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Useful properties of grapes lady's fingers or Husayne white


The taste of grapes, called Ladies Fingers is known everywhere. The variety has its advantages as well as the subtleties of growing and care for him.

Description grape varieties Lady fingers

Such a common name of the grape is actually only its national name. Officially, the variety is called Husayne Bely. His homeland is Central Asia. From there, it spread to the Caucasus, Ukraine and southern Russia. The heat loving variety makes it unsuitable for cultivation in central Russia.

Grapes Lady Fingers or Husayne White

The peculiarity of the species is the rapid growth of the stems, but not every shoot is able to bear fruit. For this reason, timely pruning is a mandatory procedure.

Maturation occurs after 140 days, what characterizes this species as mid-season.

Characteristics of berries

The reason why the plant received a second name, strengthened behind him: the elongated shape of the fruit. Formed cluster reaches in length from eighteen to fifty centimeters. The maximum size of the brush grows in countries with a favorable climate for them: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia. The skin color is quite characteristic: yellow-green or yellow with a pinkish tinge. The taste of the fruit is intense and pronounced.

The berries of this grape are characterized by great sweetness. The level of sugar content of ripe cluster exceeds the acid index.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite some difficulties in care, the Lady Fingers grade has long been loved by people. The reason for this are:

  • High yield (more than forty kilograms per hectare);
  • Pleasant taste berries;
  • Used in production raisins;
  • Benefits for the human body;
  • It has flowers of both sexes.
Lady's grapes are grown for fresh consumption, as well as raw materials for the production of first-class raisins.

This grape has a number of disadvantages:

  • Variety not able to withstand low temperatures;
  • Demanding to care;
  • Not resistant to diseases and attacks of parasites;
  • Not suitable for growing in regions with cold climate;
  • Fruiting grade starts only on fifth season.

These shortcomings become a serious obstacle for some winegrowers, but nevertheless the variety has been popular for more than one century. In suitable climatic conditions, it gives a rich harvest and is exported to many countries.


A heat-loving sapling is most comfortable to grow in a sunny area, protected from the winds. A fence or natural slope is suitable as a fence. Groundwater should be located at a depth of at least two and a half meters from the surface.

Heat-loving plant, grapes, prefers light, windless and open areas

Landing is carried out in several stages:

  1. Prepare a landing site (dig a hole, pick up a well-fertilized, non-acidic soil).
  2. Without fail drainage is done.
  3. The cuttings are planted when the topsoil is heated to ten degrees.. If the plant was grafted, the splicing place remains above ground level.
  4. The support is prepared in advance. (tapestry, poles with wire). The distance between the stakes is 30 cm.
  5. To water.
  6. Run mulching compost

The ideal option is light and fertile soil. Landing scheme 3 by 5 meters. Landing is carried out from spring to late autumn. The exact period is determined based on the method of landing. Young cuttings are planted when warm weather sets in in spring or summer. Planting is recommended at the end of May. "Sleeping" seedlings for which the vaccination is planned should be placed on the site from the first half of spring days or in the middle of autumn.

Care for a young and mature vine

The variety is quite capricious, so beginning gardeners may encounter certain difficulties. The greatest difficulty is the creation of optimal conditions and timely, correct pruning of the plant. The last action is held annually in the spring to form a bush, providing comfort for better fruiting.

Pruning grapes Lady fingers should be carried out annually in spring

It is necessary to periodically feed the culture, since it is vitally necessary for such a trace element as magnesium. Suitable fertilizers are mineral compounds, superphosphates, potassium and a small amount of nitrogen. The plant needs a lot of moisture, especially in the dry summer. Excess water is removed by the drainage system.

In winter, the varietal species requires mandatory harboring, as it can hardly withstand even light frosts.

A grape of Lady fingers grafted on a stock begins to bear fruit much faster.

Methods of propagation of grapes Husayne white

Husayne Bely recommended to grow from cuttings. Healthy strong twigs are chosen not too close to the base, are cut and stacked for the winter. In the spring, given rootlets seedlings are placed in pots with the ground.

Sprouting grapes cuttings

Another effective method: breeding taps (lateral processes). After sprinkling, they root quickly enough, after which they are planted as an independent bush.

Option with growing grapes from grains longer and time consuming. The result is also less satisfactory, since such a bush fruits less abundantly.

About diseases and pests

The main diseases of this species are:

  • Oidium;
  • Powdery mildew;
  • Mildew;
  • False powdery mildew.

As a preventive measure, you should carefully inspect the plant and remove spoiled grapes and leaves. Processing plants with preparations is carried out even in the fall. Also in spring and summer the branches are sprayed with a mixture of colloidal sulfur and Bordeaux mixture.

The main pests of grapes that threaten to destroy the berries and the bushes themselves are:

  • Spider mite;
  • Leaf wrench;
  • Cicada;
  • Thrips;
  • Aphid;
  • Phylloxeur.

Also the crop should be protected from birds, arriving to feast on the juicy flesh of the fruit.

Airing the bushes is considered a good prevention of putrefactive diseases, but performing this action should avoid drafts and hypothermia.

Hussein White or Lady Fingers is one of the best table grapes for taste and beneficial properties. And even that grapes are very picky about climate and care, does not detract from its popularity among experienced growers.