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How to dry ram at home


Ram is a fish from the carp family, which is very popular in the south of Russia and in Ukraine. Back in the days of old Russia, dried and dried roach was a tasty and affordable snack for beer. Now, it is accepted to call taranka all small fish (vobla, roach), which is amenable to drying. The article will discuss how to dry the ram at home.

Preparation of the ram and the specificity of its drying

First you need to understand what kind of fish you want to dry. This may be a carp, roach, roach, bream, white bream, ruff, minnow, small pike or sabrefish. As you can see, the choice is very large!

The method of drying of roach in the air strung on a thread

Important! For drying, it is better to use live fish. You can buy it or catch it yourself. Dry thawed at home is not recommended!

Having decided on the choice of species, it must be cleaned of viscera (milt, guts, etc.) and rinsed well under running water. Remove the scales, cut off the heads and tails, do not need. Further, its salt. There are two main methods for salting before drying:

  1. Dry salting. The cleaned fish is placed in an enamel bowl and covered with salt, mixed thoroughly. You can lay it out in layers, sprinkling each of them with salt. In this form, the pickling is kept for two days, after which the remaining salt is removed and started to dry.
  2. Wet pickling. It is necessary to prepare brine (tozluk). Prepare a large enameled saucepan of 10 liters and boil water in it. In boiling water, add 1 kilogram of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper and 10 bay leaves. As soon as the brine cools, immerse the fish in it and slightly pressing it down so that it does not float up. In this solution, the future taranka should be soaked for four days.
With dry salting, fish can be layered and held for two days.

Salting is a mandatory procedure before drying, otherwise the fish will deteriorate and rot. To prevent the formation of maggots, carcasses can be further treated with a solution of vinegar 3% or dip in unrefined sunflower oil. There are no restrictions on size and variety. The brining procedure follows the standard pattern. After all the manipulations, the product is completely ready for drying, it remains only to choose the best way.

Methods of drying taranki at home

There are two main methods of drying a ram: natural (outdoors) and artificial (smokehouse, oven, and other installations). Many argue about how to properly dry the taranka, but there is no single answer. Each of the methods has both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the preferences of the consumer.

Now all small dried fish is called taranka.

How to fuss in the oven

The essence of the method lies in the rapid removal of moisture from the product. Residual moisture in salted form should not exceed 20%. This effect is achieved by changing the temperature regimes (hot and half hot). The process of drying tarani in the oven is as follows:

  1. The oven is preheated to 40 °.
  2. Salted fish, spread in one layer on a baking sheet, previously covered it with baking paper.
  3. The baking tray is placed in the oven and left for 2 hours.
  4. Then, the temperature is raised to 80 ° and dried for another hour (hot mode).
  5. After that, the temperature is lowered to 60 ° and continue to dry for an hour (half hot mode).
  6. Further, the temperature is again lowered to the initial 40 ° for another 1 - 1.5 hours.
An alternative to the described method can be a simple method of hanging in the oven, if the height of the equipment allows

To quickly evaporate moisture, the oven door is left ajar for 5 centimeters. After the fish has cooled, it is laid out on paper (newspaper) and dried in natural conditions for approximately two days. It is important that it is all the same size, because it will dry out evenly. This is one of the fastest, but energy-intensive ways to dry.

How can you dry in the open air

Natural drying is the easiest and safest method. Prepare a long felt thread. Additionally, rub the fish with salt, having well processed the scales, gills and fin, and then put some salt in the abdomen. Thread the thread into the needle with the big eye and thread it, making holes in the head. Ready garland from it, hang in a dry, well-lit and ventilated room. The distance between units should be at least 7 centimeters. In just 4 days, you will get dried fish, but if you taste dried, you will have to wait at least 3 weeks.

Outdoors drying must be covered with gauze.

In the dryer

Most professionals prefer to dry the ram in special electric dryers. Here is the procedure:

  1. Dryer, for example, Volter 1000 Lux, heated to a temperature of 40 °.
  2. Further, it is necessary to cut the fish so that it loses moisture faster. Cuts are made under the fins, slightly trimmed and open the gills, and also make a deeper abdominal incision, which is fixed in the open state with a toothpick.
  3. Prepared fish spread in the tank and leave for 5 hours.

Dried taranka should cool down and, if necessary, dry in natural conditions. With the help of such a blank, the ram loses about 85% of its moisture, retaining its freshness and taste for up to six months.

In rooms where drying is made, there should not be insects. If you notice that a fly is sitting on the fish, it should be thrown away. A fly could lay its eggs in it.

Well-dried taranka, it is recommended to store in glass (sterilized) jars, tightly closing them with a lid. For longer storage, use special vacuum caps. Dried in a natural way, the ram can be stored in clear form or in a cardboard box. Often carcasses are rewound with newspapers, parchment or kraft paper. Storage temperature should not exceed + 8 °. Properly harvested and packaged fish, retains freshness and does not deteriorate, right up to 10 months.

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