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Instructions for use of fungicide Ridomil Gold for tomatoes and other vegetables


Ridomil Gold - fungicide, which is used by modern gardeners and gardeners to combat the main fungal diseases of plants. Most often used to protect potatoes, grapes, vegetables.

The composition and purpose of the drug Ridomil Gold

Used to combat Alternaria, blight, perinospora in vegetables and to destroy mildey on the vine of grapes. The action of the agent does not apply to iodium pathogens.

Ridomil Gold - quality fungicide for the prevention and treatment of plants

Ridomil Gold is available in the form of powder or granules. They include 2 active ingredients: mefenoxam and mancozeb. They contribute to the complete protection of the plant: from the roots to the fruits.

The mechanism of the impact of the solution

The active effect on infected plants has the above 2 components.

  • Mancozeb: during the spraying process it settles on the crop, providing external protection against fungal diseases.
  • Mefenoxam. Acts systematically. After spraying, full penetration into the plant occurs. The component, moving through the tissues (captures both the roots and the fruits), protects them from diseases and infections.

Benefits of using

  • With any development of the disease shows high efficiencys
  • Able to control infection development throughout the growing season.
  • After processing all parts of the plant protected from infection for a long time. Even if some parts of the plant did not have a direct hit.
  • Resistant to moisture. Treated plants can be watered after half an hour. Sudden rain fungicide is also safe.
  • Safe for cropsthat are processed and their "neighbors".
  • Packed with Ridomil Gold convenient to store.
Ridomil Gold is available in powder and granule form.

Lack of fungicide

  • Presents danger to fish and mammals but not at all dangerous for bees. Therefore, the solution should not be allowed to enter the reservoir. Belongs to the 2nd class of danger. Spraying the plants, be sure to use protective equipment: gloves, mask, goggles.
  • Low level environmental safety.
  • Packaging is not conducive economical use.
  • Apply together with other chemicals can not.

Instructions for use for tomatoes and other plants

Ridomil Gold - a drug for modern gardeners, which is used in the fight against Alternaria, blight and other fungal infections of plants. Particularly effective when processing tomatoes.

To avoid tomato infection with late blight in rainy summer conditions, you should definitely use Ridomil Gold

The tool is available in water-soluble granules. Non-toxic, if you follow the dosages specified in the instructions.

The active ingredient (mefenoxam) quickly penetrates into all parts of the culture and for a long time completely protects the whole plant from infection. External protection provides mancozeb. Thus, it completely protects the plant from infection both outside and inside.

How to use

The method of application depends on what will be processed:

Flowers. To obtain a solution using 2.5 grams. funds for 1 liter of fluid. First, 150-200 ml of water is poured in and the mixture is thoroughly stirred, after which the rest of the water is added and mixed again.

Vegetables and fruits. 10 gr. the drug is dissolved in 4 liters of water, well mixed before use. Standardly on 1 hundred parts 10 liters of the prepared means are spent. Spraying is carried out in dry sunny weather, without wind. Spraying the leaves and stem should be uniform.

This fungicide is diluted in water in the proportion of 25 g per 10 l of water (in special cases - 50 g per 10 l)

When applied

  • First processing carried out for the purpose of prevention during the growing season.
  • The second held in a period of high risk of late blight (about 2 weeks after the first treatment).
  • 3 processing (if necessary) no earlier than 2 weeks before the crop reaches.
Do not spend more than 3 treatments per season. The prepared solution can be used only for 1 day. Keep it longer can not.

Preparation of working solution

Spray Mix prepares with calculation 25 gr. drug per 10 liters of water. If the infection is very strong, then the amount of fungicide should be increased by 2 times.

The working solution of this concentration is suitable for the prevention of both mildew and phytophthora and peronospora

Before preparing the solution, make sure that the tank is clean for it. Then pour half of the specified water (room temperature) and pour out the drug, mix thoroughly. After the powder has dissolved, top up the rest of the water and mix again.

Terms and methods of spraying

During the season 2-3 treatments are carried out, depending on the level of infection. To do this, apply a standard working solution.

  • 1st processing - prophylactic, during active development.
  • 2nd processing - 12-14 days after the first.
  • 3rd processing - 2-3 weeks before harvest.
Spraying is done exclusively in dry and calm weather.

Spraying is carried out in such a way that the solution is evenly distributed throughout all parts of the plant.

Experienced gardeners are not advised to apply Ridomil Gold if there are no manifestations of infection.

Culture should be sprayed with the drug, and not flooded. The solution should not drip from the foliage.

Security measures when working with the tool

To keep the level of phytotoxicity to a minimum, you need to carefully study the instructions and use the drug only under the specified conditions. For fish, it is destructive. Be sure to use protective clothing when spraying the solution. Open areas of the body should not be.

Before spraying, wear rubber gloves, a respirator and clothing specially designed for such cases.

In very rare cases, if carelessness occurs, a small part of the drug gets on the skin or in the body. If skin contact occurs, the area is thoroughly washed more than once with soap and water. If the agent is ingested - drink plenty of water and immediately turn to the doctor.

Compatibility with other drugs

The possibility of simultaneous use of Ridomil Gold with other antifungal agents depends on the reaction with the compound. If mixing gives an alkaline reaction, it is forbidden to use them simultaneously.. If the mixed substances are neutral, their compatibility can be found in the instructions.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The fungicide Ridomil Gold is capable of maintaining its useful qualities for three years from the date of manufacture.
  1. Fungicide is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. In the courtyard, where there is access to the drug for people, animals, it cannot be stored. To do this, choose a secluded place in an enclosed area. So that the product does not quickly lose its active properties, put the printed package into another one so that no moisture penetrates to the preparation.
  2. Fireproof. The quality of the fungicide can be maintained for 3 years from the date of production.


Helena. There was a panic that could not find an effective remedy for late blight. Tried more than one tool. But only after applying Ridomil Gold the desired result was obtained.

Michael. I use the drug for the second year. He became a real salvation for my vineyard. The effect appeared almost immediately.

Vladimir. I am a farmer. I have repeatedly made sure that I use one of the most effective fungicides. He will help out those who are in despair for more than one year looking for a reliable tool for the garden.

Natalia. The result is noticeable almost immediately. A big plus is the fact that the plants are not afraid of moisture immediately after treatment. A possible disadvantage is increased phytotoxicity.

Alexander. Effective drug for a reasonable price, easy to use.

With proper use Ridomil Gold will help every gardener and farmer to save plants and fruits healthy.