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At what distance to plant cucumbers in the greenhouse and open field


No garden plot can do without cucumber beds. Cucumbers love to eat everything, both fresh and in conservation. Good yield depends on planting method. and the correct location of the plants in the garden. In this review we will talk about landing patterns, how to plant correctly and at what distance.

Distances for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse and greenhouse

To obtain abundant crops, it is important to observe the timing of planting seedlings or seeds in the greenhouse. A good harvest requires a competent approach to planting cucumbers, given the optimal distance between seedlings. This will contribute to their comfortable and full development.

Cucumber bushes should be planted in no less than 20-30 cm

The consequences of thickened cucumber planting are:

  • plant extrusion due to insufficient lighting, which leads to lower yields;
  • poor airing thickened plantations leads to stagnation of air and an excess of evaporated moisture, which creates comfortable conditions for the development of fungal diseases and the reproduction of pests;
  • excessive air humidity in the greenhouses, which are thickly planted, it leads to moisture subsidence on flowers, their rotting, the formation of a large number of barren flowers even on self-pollinated varieties.

When sparse planting cucumbers:

  • inefficient use of the useful area of ​​greenhouses, which leads to a shortage of crops and uneconomical.

At what distance and how many centimeters to plant cucumbers? The distance between the bushes in the greenhouse depends on the period of cultivation, the type of fruit (gherkin or long fruit), the degree of weaving inherent in this variety. The best position is 1 m.2 greenhouses of 3-4 cucumber plants. The distance in the row between the holes with cucumbers should be 0.4-0.6 m, the passage between the rows of not less than 0.9 m.

The scheme of planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

In greenhouses made of polycarbonate, in order to save living space and increase yields, cucumbers are grown in a vertical way (tying growing lashes to a vertical support), therefore the distance between the bushes can be taken the minimum allowable - 0.4 m.

The distance from the greenhouse walls to cucumber seedlings should be at least 0.25 m to ensure good air circulation and enough heat to the plants in cold weather and frost. The walls of the greenhouse quickly heat up and cool down just as quickly. Therefore, the proximity of cucumber plantations to them can lead to overheating and burn of the seedlings or their freezing.

Landing pattern

In greenhouses and greenhouses for the cultivation of cucumbers used three schemes:

  • two-line (two-line);
  • staggered
  • single line (single row).
A variety of schemes for planting cucumbers

The choice of a cucumber planting scheme depends on the particular development of the selected variety, its ability to increase leaf mass, the height of the shrub, the number and size of side shoots.

Strong-growing hybrids are preferable to grow in single-row rows, weakly branchy and long-fruited two-row. When planting in a staggered manner, all saplings are well lit and do not interfere with each other.


Two-line plantation of cucumbers

The two-line planting scheme provides for the location of one wide row of two rows of plants. Wherein the distance in the row between cucumbers should not exceed 0.4 m, between rows up to 0.5m, walkways between the lines 0.7-0.9 m.

The density of planting depends directly on the size of the greenhouse. The larger the size of the greenhouse, the greater the distance you can leave between the bushes and the more comfortable the cucumbers will feel. The diagram below shows the optimal placement of cucumbers, with maximum use of the greenhouse useful area.

Planting cucumbers in greenhouses 2-3 m wide


When planting cucumber seedlings in two rows in a checkerboard pattern the distance between the bushes is 0.35 m. Since the plants are planted with a displacement in the rows during planting, this eliminates the interweaving of growing lashes and, therefore, there is no thickening of the plantings.

Checkerboard cucumber planting

Single line

Single-line scheme of greenhouse cucumber planting provides accommodation in a row at a distance of 0.2-0.4 mand the distance between the rows is not less than 0.7 m.

Single row planting cucumbers

Each method of landing has its advantages:

  • with double row A greater number of seedlings are planted, hence a greater yield will be obtained;
  • in chess mode Cucumber bushes get maximum illumination, grow well - the result is increased productivity;
  • with single row growing cucumbers for plants it is convenient to care for, as there is free access to each plant.

The method of growing herring cucumbers in the open ground

Cucumbers can be grown in a rather original way in the form of a Christmas tree. This is a very convenient method of forming cucumber beds on open ground, able to decorate any garden plot. How to plant cucumbers herringbone? The essence of the method is that cucumbers (seeds or seedlings) They are not planted in straight beds, and the seeds are sown in a circle.

Planting cucumbers in warm beds in a circle

On the edge of the circle, with a diameter of 1.5 -2 m, a groove is dug out, at the bottom of which you can lay mowed grass, humus, compost. A layer of soil is poured on top, and sow seeds or plant seedlings at a distance of 40 cm between plants.

A peg is hammered near each plant, to which a twine will be tied. A high support is hammered in the center of the circle - whether it is a metal pipe or a wooden peg. For subsequent cucumber garters, hooks are hung at the end of the support if a metal pipe is used or a nail is hammered in the case of a wooden peg.

You can install long supports for each plant and connect them at the top together, forming a tent. You can throw a light covering material on it, which will protect the plants from both cool air and from the scorching sun.

The advantages of this method include:

  • convenience in the care of cucumbers;
  • rational land use, irrigation water and fertilizers, since irrigation and fertilizing are performed in the center of the circle and do not spread over the soil surface;
  • plants feel comfortable they not thickenedGet lots of sunshine and are well blown by the wind.

The disadvantage can be considered the cost of materials for garter cucumbers, but when growing plants in a vertical way is a necessary condition.

For the cultivation of cucumbers, you can choose the right method for your garden plot. the main thing is to properly place the plants on it. This will contribute to the normal development of cucumbers not to the detriment of the harvest.