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Detailed description and characteristics of the variety of tomato La-la-fa


Tomato - one of the most useful and most used vegetable crops. Due to the high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, it is among the ten most useful products, especially when used fresh. The professional achievements of breeders allow growing cultivated varieties of tomatoes even in the cold conditions of Siberia, one of these tomatoes is a hybrid "la la la fa" f 1, a description of the characteristics that you learn from the article.

Description and characteristics of the variety La-la-fa

Tomato "La-la-fa" - a hybrid, specially designed for cultivation in greenhouses. The variety is suitable for cultivation in harsh climatic conditions, to achieve high yields heating of greenhouses is allowed. Unpretentiousness and excellent presentation of the tomato, the possibility of industrial cultivation, made him a favorite of Siberian gardeners.

"La-la-fa" is a middle-ripening variety, 110-120 days pass from the appearance of the first seedlings to the ripening of fruits, and the first ripe tomatoes can be seen after 100 days.
Description varieties la-la-fa

Shrubs deterministic type, reach 1.5 meters in height, therefore, need a garter to the supports or trellis. The best yields can be achieved when forming a plant in 2 trunks, side shoots require staking. Barrel with shortened internodes. Brushes with ovaries are formed after 8-9 leaves, then with an interval of 2 leaves; number of ovaries - 4-6 pieces.

Fruits are rather large, roundish, slightly flattened, bright red in color, without green spots around the stem. The weight of one fruit - from 140 to 160g. Almost all tomatoes of the same size and shape, have an excellent presentation, they are well transported and stored - under appropriate conditions, the harvest can be stored up to 2 months, while the taste and appearance are fully preserved

By the way, the taste and aroma of these tomatoes is pronounced tomato, natural, which distinguishes them from other greenhouse varieties. The flesh is fleshy and moderately juicy, the voids are completely absent, which is also characteristic only for this tomato. Fruits can be used for any purpose - fresh, for salads, canning, making pastes, ketchups, tomato juice.

Productivity will also please and pleasantly surprise the gardeners - 3-4 kg from each bush, which is about 20 kg from 1 square meter. m per season (of course, subject to all the requirements of agricultural engineering).

Fruits of tomato la-la-fa

Subtleties growing tomato

Since this hybrid variety is bred specifically for growing in greenhouses, there are some differences between its agricultural technology and other varieties.

Tomatoes are grown in seedlings, seeds are sown approximately 60 days before planting seedlings in the ground.

Soil preparation

The soil must be prepared in advance. Suitable purchased fertilizer mixture, or cooked with your own hands. At a ratio of 1: 1, soil and humus are taken, 1-2 cups of sand are added, a little ash and well mixed. Then this composition is filled with plastic containers or wooden boxes with drainage holes. At the time of sowing the soil should be heated to a temperature of 18-20 degrees.

Preparing the soil for sowing

Sowing seeds

Seeds of this variety do not require soaking or other preparation. Dry grains are buried in moist soil to a depth of 1.5-2cm, covered with a transparent film and put in a warm place. The optimum temperature for the germination of tomato seeds "Lyalafa" (according to experts) - 28-29 degrees.

The first shoots appear on day 7-8. Sprouts need to provide heat and light, daylight should be about 14 hours. If natural lighting is not enough, you need to use artificial.When the first 2-3 true leaves appear, the seedlings swoop into separate cups or another container.

Landing in the ground

Tomato seedlings are planted in greenhouses in the ground at the age of 50 days. Previously, you can not temper, as well tolerates the impact of the external environment. Shrubs grow quite large, so there are no more than 4 pieces per 1 square meter. The optimal size of the aisle is 70 cm, and 50 cm in the row between the bushes.

Planting tomato seedlings

Further care of the seedlings is timely watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds. As it grows, it is necessary to plant the garter and form a shrub with the help of a hatching. The brushes of the plant are strong, they easily withstand the weight of 4-6 mature fruits of large size (this is about 1 kg), but tying up helps to protect the fragile stem from accidental breakage.

At least 3 times you need to carry out fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers: 10-12 days after planting into the soil, during the formation of ovaries, during the period of mass ripening of the crop. This will ensure a high yield of tomatoes.

Advantages and disadvantages

On forums, there are often positive reviews of tomatoes "La la la fa". They show excellent results even in glazed greenhouses in cold climates. The advantages include:

  • good stable yield;
  • natural fruit flavor;
  • do not crack;
  • long keep a trade dress;
  • resistant to several diseases.
Tomato la la la fa on a bush

The hybrid is not susceptible to late blight, fungal diseases, fusarium, cladosporia, tobacco mosaic, top rot.

Due to its taste, unpretentiousness, high yield in harsh climatic conditions, many gardeners liked the hybrid. The main thing is that you can get a decent harvest in the greenhouse from the end of July to the end of September.