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Proper use of azofoski as fertilizer


The desire to obtain high yields of horticultural crops with minimal effort and cost is dictated by the popularity of the complex fertilizer "azofoska". The effectiveness of the drug has long been proven. It is successfully used in homestead land and in large agricultural complexes.

Characteristics and description of Azofoski

Universal complex fertilizer of wide range of application. Available in granular form. Small granules beige, yellowish or white.

Used to supply the minerals of all plants, including potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes. It is applied to different types of soil.

Maximum result gives on heavy, clay and sandy soils. Azofoska well lingers in the soil, it is not washed away by atmospheric precipitation.

Fertilizer is a beige granules

The essence of the use as a fertilizer

Azofoska is used as main or additional fertilizer. It strengthens the roots of plants, activates the growth process, increases resistance to negative climatic factors, increases the nutritional value of fruits.

Mineral elements are available in plant form.

The agrochemical improves plant resistance to disease, prolongs the decorative flowering phase, and most importantly - increases crop productivity.

The three-element azophoska consists of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) with the inclusion of sulfur. To meet the needs of plants on different soils produce brands of fertilizers, differing in the proportion of chemical elements:

  • NPK 16:16:16. A classic proportion fertilizer is used for digging, plowing the soil. In the spring is brought under the fruit trees, vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers. The number of azofoski calculated according to the instructions to the drug;
  • NPK 19: 9: 19. The drug is low in phosphorus. For the central zone of the Russian Federation, this species is generally not suitable due to the poverty of the soil with phosphorus. It is ideal for southern regions with a dry, warm climate;
  • NPK 22:11:11. Due to the shock dose of the nitrogen element, this species is the elixir of life for depleted soils. It is used if the acreage is intensively exploited annually.
Brand of azofoski NPK 16:16:16

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive and negative sides are in each feeding. Azofoska is no exception.

Advantages and benefits:

  • granules do not stick together during the entire warranty period of storage for the reason that they are treated with surfactants;
  • one granule contains three components at once;
  • water soluble fertilizer, well absorbed by crops;
  • comprehensively provides plants with nutrients without buying additional drugs;
  • with proper use increases the yield of fruit and vegetable crops from 30 to 70%;
  • harvested crop can be stored longer;
  • has a democratic price.


  • refers to inorganic substances;
  • excess consumption is fraught with education nitrates in the soil;
  • is ranked to 3 class of dangermay explode, ignite;
  • short storage period.
A small amount of nitrate is necessary for plants; it participates in the formation of chlorophyll.
Excessive use of azofosca is fraught with the formation of nitrates

General recommendations for use for tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes

The instructions for use say that azofoska universal chemical, suitable for growing all kinds of plants in gardens and home gardens, home flowers. Effectively used for the care of fruit trees, berry bushes, bulbous plants, tuberous. Improves seed germination and stimulates the growth of seedlings of seedlings.

Chemical applied in granular form and liquid solution for root, foliar fertilizing.

Azofoska works especially well on heavy soils; it is applied after harvesting as the main fertilizer. In light soils, the tool is brought under the digging in the spring. It is recommended for open and protected ground.

The fundamental rule of work with azofoskoy-comply with the norms of consumption specified in the instructions. This will help avoid the accumulation of nitrates in the soil.

Chemical can not be made at low temperatures, it provokes an overdose of nitrates. According to the rules of azofoska introduced in the spring, when the soil warmed up, the accumulated moisture has not evaporated. In the autumn this procedure is carried out in the first decade of September. These are the best conditions for working nutrients.

Fertilizer application rate is adjusted for the type of soil and the type of crop being planted.

When landing potato In the hole you need to pour 4g of azofoski. Under fruit trees and berry bushes make 25-30g of granules per 1 m2 over the tree surface. Decorative flowers watered with a solution of 20 g of the drug to 10 liters of water every two weeks.

Most plants respond well to dry fertilizers, they are applied to the soil, followed by incorporation.

Azofoska is toxic to humans, it should be applied strictly according to the instructions.

Agrochemical has a toxic effect on the human body. Therefore, working with him, you need to comply with personal safety measures. Protect skin of the hands, eyes and respiratory organs.


Azofosca Chemical is physiologically neutral fertilizer. All the components of the tool are in the optimal ratio, so do not worry about compatibility with other drugs.

But if the need arose, the chemical can be used in combination with other mineral and organic fertilizers, it is important to ensure that there is no excess of elements.

The preparation is mixed immediately before use with granulated ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, ammophos, diammophos, potassium chloride.

In some cases, mixed with magnesia and magnesium sulphateThis mixture can be stored.

The sad result is mixing with urea, ammonium sulfate, superphosphate powder, carboammofos. Azofoska solution should not be mixed with calcium nitrate.

Council G. Kizima. To seedlings peppers grown healthy, effective solution 2 tbsp. spoons of NPK fertilizer 16:16:16 in 10 liters of water with the addition of 10 g of potassium and 2 teaspoons of liquid complex fertilizer with trace elements Uniflor Micro.
When mixed with Uniflor Micro, it helps pepper seedlings grow healthy.

Storage rules

With proper use and storage of the drug is not dangerous, but there are some points that need to be considered:

  • at a temperature of up to +200 degrees, azofoska releases toxins;
  • in a very dry, hot store, a large amount of dust may arbitrarily explode.

Keep the chemical necessary in sealed bags in a dark dry room. Guaranteed shelf life of unopened packaging is 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Azofoska fertilizer containing the most important elements - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, is important for all fruit and vegetable, berry and ornamental crops. With proper, rational use, it will bring invaluable benefits to the plants in your area.