  • cinnamon;
  • ginger;
  • vinegar.
Organic acids stored in citrus add the necessary acidity to the vegetable.

Before proceeding to the preparation of candied fruit, the representative of the melon must be cleaned, cut, and then boiled for 5 minutes in sugar syrup. In between (2-3 hours) between cooking, candied fruits infuse, soak and become translucent with time. This is a signal to the end of the process.

How to choose a vegetable

Must be able to choose the right pumpkin

To choose a delicious sweet instance, you need to know a few special signs. The sweetest and healthiest is nutmeg. Ideal for making sweets, sometimes you don’t even have to add sugar. In addition, there are most nutrients, especially the "youth vitamin". So, what signs guided when choosing nutmeg:

  • the more saturated the color of the pulp, the more carotenoids;
  • the vegetable must be whole, not cut into pieces (to avoid infection with salmonella, E. coli);
  • black spots on the skin indicate a fungal disease. As a rule, such pumpkin is savory and tasteless;
  • there should be a natural wax coating, a tail - these are signs of a good, healthy fetus;
  • the form of the Muscat representative of the species is always elongated, oval, cylindrical, resembling pepper, resembling a guitar or an overgrown squash. This kind of thickens closer to the flower.
Butternut squash retains its taste until December, then it becomes tasteless. Appearance may persist much longer, until the month of May. She has a thin skin, easily cut and cleaned with a knife.

Large vegetables until January are better not to be used for making candied fruits. They contain starch, which only turns into sugar by winter and thanks to this, the fruit is gaining taste and sweetness. So, the distinguishing features of a good large pumpkin:

  • the form is round, flattened, can be different flowers;
  • thicker skin, harder to cut;
  • the bigger the pumpkin, the less sweetness in the pulp.

The most savory is a hard-skinned pumpkin. It can be recognized by its round elongated shape, similar to an egg, as well as by a very rough shell. So this variety is better not to take on candied fruits. It will be difficult to peel the vegetable and it will take several times more sugar, which is not very useful and expensive.

Cleaning and cutting

Peel and cut into comfortable pieces

There are several ways how to quickly and easily clean the pumpkin from the skin. Here are some of them:

  • put in the oven for 15 minutes at +180 C;
  • drive a long fork (for chicken) or a knife into the pumpkin on top, and then put it all in a bag and throw it down hard on the ground. 2-3 times the vegetable should split into two parts;
  • beat with a rolling pin or with a finishing hammer at the place (hollow) where it will be cut with a knife. The softened peel is easier to process;
  • peel off with a peeler, then cut into this area.

Then clean the seeds, and cut the flesh into pieces of square or rectangular shape, no more than 1 cm thick.

Several ways to prepare a sweet dryer

Ready candied fruits

Candied fruits can be cooked in different ways, depending on what is on hand. Ready candied fruits are removed from the syrup, spread on a sieve, give an extra liquid to drain. This may take several hours. Then you can proceed to the next technological stage - drying.

In the oven

Spread the pumpkin evenly over the baking tray. Drying is carried out at +100 C with the door open, so that there is air circulation. This can take from 4 to 6 hours. Faster drying schemes have been developed:

  • 1st half hour - +85 С;
  • 2nd half hour - +65 C;
  • the next few hours - +35 C with the door open.
Spread the cubes on the baking sheet

Moisture gradually evaporates under the influence of hot air, candied fruits from above are covered with a film, and inside they remain soft and slightly moist. You can give them a little more to dry on the tray in natural conditions at room temperature.

In the dryer

Now many have electric dryers in the house, with which they harvest vegetables and fruits for the winter. The principle of operation is as follows. Hot air rises from the bottom up, passing through trays with pumpkin slices laid out on them. In addition to the heater in more expensive models there is a fan that allows you to more intensively pump and distribute the high-temperature flow.

Preparation of candied fruits in the dryer will take less time than in the oven or in the air

This method is more simple and effective. In one dryer, for example, the VOLTERA 1000 Lux model can simultaneously install several trays, which is economical in terms of space, amount of time. There is no dust on candied fruits, insects do not sit down, as is often the case with the traditional method of drying.

On air

Charged with the energy of the sun and the earth

Put candied fruits on a baking sheet and leave to dry at room temperature in a dry, well-ventilated room. Over the course of several days, the water will slowly evaporate and the vegetable pieces will dry out.

In the microwave

Candied microwave

Slices of pumpkin will be heated using microwave radiation, which penetrate into the pulp and interact with water, causing it to evaporate intensively. The drying process is much faster than in other cases. Larger pieces should be placed along the edges of the tray, since it is here that the most intense interaction occurs.

How to store in the winter and use

Store in a glass and tightly sealed container

It is best to store candied fruits in a clean, tightly sealed container placed in a refrigerator or any other cool place. Violation of storage conditions may cause the product to dry out or, on the contrary, in case of excessive moisture, make them stick together in a lump, covered with mold. Such candied fruits, unfortunately, become not only useless, but also harmful.


Candied pumpkin is a great way to replenish your diet with healthy sweets, and your body to provide all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. They are especially good in the cold season, when there are not enough vegetables and fruits on the table. Bright orange candied, served to hot herbal tea, in gloomy autumn evenings will be a pleasant reminder of the summer, the sun.

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