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3 best methods of cooking dried apples


Dried apples - the name stirs the imagination with the smell and fragrant taste from childhood. The product has a bunch of beneficial properties: improves the digestive tract, normalizes blood pressure, helps to recover from a stroke, improves immunity. Of these, you can cook a lot of dishes according to the recipes: compote, chicken zrazy, jelly, casseroles, chocolate fondue, cereal.

The specifics of drying apples at home

We will understand what is the difference between drying and drying. When drying, higher temperatures are used, the task of drying is to keep a small amount of moisture in the fruit. Dried apples do not crumble, they remain flexible and flexible. The process takes more time than drying, since exposure temperatures are much lower.

Drying fruits, berries and vegetables - one of the ways of canning at home

The apples have the ability to oxidize, so do not cut all the fruits at once, it is better to break them apart, so they will not have time to darken and retain an attractive appearance. Before you begin the process, it is important that the fruits are well dried, otherwise instead of dried apples, you get a dry crust with a wet crumb, which quickly deteriorates. The core is cut in apples, but the peel must be left. It contains both potassium and magnesium. It is important to cut pieces of a certain thickness that are too thin (less than 5 mm) can burn out, too thick (more than 5 mm), on the contrary, will not dry out. Housewives choose three basic ways of cooking apples, each of them will take a closer look.

Drying in the oven

For drying, you can use apples of both summer and winter varieties.

The most affordable way to prepare the fruit for the winter. Under the influence of temperature, excess moisture will evaporate from the fruit, gradually a beautiful beige color is acquired. It is not recommended to dry apples on a clean baking sheet, it is necessary to cover it with baking paper, so the fruit will not stick and evenly dry. For uniform drying it is useful to stir the fruit once an hour.

Turn on the oven at 40 degrees and gradually add the temperature, the maximum - 60 degrees. When the maximum temperature is reached, you can slightly open the oven door, so the process will end faster.


  • convenience;
  • availability;
  • least cost method in time. The process in the electric oven will take about nine hours.
Apples sorted by maturity and varieties

Disadvantages of the method:

  • Apples can be spoiled if the oven is turned on at high power (90 degrees for curing is considered a very high temperature). Fruits can burn and lose all beneficial properties. Remember that the most important thing about drying is the quality of the stored product.

Drying in the dryer

It's no secret that there is a lot of water in the apples

Electric dryers - a godsend for hostesses. dehydrating fruits with such an assistant at home is a pleasure. The principle of operation of the dryer, for example, VOLTERA 1000 Lux, is similar to the oven. Under the influence of temperature, moisture evaporates, the apples dry, the fruit becomes flexible and does not crumble, unlike dried ones.

Electric dryers offer several temperature regimes for each type of vegetables and fruits, choosing the "apples" mode, you can not worry that the fruits will burn or dry out, your task is to track the time. It will need more than when dried in an electric oven.


  • drying uniformity;
  • difficult to overdry;
  • a small amount of moisture in fruit is acceptable;
  • no need to agitate the fruit;
  • The drying process is easy to observe, the transparent walls of the electric dryers do not distort the color (unlike dark ovens), which will help to easily determine the readiness of apples.
In the process of drying, excess liquid gradually evaporates, as a result of which only vitamins and valuable dietary fibers remain in the fruit.


  • takes about eleven hours;
  • high cost of some models of electric driers. The most expensive samples have an automatic shutdown timer when a result is achieved. If it’s easy for you to keep track of your time, you can purchase a more affordable electric dryer.

Drying in the sun

Selected fruits are washed thoroughly in cool running water.

To save all the useful properties without exception allows the most difficult method - drying in the open air.

It is important that apples should not fall under direct dining sunlight, so they will burn. Place the fruit on blank sheets of paper (newspapers, wallpaper, magazines will not work).

Under the influence of air, blowing with the wind and sunlight, the apples will gradually subsist naturally. If bad weather occurs, transfer the fruit to the veranda, it is important that the room is not wet and dark. Apples need to be turned and agitated once a day.

In order for the fruits to retain their original color, it is recommended to soak them in salt water or dip them in boiling water for a couple of seconds.


  • all useful properties are preserved;
  • there is no risk to dry the apples;
  • A large number of fruits can be dried at one time.


  • the drying process takes about a week;
  • you can not leave the fruit for a long time without supervision. In case of rain or strong wind, you need to quickly move the apples into a dry room.

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Dried apples can be stored for several years, but it is better to use them before the onset of the new summer season. It is forbidden to store the product in plastic bags, it will cause rotting of the fruit and the institution of the worms. It is better to keep them in cans or linen bags. If you sprinkle apples with cinnamon, they will retain the spicy flavor for a long period.

Dried apples are widely used in cooking: skillful hostesses will prepare an appetizing charlotte, diet casserole, oatmeal, warming, in winter cold, apple compote. Cosmetologists advise to use dried fruits to preserve youthful skin, healthy teeth, hair and nails.