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Detailed description and characteristics of the hybrid variety of tomato doll


Every gardener dreams of an ideal variety of tomatoes, but this, alas, does not exist. But scientists have learned to display hybrids with fully balanced characteristics. Among such hybrids, the hero of the article is the Doll variety tomato, which is described below.

Description and characteristic of a grade of a tomato Doll

As already mentioned, the Doll is a hybrid variety. A novelty that has managed to perfectly prove itself. It is prolific and resistant to diseases and pests in greenhouses and in the open field. Early, determinant variety, universal purpose. In height reaches 70 centimeters, requires a garter and pasynkovaniya. The yield of 7-10 kilograms per square meter.

Early ripe grade of tomatoes Doll

Fruits do not crack for a long time, tolerate transportation. The fruit of the classical form, red-pink color, glossy, weighing from 150, especially large up to 400 grams. It has a pleasant, "tomato" aroma and fleshy pulp, sweet-sour taste. Perfectly proved as a lettuce tomato. Small fruits are well suited for canning. The juice is pleasant to taste, about 7% sugar, rich in vitamins.

Breeding and growing region

It is best to grow these tomatoes in the greenhouse, but if the summer is long and warm, then it is possible in the open field. Breeders tried to bring a variety with good immunity. But one should not test it and plant tomatoes where other nightshade were growing: Eggplants, peppers or potatoes - they all have the same pests and diseases.

Tomato Doll is suitable for growing both in greenhouses and in the open field

By planting this particular tomato, you can save space, since the Doll, like the Doll Masha, is quite a fruitful variety. Landing times in the ground or greenhouse vary by climate.

The air temperature on the street at the time of landing should be 12-15 degrees.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: the universality of the use of fruits, high taste, yield, minimal labor costs, strong seedlings, medium-early variety, so that the phytophtora does not have time to hit it, and the fruits are sown quickly, together and there are a lot of them. Bushes are compact, suitable for growing both in greenhouses and on beds. Disease resistant, easy to care for. Germination of 95-100%.

Tomato pulp is dense, fleshy, with a characteristic sweet-sour taste and a pleasant tomato smell

Disadvantages: seeds collected from fruits do not possess the characteristics of the mother plant. But this is offset by buying new ones from the breeder. It is advisable to water in a timely manner. Also, the determinism of the variety will seem to someone a disadvantage, because after the ovary, the tops of plants stop growing and do not give more fruit.

Planting seeds

Buy seeds in the store, they should be quite fresh. Before sowing, they should be soaked, previously wrapped in cloth, in clean water. Sow them in March-April, 40-45 days before planting in the greenhouse, in drawers 4-5 centimeters deep, with the ground for seedlings.

Planting seeds in March-April

Seeds are lowered to a depth of 0.7-1.0 centimeters, sprinkled with earth, watered and covered with film, creating a mini-greenhouse. Between the seeds should be a distance of 2-3 cm. The teplichka periodically should be aired. When sprouts appear on two leaves, they can begin to actively water.

Dive can sprout in separate containers or in the same box, but at a greater (5-7 centimeters) distance.

At the expiration of time, planted in a greenhouse, where the doll gives the best harvest. Count on common sense, no need to pay attention to the lunar calendar. If the greenhouse is small, tomatoes can be left in boxes and kept for a while inside the greenhouse, and then transplanted into the ground. Before planting watered. You need to plant strong shoots, about 30 centimeters high, at a distance of 50 centimeters from each other. At such a distance, it will be most convenient for them to care for and harvest.

The best indicators of yield variety tomato Doll shows in the greenhouse

Days after 7-12, after they take root and take root, tomatoes can be watered (preferably in the afternoon) under the root, loosen (to a depth of about 5-10 centimeters) and fertilize the ground.

Watering should not be carried away, just follow the soil, so that it does not dry out.

If this is not possible, the soil can be mulched, for example, with sawdust, straw or peat - this will reduce the evaporation of moisture.

After the appearance of the first flower brush (which usually follows the 5-7 leaf), the tomato stepson. Masking is necessary so that the plant does not spend power on the extra shoots. So the fruits will ripen faster.

Tomato growing conditions

Traditional doll care, like for all other tomatoes, consists in weeding, watering with warm water, protection from insects. Also, the first time a tomato may require feeding, and then tying up the supports. Tomatoes prefer a sunny place and light soils rich in humus, with a neutral reaction.

It is advisable to cover them from drafts. Water in a timely manner and weeding from weeds, as well as prevention from diseases and pests. Otherwise, this is a very unpretentious variety, for which it is fervently like by many novices and experienced gardeners.

Features of fruiting

Medium early ripening. Until the moment of fruit formation, about 80-90 days pass. On one brush 4-5 ovaries are formed, each with 5 fruits. Shoots are limited in growth. Fruits are distinguished by high commodity taste properties, rich in glucose, starch, fiber, pectin substances.

Diseases and pests

Excellent immunity, resistant to verticillosis, tobacco mosaic. Young tomatoes are often attacked by the Colorado potato beetle. Adult plants "Colorado" are not afraid.

Young plants of tomato doll may be attacked by the Colorado potato beetle

Insecticides should be used, as well as, in some cases, growth regulators and stimulants.

Tomatoes will grow best and give a decent harvest in the place where cucumbers, garlic, onions, cabbage or parsley were grown last year.


The doll is a wonderful, versatile variety. Possesses a number of essential advantages, early ripeness and rich fruiting are characteristic of it. Perfect for growing novices, even in dubious territories. Remember, in order to get a quality result, you need to grow healthy plants, creating the best conditions for their speedy growth.