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Why does the bow go in the arrow and what to do to prevent it?


In many dishes, onion is a frequent ingredient. Many people love to feast on this vegetable. In this regard, gardeners are trying to multiply and save the crop of this vegetable crop. In the process of growing sometimes such a situation arises - the plant goes to the arrow. This article is intended to explain why the bow goes to the arrow and what to do about it.

What is an arrow, why does it appear, how is it dangerous for a bow?

Do not think if the plant has started to break down, eating bulbs is excluded.

What does the arrow represent? The arrow represents the peduncle. On the peduncle flowers are formed, seeds are formed from them. Peduncle intended for breeding.

The danger arises when the arrows appear only for the varieties from which the bulbs are produced. Therefore, when onions are grown, all methods are prevented by the appearance of arrows.

The problem is that bulbs that have started booting are not allowed to be stored for a long time. To avoid decay, you need to eat it as soon as possible. You should have time until the second month of winter.

The plant began to shoot a little - wait for a bad harvest. The size of such bulbs will be small: the vegetable crop will spend half of its strength on the flowering process, and the development of the bulb will be delayed.

The arrow is a flower stalk, seeds are formed in them

Why the arrow: the main reasons

Consider the causes of skull marks. This vegetable can go to the arrow, if wrong:

  • seeds were stored;
  • planting material had an incorrect size;
  • landing time is not met.

Let us examine the reasons separately, find out how to protect yourself from marksmanship, and what actions to take if it started.

Why is the bow from the sevka and what to do:

Wrong seeds were stored

Material used for planting, it is important to store at temperatures close to zero. So you will avoid strelkovaniya.

The plant is resistant to frost. You should not worry about the temperature below zero, but the temperature above zero will negatively affect sevke.

To store the seeds, there is no certain temperature. But the turnip will not grow from seed in the first year. First, 12 months is needed for growing seed.

In the winter season, store in the basement. Then you can sit on the turnip. With all the varieties of this crop so, except for the hybrid, allowing for 12 months to grow a full-fledged vegetable.

Humidity should be controlled. If there is dampness in the basement, the tree will sprout.

Therefore, after disembarking on the garden, the vegetable crop will definitely skip, since the material for planting has already sprouted.

Material used for planting, it is important to store at temperatures close to zero.

Dimensions of planting material (sets)

Often do not attach importance to the size of the material for planting. Before you board, It is important to sort the seed by size..

Planting material can be divided into three groups:

  • bulb size about or less than 10 mm - sets;
  • bulb size in the range of 10 mm - 30 mm - the average fraction of the material for planting;
  • bulbs larger than 30 mm - a large fraction of the material for planting.
Limit your choice by eliminating large-sized planting material. Because there is a high probability of bolting. Large planting material can only be used for growing early terms of greenery.

Using the planting material of the first and second groups, gardeners usually never face the problem of shooting.

Before you begin planting, it is important to sort the seed by size.

Landing dates

There are no exact dates when to start planting onions. Plant sevok need in warm landthen you will avoid bracing. But do not rush to do it.

Because If planted early, the bulb can go to the arrow. If you plant too late, you will not get a normal turnip.

How to prevent skidding

Avoiding vegetable cropping is possible when planting for the winter.. Where winter is warm, such a landing is recommended. However, in areas with frosty winters, another landing method should be used.

Select small and medium bulbs, set aside large ones. It can be used to grow green onions, but if the goal is onions, then apply sevok.

Trusting the markets or even specialty shops is not worth it. If the planting material purchased on the market, before planting on the beds warm up sevok for 19-21 days.

You can warm up using the battery, but first lay the material on a pallet of wood.

If the seed was purchased, it must be processed.It is unlikely that it will go to the arrow. You can process the seeds yourself using potassium permanganate solution.

You can avoid branding by planting onions before winter

What to do to bow did not go into the arrow?

If the problem of shooting has arisen, remove peduncle with circumcision. Perhaps the bulb will be large.

Trim the peduncle close to the neck. When the arrows appear, they will appear again and after trimming. Watch carefully. Immediately get rid of peduncles.

If the bow has been skilful, use it immediately. How to identify such a bow? If the bulb has a thick neck, it means that the plant went to the arrow.

The difficulty caused by marksmanship is inherent in certain varieties of onions. For example, shallot onions do not face a similar problem.

When buying plant seeds, ask questions to sellers who will answer the question about which hybrid varieties are best to use in this climate.

Vegetable culture, growing for many years, does not give turnips, but you can get excellent greens. The plant necessarily starts to shoot a gun.

Need care for this vegetable crop. Cut flower stalks from the beam. Reappeared? Trim them again. Do not wait for the roughening of the peduncle, after the greens will not be so juicy.

Observing the listed conditions, the vegetable culture will be skirmished. But if it happened to the plants, put off the panic, nor get rid of them.

The situation can be improved by decisive action. The harvest will be saved! In addition, peduncles are perfect for light salads.

Onion shooters are perfect for preservation. Dishes with onion feathers acquire an unusual taste. Food is not an option? You can use the peduncle as a fertilizer.

What can be cooked from onion arrows: