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Description and characteristics of tomato variety Pink Giant


Tomatoes are one of the most favorite vegetables on the table. They are used in the preparation of various salads, soups, sauces, etc. There is a huge number of varieties of tomatoes. But one of the most beloved and sought after is the Pink Giant variety.

Grade Description Pink Giant

Received by domestic breeders in 2000, headed by Vladimir Nalishyt, and in 2001 was registered and recommended for cultivation throughout Russia.

According to the description, the plant is tall, standard, with unlimited length of the stem. Feature varieties - can reach a length of more than 2m. However, in open ground plants have a smaller height. Therefore, it is most often used for growing in high greenhouses.

Tomatoes of this variety belong to the class of mid-ripening, as fruit ripens after 105-110 days (counted from the time of planting seedlings).

The variety is average yielding. Usually growers get 3-4kg from each bush. With high-quality agricultural technology, you can get up to 10 kg of vegetables and more.

Fruit Characteristic

Tomatoes are pink (crimson or bright red) color. Fruits are ribbed, flat-round shape. Tomatoes are fleshy, large from 300 to 600 grams. Some growers grew fruits by weight. up to 0.5 kg and more. Seeds in each fruit a bit.

The average weight of fruits of a grade is 300-600 grams

The flesh has a pleasant sweetish taste. Perfectly suited for use in raw form, as well as for the production of tomato juice. Canning is not suitable, since they have a large size.

According to the characteristics of tomatoes can be stored for a long time and tolerate transportation over long distances.

Advantages and disadvantages of tomato varieties


  • tasty, fleshy fruits, the possibility of their long-term storage and transportation;
  • plants disease resistant;
  • tolerate sudden changes in temperature and lack of moisture;
  • can be grown both in open ground and in the greenhouse.


  • required garter stalk and hands;
  • a small amount of fruit from each bush;
  • small seed chamber.
Tomato Pink Giant is well stored and resistant to long shipments

Soil requirements

Tomatoes grow well in loose, micronutrient-rich and nutrient-neutral nutrients. pH 5-5.5 or subacid loam.

For tomatoes every year is necessary change the place of cultivation. It is not recommended to plant them after nightshade, such as potatoes. Cucumbers, legumes and cruciferous plants are considered good predecessors.

Planting tomatoes on heavy soils will lead to loss of yield.

Planting seedlings

For a high-quality crop of tomatoes, you must first grow quality seedlings. Seeds sown 2-2.5 months before planting date.

Seed preparation procedure

Seeds of variety Pink Giant
  1. Soaking the seeds before processing in warm water for 3-4 hours.
  2. Disinfection and saturation of manganese and potassium seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, they fall asleep in a gauze bag and then immersed for 15-20 minutes in a pink solution (0.5-1%) of potassium permanganate. Then washed under running water.
  3. Disinfection and saturation of seeds in the ash solution with microelements. To prepare it, take one tablespoon of ash from deciduous trees and pour a liter of water. After a day, the solution is filtered. Seeds are immersed in the solution for about 5 hours.
  4. Seed treatment biostimulants.
  5. Seed germination. If you sow the seeds without germination, then it is likely that they will have poor germination and seedlings, and as a result, you will get a little. For germination, seeds are soaked for 3-5 days.
  6. Germinated seeds are sown in prepared ground or in a prepared mixture of peat, humus and sod land, which can be purchased in specialized stores. For planting in moist soil make grooves with a depth of about 1 cm at a distance of 5 cm from each other. Seeds are planted after 1.5 to 2 cm. Shoots appear around the fifth day. In order for plants not to stretch in the first days, it is advisable to install containers with seedlings in a room in which the temperature is maintained around 16 degrees.
  7. After the appearance of the first true leaflets, it is recommended pickling seedlings. This will make it possible to form a good root system in the future. In parallel with the picking, the plants are transplanted into large containers, in which they will develop before planting into the ground.

The ambient temperature must be about 22 degrees. This will allow the plants to develop normally and not to stretch too much. It is also important that the seedlings containers have normal lighting. Therefore, it is desirable to install them on window sills.

If the purchased seeds are already treated with stimulants (in this case, they are covered with colored compounds), then they should not be soaked and disinfected.

Planting tomatoes in open ground

For planting seedlings need to choose an open and sunny place.

For tomatoes, choose a sunny and closed from the winds place. Since the variety is tall, we prepare the wells according to the scheme 70x70 cm. In this case, the planting will not be thickened and the plants will be well ventilated.

Also immediately need to prepare tapestries or supports for each plant. Plants are planted at the age of 2-2.5 months. They must have 6-7 true leaves.


  • Since the Pink Giant tomatoes are tall, the bush forms in 1-2 stalks. Therefore, be sure to remove the extra stepchildren.
  • For large fruits in inflorescences leave no more than 4 flowers.
  • Lower leaves are usually removed. This contributes to the fact that plants are less sick and better illuminated.
  • Watering perform otstoyannoy and not cold water. After watering the land loosened.
  • To get a good harvest it is necessary to feed the tomatoes. For tall tomatoes, fertilizer doses are doubled. For fertilizer, you can use mullein or bird droppings, diluted in a ratio of 1:10.
Chicken litter solution can be used as a fertilizer.

It is recommended to perform dressing three times for the entire period of cultivation:

  1. 1.5 weeks after transplanting to the ground;
  2. After the second hand has bloomed;
  3. After collecting the first fruits.

You also need after each feeding mulch the soil around the bush. Due to this, the earth will not dry out quickly and overheat in the hot summer. Also a layer of mulch of the order of 5 cm prevents the growth of weeds.

This sort of tomato requires a garter. You can tie each bush separately or install trellis.

Variety bushes require mandatory garters

Diseases of tomatoes

This variety is quite resistant to many types of fungal diseases. For the prevention of diseases, care must be taken to ensure that plantings are not dense and are well ventilated.

Bushes can be affected Colorado potato beetle, throat and thrips. For the fight against insects and beetles use various chemical preparations. If there are not many tomatoes and the plantation is not very infected, then Colorado beetles and their larvae can be harvested by hand.

Thus, the variety of tomatoes "Pink Giant" can and should be grown on the garden plot, since caring for it does not require much time, and its fruits grow beautiful and very tasty. Also, there are similar varieties - Red Giant, Orange and Lemon Giant.