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Cucumbers on a trellis grid in an open ground and the greenhouse


The technology of vertical cultivation of cucumbers in open ground and greenhouses suggests Proper tying and plant formation. The ideal option for this purpose is a special trellis grid.

In this review, we will talk about how to make a cucumber trellis at your summer cottage.

Purpose and advantages of the trellis grid

The grid is a plastic canvas with square cells, mostly green. Experts recommend for the cultivation of cucumbers mesh with a mesh size of 15 * 17 cm.

Trellis grid for cucumbers
Synthetic material has high strength, with proper installation is able to withstand heavy loads.

The essence of the use of the grid is that cucumber lashes are first sent along separate paths, then they are independently entwined by the antennae for the cells, rushing upwards.

The popularity of the use of tapestry material is easy to explain its reliability, ease of operation and durability. It is successfully used in the cultivation of cucumbers and many other climbing plants. - legumes, courgettes, ornamental flowers.

By the way, home-made nets made from scrap materials can be no worse than purchased ones. Another thing is that the latter do not require significant financial costs, so everyone makes the decision himself.

With vertical placement, the trellis net is an ideal support for cucumber beds.

Using the grid solves several questions at once:

  • Saves space by 2 times. In spite of this, more comfortable conditions are created for plants, and growth and yield indices are improving. This is a powerful argument for owners of small areas.
  • Increases fruiting. Uniform sunshine and airing eliminate the rotting of cucumbers, even with high humidity. The fruits do not spoil and ripen faster.
  • Provides convenient care. The scourge of cucumber bushes are clearly visible, they are easier to process, weed, water, fertilize, harvest. Zelentsy always remain dry and clean, they do not need to look in the thickets. Harvest time is spent a little time.
  • Ensures aesthetic fit. in open areas and greenhouses. Vertical "screens" with green cucumber vines look attractive.
  • Installation and disassembly made easy.
  • Reuse, convenience of storage - it is easily rolled.

Types and schemes of structures

The support structure, on which the grid is stretched, can have different forms:

  • The simplest design is vertical U-shaped. For the manufacture of the frame using wooden bars, metal pipes and profiles. With a large length of beds needed intermediate stand.
  • Oblique. The frame is made with a slope to the surface of the earth.
  • A-shaped. Stable design in the form of the letter "A", suitable for open areas. Landings have on both sides.

Tapestry do-it-yourself

With your own hands, it is easy to install and tension a trellis grid in a greenhouse. As supports on the ends of the greenhouse set the columns of the beam with a height of 2 meters in size of the grid. The height of the structure depends on the size of the greenhouse. On the bed length of 5-6 m, you need to put an additional 3 intermediate props. If reusable construction is planned, it is better to install wooden racks in sections of metal pipes dug into the ground. This measure will protect the tree from rotting.

The most reliable fixation should be ensured in the center of the tapestry, since the mesh in this part will experience maximum load.

On top of the racks, pieces of the channel are fastened with screws, into which a horizontal crossbar of a beam or pipe is laid. The net is attached directly to the crossbar. The second method is more convenient when a wooden lath is passed through the top of it, which is attached with a wire to a horizontal bar. This makes it easy to disassemble the trellis at the end of the season.

When installing a trellis construction on open ground, it is necessary to take into account the movement of the sun, placing it in the east-west direction. Cucumber bushes will thus receive the maximum amount of solar energy.

An error is the incorrect location of the supports when they obscure each other.

Proper fit and care in open ground and greenhouse

Cucumber seedlings are planted in a row at a distance of 35-40 cm under the trellis or in a two-line ribbon scheme in a checkerboard pattern. It is recommended to choose cucumber varieties that give long lashes. When the shoots reach 15 cm length, you need to attach them to the bottom line of the cells. In the course of all development, plants need supervision and a garter, not all lashes crawl up on their own, they need to be guided, only after that they will weave.

After the shoots of cucumbers will gain about 15 cm in height, you must begin to attach the upper petals to the bottom line of the grid with your own hands

Caring for cucumber planting is in compliance with agrotechnical rules required for this vegetable crop. The main ones are:

  • regular watering plants water at room temperature under the root;
  • timely quality fertilizing with complex fertilizers with microelements, ashes;
  • prevention diseases;
  • deletion weed. 
When forming a bush, you need to remember the need for timely pinching the main stem for the development of lateral shoots, which produce the main crop.

Rules for growing cucumbers on the grid: garter and the formation of the bush

The technology of vertical farming includes the experience and knowledge of the traditional cultivation of vegetable crops. Not superfluous will be guided by them:

  1. Before spring planting of cucumbers, it is necessary to take into account that the best predecessors for cucumbers are tomatoes, potatoes, legumes, cabbage.
  2. Always needed preparation of beds, well fertilized with humus. It is better to cook them in the fall.
  3. Sowing seeds produced when the soil warms up to + 14-16 degrees, and the air temperature warms up to + 22.
  4. Planting cucumbers can be carried out as seeds and seedlings. Many gardeners practiced the combined method.
  5. For vertical trellis choose a place as protected from the wind. Draft - the enemies of cucumbers. In cold nights you need to cover the landing of non-woven material.
  6. To form a plant pinch main lash over the eighth leaf.
After pinching, the growth of the main shoot of cucumbers will stop, and the bush will begin to branch and form side shoots
  1. Spend seed preparation by disinfection and soaking before planting in growth stimulants. The best yield of seeds that are not more than 3 years. Last year's many barren flowers.


Competently installed The trellis net will help solve many problems when growing cucumbers in greenhouses and in the open field. By adopting this idea, you can grow a quality crop, even in a small area.