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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Miracle of the Earth


Tomato Miracle of the Earth quite deserved its name. Fruit weight breaks all records. Awesome incredible yield for large-fruited varieties. A delicious pink color is another wonderful quality of this amazing tomato.

Description and characteristics of the tomato Miracle of the Earth

Amateur gardeners know at least three varieties of tomatoes with similar names: the “official” Miracle of the Earth with flattened fruits and two “popular” varieties - the rounded “New Miracle of the Earth” and the heart-shaped “Miracle of the Ukrainian Land”.

The following discussion will focus only on the variety Miracle of the Earth, whose seeds can be bought in the store. Legal manufacturer - agrofirm "Siberian garden"working under copyright control.

The authors of the variety of tomatoes Miracle of the Earth - the famous breeders from Novosibirsk V.N. Dederko and O.V. Postnikova. This scientist tandem brought a lot of popular Siberian varieties. The wonder of the earth was created purposefully, as a record holder in many respects. The result was a tomato champion of the XXI century in weight, taste, yield.

Legal producer of seed varieties - Siberian Garden agrofirm

In 2006, it was registered with the State Register. A patent was obtained for this outstanding achievement of the Russian selection.

It is grown not only in Siberia, but throughout the whole of Russia, and in the near abroad.

Features grade


The average weight of tomatoes on the basis of all fees - 400 gmaximum 700-800 g. The weight of one tomato can be more than a kilogram (record - 1200 g).

To produce a giant fruit from the first flower brush pluck out all the flowers, leaving only one. It should not be ugly, terry. In the course of further development, the plant is well watered and fertilized, stepson, cut off new flower brushes. A single brush tied to a strong support, so as not to bend.

Fruit Brush branched, and this is a rare occurrence among large-fruited tomatoes. In one brush can hang 5-6 very large tomatoes. A similar structure of inflorescences is observed in Siberian tomato varieties Khlebosolnye. Such brushes are prone to capping. To prevent this from happening, they are tied to a support as early as possible.

The average fruit weight is 400 grams, but they often grow up to 1 kg in weight.

The color of the ripe fruit on the description of the crimson-pink, very appetizing and attractive. Immature tomatoes have a green spot in the area of ​​attachment of the fruit stem. With gradual ripening, the top first becomes pinkish yellow. Only in full ripeness color is made uniform.

The form of tomatoes is round, slightly flattened above and below, slightly ribbed. Freaks almost never happens. Almost all fruits are smooth, excellent presentation.

The taste of the pulp very gentle melting. Watermelon fracture, sugary. There are very few seeds.

The wonder of the earth is not a hybrid. You can safely leave your seeds.

Use mainly salad. The dryness of ripe fruit is low, so a large crop is quickly put into processing: for juices, lecho, and tomato paste. The most original blanks - pickled pieces in jelly and barrel pickle.

Bush type

Growth is intense, indeterminant (continuous). Even in open ground, the stems are blown out under two meters, in the greenhouse - even higher.

Tomato bushes are very tall and need a garter

The landing place for the Miracle of the Land variety will suit any - both a greenhouse and a garden under the open sky. The main thing - provide a strong garter not only high trunks, but weighty brushes. In the ground, high stakes are installed or trellis-type supports are constructed.

Large tomatoes Miracle of the earth vypvevayut even in open ground. According to reviews of Siberians, ripe and brown fruits are taken to make up two-thirds of the total collection.

If the summer is warm and sunny, then the return in the ground is no worse than in the greenhouse. Ground tomatoes are healthier and tastier. But protected ground is more reliable.


The timing of the ripening - average from 120 days. As a rule, similar by weight varieties behave like srednepozdnie. So in its weight class the wonder of the earth is early maturing. After flowering, the ovaries grow and fill up very quickly.

Productivity depends on many factors and varies in a very wide range. Achievable ideal to strive for - 15 kg per square meter.
Average yield - 15 kg per 1 sq.m.
  • Tomatoes successfully tangled and spiced even when cooling, large fluctuations in temperature.
  • Productivity according to the characteristic is stable over the years.
  • Sort adapts to the climate of any region (this is called environmental plasticity). Siberia is just a launch pad.

Sowing and growing seedlings

Sowing dates are determined by counting back 60-70 days from the estimated disembarkation of a bed or greenhouse. For open ground sow in the middle of Marchfor closed at the end of February. These are the dates for the midland climate.

Its own seed does not need germination stimulation. Shoots and so jump out quickly (especially if the temperature is not below +25 degrees).

For sowing choose the fullest seeds. Feeble cull (visually). It is recommended to carry out procedures for the disinfection of seeds from pathogens (recipes are many: manganese, peroxide, hot water, shopping drugs).

Seed tanks must have drainage holes. The soil is taken light, with a rapid outflow of excess moisture.

Sort prone to pulling seedlings (at shading and high temperatures). If it is difficult to create optimal conditions, you can resort to using the drug Athlete. It will keep the stem from growing by redistributing the food into the roots.

To prevent the pulling of seedlings, you must use the drug Athlete

Care features

  1. Tall bushes laden with fruit require solid supports, thorough garters and re-tying.
  2. Plants form in 1-2 stalks. Without regular pinching is not enough. A month before the end of the season, they pinch the main point of growth.
  3. The grade the Miracle of the Earth imposes high requirements to food, moisture supply.
  4. Irregular irrigation, heavy rains lead to cracking and damage to fruits. Mulching will help solve the problem.
  5. In an excessively hot climate greenhouses will fall buds and ovaries. Saves airing.
  6. Protection against phytophtora lesions is needed at any stage: seed disinfection, crop rotation, sparse planting, fighting dampness, preventive and curative treatments.
  7. Low transportability and quality of fruits create problems in the market sales of this vegetable products (despite the undoubtedly attractive presentation). Need a quick implementation or processing of the workpiece.
Such a high and large-fruited variety, like the Miracle of the Earth, requires adequate time and effort.

Choose it for planting is only if there is confidence in their abilities and capabilities. But he generously thanked for the care. And most importantly, the main thing - will give a surprisingly sweet taste of real tomatoes.