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Detailed description and characteristics of the early variety of tomato debut f1


Tomatoes not only have an amazing taste, but also contain a huge amount of useful vitamins and trace elements. This is vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and E. Moreover, the vitamin E group significantly prevails. Tomatoes are not only beneficial to our body, they also tend to elevate mood. All thanks to an organic substance called tyramine, which is further converted into serotonin. This vegetable can be called an organic antidepressant, which is able to cope with stressful situations.

In this review we will talk about one of the varieties of tomato Debut, the description and characteristics of which are presented below.

Detailed description and characteristics of tomato variety Debut

A deterministic type tomato bush can grow to a height of 0.65 m. If the plant is grown in a greenhouse, the length can even reach 0.75 m. This hybrid version of the vegetable is as early as possible, and the period of its fruiting is extended. The first fruits after planting seeds you can collect in 90-95 days.

Debut tomatoes are recommended for cultivation, both in open fields and in greenhouses

Tomato Debut can be grown both in open ground and in the greenhouse.

Gardeners recommend tomato bushes do not very large, only two stems. Then the yield will be significantly higher.

The best way is often not to feed the plant. Because then the bush will have leaves and stems more green and large, and this will lengthen the time of receipt of the first harvest. Most people who planted a sort of tomato, agree that it is better to tie up the bushes. Then the fruits do not touch the surface of the earth and ripen better.

Fruit: round shape; aligned with a smooth surface; after ripening they acquire a deep red color; the average weight of one fruit is 0.18-0.22 kg.

Using: Tomatoes of this variety can be called universal. They are amenable to canning, salting, making juices, pasta and mashed potatoes. Moreover, tomatoes are distinguished by excellent taste, if used fresh.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ultra early tomato ripening debut allows gardeners to avoid fruit damage by late blight

The main advantages of the Debut variety include:

  • compactness and small dimensions of the bush;
  • early ripening first fruits;
  • high resilience to temperature differences;
  • universality of tomatoes in terms of consumption;
  • high protective properties against various diseases;
  • not bad preservation of vegetables in transit.

The disadvantages of tomato debut include: difficulty in caring for the plant. So, the bushes need to be tied up so that the fruit does not touch the soil surface.

Basic soil requirements for planting

Tomatoes give a good harvest if the soil is characterized by high humidity - 70-80% of HB. The fruits will be tasty and beautiful only with sufficient light. If the plant does not have enough light, the ripening period will be longer. Light is needed not only the tomato itself, but the whole bush.

The soil should be selected porous, moisture-consuming and airy, but it should still be different density. In order to properly prepare the soil, it is recommended to additionally use peat and humus.

Sowing rules: how to plant seeds on seedlings and when

Tomatoes are usually grown in seedlings. Thus, rational use of land and greenhouses is achieved as well. At the same time, the greenhouse should be clean and well lit. It will be great if you are supposed to control the ventilation and temperature.

Planting Tomato Seeds Debut on Seedlings

The period of growing seedlings will depend solely on the season. If it is winter, then it will take at least 9 weeks, spring - 6 weeks, whereas in summer it will take about 5 weeks.

Planting seeds is recommended to do in cassettes or boxes using peat mixture. If you want to get a very good result, you should additionally also apply vermiculite in the ratio of one to one.

To sow the seeds is to a depth of 5-10 mm.

According to the first one, it is necessary to take a very responsible attitude towards the creation of the necessary temperature regime in the greenhouse. At high temperatures, the seedlings will stretch a lot, and its stems will be too weak. Indications on the thermometer during irrigation should be around 18-20 degrees.

If the stems are very thick, you need to lower the temperature in the greenhouse at night. So, the bushes stretch out.

Make the formation of the bush is after tying. Masking is done weekly, by removing the stepson that has reached a length of 20-50 mm.

It is best to form tomatoes in two stalks. On the extreme inflorescence is worth leaving no more than two leaves. Thus, on the bush in the future get 14-16 brushes.

When planting plants in open ground, pollination occurs in the usual way. Whereas in the greenhouse on this need to work. In this case, you can use vibrating dust, using hormones or bumblebees.

Transplantation of tomatoes in the open ground and further care

The time for planting seedlings is recommended to choose depending on the climatic characteristics of your region. After the appearance of the first three leaves, the bush dives and complexly fertilizes.

To transplant seedlings in the morning is not advised, because at this time the bushes are very weak.

When keeping a variety of plants in greenhouse conditions, it is necessary to ensure regular irrigation with cold water. The soil necessarily loosens to enrich the root system with oxygen. It is important to monitor the emergence of weeds and remove them in time, so that they do not "slaughter" the cultivated plant.

When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, regular watering with warm water is important.

Two months after planting seeds the first red fruits begin to appear.

Diseases and their prevention

Since tomatoes of this variety ripen as early as possible, problems with late blight do not arise at all. After all, the fruits are harvested much earlier. Also, the Debut variety shows resistance to certicillosis, fusarium and Alternaria cancer of the stems.

If it is planned to plant the plants in the greenhouse, it is not recommended to reuse the soil from old stocks. It may contain harmful microorganisms and diseases. And even a perfectly healthy bush can get sick.

Harvesting tomatoes and storage rules

Debut Tomatoes have good keeping quality and ability to carry transportation over long distances.

Tomato fruits are recommended several times a week. And it is best to do this in the morning, when the harvest is of the highest quality. In case the goods need to be transported in the future, it is necessary to pick them off even brown. To maintain the integrity of the fruit is important to observe the temperature. The optimum temperature is 12-13 degrees Celsius.

Reviews gardeners about the variety Debut

Alinafrom the southern strip of Russia rejoices in the size of the fruits received. They are big and beautiful. Plus, the bushes do not need to feed often.

Dinielnoted high resistance to various diseases.

Agronomists of the Seminis company do not advise to abuse nitrogen fertilizers, because the plant does not differ powerful bush. Everything should be in moderation.

Marianotes the taste of tomatoes. The hybrid differs in density of a peel. That is why it can be used for canning, the tomato will retain its appearance and will not crack, as is often the case. Moreover, fresh, they are also very tasty and meaty.

There are also indignations of gardeners about the fineness of the stem. Why the plant and you have to constantly tie up the bushes are not broken.

In general, it is worth noting that the ultra early variety of tomatoes Debut is very popular. Its fruits are very tasty and fragrant. You can preserve them, make juice and paste from them, and if you like, just chop up the salad. But in order to get a good harvest, it is worth holding to some recommendations, which we spoke about earlier.