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What is the right way to feed cucumber seedlings so that there are plump stems


Any gardener, deciding to plant and grow cucumbers, thinks that the plants grow strong and healthy. And here it is important to note that if the soil on the site is sufficiently nutritious, the seedlings of cucumbers will still need to be fed. In this case, preference should be given to liquid formulations, combining fertilization with irrigation and performing operations in the morning, while it is not too hot.

You can plant and germinate seeds in sawdust - seedlings will appear quickly, and sowing and germination will not be difficult if properly maintained.

Does cucumber seedlings need additional nutrition?

Seedlings are considered the initial life span of the entire plant. The future harvest depends on how well it is provided with heat, light and necessary nutrition.

Feeding procedures, like other care activities, should be directed to creating the most comfortable conditions plant formation.

Erroneous actions made during this period are almost impossible to correct - they will unambiguously manifest themselves in the quantity and quality of the vegetables grown.

Used as a feed leavenwhich were made on the basis of yeast or bread.

Yeast ferment - one of the most popular dressings

Root top dressing of plants must be combined with foliar, in which the plant is sprayed with fertilizer solutions. Nitrogen-containing compounds will rejuvenate the culture, prevent the appearance of yellowness on the foliage, improve metabolic processes and photosynthesis.

Honey top dressing can increase the number of ovaries. If you fertilize or water the plant with it, it will attract bees, which will help to increase sprouts and increase yields. If you organize the care correctly, fresh cucumbers will decorate your table throughout the season.

When to feed - the right time

Starting to feed cucumber seedlings from seeds should be at the moment when it forms second-third true leaves. At this time, the roots of the plants normally develop, will be plump, which will allow to fertilize the crop. But not superfluous will monitor the external state of the plant itself. If it looks pale, stunted and deplorable, you can water the seedlings with additional feeding earlier than usual.

As a rule, to seedlings received a normal development, it is fed thrice. The exception may be weakly growing plants planted in a greenhouse. They are recommended to maintain nutritional formulations two or three times a month.

Cucumber seedlings can begin to feed after the appearance of 2-3 leaves

How to feed cucumber seedlings

If the plant is deficient in potassium, then its yield will decrease, its presentation will worsen, and cucumbers will have ugly forms. Lack of nitrogen will be expressed in a thickening near the stem and fineness of the tip. Calcium deficiency will cause drying of the inflorescences and dying off of the ovary, lower immunity, the formation of various diseases.

Nutrient Substrates

The most convenient solution is to purchase special fertilizer formulationsintended for seedlings. With the help of such wonderful mixtures, you will only have to follow the manufacturer's recommendation advice.

Fertilizing organic

At the stage of growing seedlings from the use of manure is better to refuse. Very high probability of violation of the dosage and increase the temperature of the soil, which will cause damage to the root system.

Such a fertilizer mixture is good already. in the period of flowering plants and the start of their fruiting.

Manure can be used no earlier than the flowering period


Cucumber seedlings support nutritional solutions just under the roots. As an exception, the foliar procedure can be performed with trace elements that have a rather low concentration during spraying.

Folk remedies

Often gardeners in the form of fertilizer formulations are used herbal infusions, consisting of nettle, dandelions and other weeds. Herbs are poured with water, aged in the sun for at least seven days. Watering is performed in a ratio of 1 to 5.

If the soil composition is low in calcium, then it is allowed to add crushed egg shell.

What fertilizers should not be used

Cucumber plants do not tolerate chemistry.

In the process of fruiting, seedlings are allowed to be treated with a mixture of water and boric acid, at the rate of a quarter of a small spoon per bucket. This will help to increase the intensity of flowering and, as a result, improve yields.

How do sawdust affect seedlings

Growing seedlings of cucumbers in sawdust

There is no secret - plants grow like yeast. Their root system is formed powerful, because light and loose sawdust create the best conditions for this. The roots do not break off during transplantation, the plant does not get sick.

Rules for growing cucumbers in sawdust

Consider all the actions in stages:

  • first you should prepare the container, intended for the cultivation of cucumber seedlings. For example, you can use wooden boxes, the bottom of which is carpeted with polyethylene to prevent leakage;
  • getting ready fresh sawdust. Before they fall asleep in the box, it is necessary to carry out the treatment with boiling water, which will wash away the resinous composition. After that, sawdust can be poured into the boxes with a layer of five to six centimeters;
  • simple school ruler arranged furrows, the distance between which is equal to five centimeters. They are laid out seeds with an interval of a couple of centimeters;
  • the seeds are sprinkled with wet filings on centimeter layer, the box is covered with a film;
  • after the appearance of sprouts, the film is removed, the container is exposed closer to the light or to the window, hardening is performed.

Seedlings must be kept in sawdust ten to fifteen days, feeding several times over the period with mullein, diluted with water one to ten liters. At the same time it is necessary to pour it in, uniformly wetting sawdust.


Watering is done as the sawdust dries, for which clean, heated water is used.

After a couple of weeks, seedlings are allowed to move to a permanent place of growth. Sprouts are perfectly removed from sawdust, the root system is not broken. Before planting, it is necessary to shake well, inspect, discard weak sprouts. The procedure should be performed not in the sunso that the roots do not lose branching.

The rest of the seedlings resemble simple seedlings - they need wet, warm soil for planting, high-quality watering. If everything is done correctly, the plants will take root perfectly and will not hurt.

Top dressing of seedlings is considered to be necessary, but it is not recommended to get involved in them, observing two-week intervals. And in the process of flowering, it is necessary to exclude from the application not only chemical preparations, but also organic matter, if there is a desire to get environmentally friendly vegetables.