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7 best varieties of tomato for open ground resistant to late blight

Late blight is a serious disease affecting both the green part of the tomato and the fruit. What kind of methods were not used by man in the fight against fungal infection, but for the time being it has not been possible to defeat it 100%. As an option to use for planting in open ground and greenhouse hybrids and varieties resistant to phytophthora.

Advantages and disadvantages of late blight resistant tomatoes for open ground

The characteristic of varieties that show resistance to the disease is early ripening. Plants enter the active phase of fruiting before the mass epidemic begins.

Late blight, as well as other diseases, affects primarily young shoots or underdeveloped bushes. The advantage of early ripe tomatoes is that they have time to grow and grow strong, which means to gain strength and resist the rapid development of harmful microorganisms.

The defeat of the fetus tomato Phytophthora
Hybrids are tolerant of tomato seeds on the market. They are obliged by good immunity to breeders who put a lot of effort to get a culture that easily tolerates a moist environment.

Belonging to plant-resistant varieties of tomatoes does not guarantee complete security. Gardeners should not relax in terms of preventive measures and the implementation of agricultural practices.

Next, we will give a brief description and description of the varieties of phyto-fluorine-resistant tomatoes for cultivation in Russia, Belarus and the Moscow region.

The best varieties of plant-resistant tomatoes


Culture mid early ripening, from emergence to technical ripeness passes on average 100 days.

The bush of the determinant species reaches a height of 1.7 m, and therefore needs to be formed (1, 2 stems) and pasynkovanii. Under the weight of ripening fruit branches can break off, so you need to tie them to a support.

Tomatoes have a pleasant raspberry-pink color, they taste sweet and slightly sour. The weight of a ripe tomato is 200-600 gr. Long shelf life is ensured by dense, but not hard skin.


Features grade:

  • cold resistance;
  • easily tolerates temperature differences;
  • universal use of fruits.

Japanese creeping

The height of the bush reaches only 30 cm, the branches are spread out in different directions, therefore, when planting you must strictly adhere to the scheme (70x40 cm). The bed during the fruiting period looks great, medium-sized tomatoes literally stick around each branch.

Japanese creeping

The mass of ripe tomato is 100-200 g., rounded shape with small relief of lobules.

The plant is short, therefore it does not require staking and tying.

Fruits are well stored and transported without loss of commercial quality. Tomatoes can be grown in open ground and even in flower pots.

Tomato features: the width of the bush reaches 60 cm, strong immunity, consistently high yield (over 5.5 kg).


From the emergence of sprouts to harvest passes just 85 days. Bush compact size, up to 50 cm.

Betta tomatoes curtain on average 50-70 gr., they have a rounded shape, slightly flattened, the skin color is bright red.

Productivity due to small parameters of the bush is low - up to 2 kg, but you can even grow a crop on the windowsill. When planting in open ground apply the scheme: 6 seedlings per 1 m2.


The advantages of the variety:

  • good taste;
  • universal use of tomatoes;
  • excellent preservation and transportability.

Features of culture: a long period of fruiting (from June to the end of August), ultra early term of ripening, exactingness for fertilizing.

Rich Hata

Fruits Rich hut ripen just for 95-103 daysreaching weight 110-120 g. Culture is characterized by limited growth, which does not require the formation and garters. The stem is powerful, less branched. When planting, the following scheme is used: 4-5 seedlings per 1 m2.

Tomatoes are very tasty, juicy with a pleasant tomato flavor.

Rich hut

Advantages of a hybrid:

  • tomatoes are not prone to cracking;
  • cold resistance (withstand spring night frosts to minus 3-4 degrees);
  • the hybrid is suitable for cultivation in Siberia, in the Far East;
  • strong immunity opposes the development of fungi of various species.
The only disadvantage is the small size of the tomato, but this fact is fully compensated by high yields (up to 8 kg from a bush).

Minion of fortune

Early ripening provides ripe fruits later 90-97 days after seed germination. Plant height does not exceed 90-100 cm, but still recommended stacking. Planted seedlings should be according to the scheme: 3-5 seedlings per 1 m2.

The average fruit weight is 150-220 gr., the peel of red color dense, but without rigidity that promotes long storage. The yield from the bush is within 2.5 kg, but the low figure is compensated by a pleasant taste.

Minion of fortune

The advantages of the variety:

  • joint germination of seeds and the rapid ripening of tomatoes;
  • high transportability;
  • universal application.


The hybrid is bred by domestic breeders, the value lies in early maturity and high resistance to late blight.

The growing season of tomato Anuta lasts only 86-95 days, which makes it possible to shoot for the season 2 harvests. Plant height - 65-70 cm, powerful stem keeps heavy branches with fruits without a garter. However, experienced gardeners do not recommend relying on the occasion, still not to do without staking and garters.

The weight of a ripe tomato is 95-120 gr., the form is rounded flat, the color of the skin is rich red. When planting beds apply the scheme: 6-7 seedlings per 1 m2. The yield from the bush in the range of 2.5-2.7 kg.


The advantages of the variety:

  • compact size of the bushes;
  • fast ripening;
  • tomatoes are not prone to cracking;
  • Excellent preservation and transportation.


Hybrid Pertsevidny with a mid-term ripening (vegetation 110-118 days). The variety is obliged by the name to a form of fruits - they are oval extended, in a look reminding Bulgarian red pepper.

Weight of tomato about 100g. The peculiarity of the vegetable is the high content of seeds in the pulp. The growth of culture is unlimited, it can reach 2 m, so the bush needs to be formed and staved.


The main advantage of the variety is high yield. With proper farming, up to 25-30 kg of tomatoes can be removed from a single plant. The flavor qualities of the tomato and its nutritional value make it possible to use the vegetable for preparing baby food (besides winter preparations and fresh use).

Development of late blight promotes moist air and soiltherefore, when cultivating tomatoes, it is necessary to regulate the mode of watering, to prevent thickening of the beds as a result of the growth of the bushes.

Timely pinching and pinching processes allow air to circulate freely. It is also important to fight weeds, then the plant will have an order of magnitude more chances to resist the fungal disease.