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A complete description of the grapes anniversary varieties Novocherkassk


Culture anniversary Novocherkassk for its large clusters and excellent taste deserves close attention. The grapes are also interesting because they are not bred by professional breeders, but by a simple gardener. Fruits perfectly preserve the appearance and marketability, quickly ripen.

Description of the grape variety Novocherkassk anniversary

Novocherkassk jubilee grapes in terms of aging belong to the early grape crops. Until the time of harvest no more than four months pass. Ripe grapes begin to shoot in August, and for the southern regions this period begins even earlier. Inflorescences are bisexual, perfectly self-pollinated with the onset of the summer season.

The average weight of one bunch of conical shape reaches one and a half kilograms, there are cases when giants grew to a three-kilogram mark.

Speaking about the description, the bushes are vigorous, dark green foliage is large, the aging of the shoots occurs evenly. When planting, seedlings root easily, quickly taking root in a new place.

The hybrid variety is high yielding. Berries can be consumed fresh, used to make wine or juice.

It should be noted that the wine from this grape variety is produced in small quantities, so many gardeners grow it for the purpose of sale and their own consumption.

A bunch of grapes anniversary varieties Novocherkassk close-up

Fruits are large, oval, the average weight is twenty grams. ATAt the time of ripening, the shade of the berries is pink with yellow, white-pink.

Berry pulp is fleshy, juicy and very sweet. The skin is rather dense, almost not felt during the meal. Sunflower seeds are small, their number is small.

The length of one berry can reach almost four centimeters, width - two. Their sugar content is 17 grams per hundred milliliters, the level of acidity is six grams per liter.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Like other grapes, This variety is distinguished by its advantages, which include:

  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • presentable appearance;
  • stable yields;
  • excellent resistance to oidium and mildew lesions;
  • resistance to frost up to - 23 C;
  • ability for long storage and transportation.

But there are also negative points:

  • the plant needs constant and normalized pruning;
  • it is necessary to carry out preventive treatments for fungal diseases;
  • high level of sugar content of the berries attracts wasps.
Ripe bunches of grapes on the vine, ready to harvest


A place for grape seedlings should be well lit by the sun, not exposed to cold winds. It is very important that the seedlings are good, from the nursery.

Preparing a landing pit, you need to take care of drainage. Having planted the plant, it should be watered abundantly. After some time, the first trim is performed.

The root system of the plant is well developed, and this should be taken into account when choosing a planting scheme.

The groundwater level at the landing site must not exceed one and a half meters to the soil surface.

Novocherkassk anniversary variety saplings selected for planting

Care for a young and mature vine

Quite abundant watering is done several times. They must come to the dissolution of the buds, the formation of flowers, to the ovary. TOAs soon as the berries begin to ripen, watering should be stopped so that the fruits get enough sweetness.

In dry weather, grape plants are watered additionally, so that the berries do not become small.

The soil around the plants is mulched, for which it is best to use organic fertilizers. In this case, the earth will remain hydrated longer and be saturated with nutrients.

In addition to organics, the plant will require formulations containing phosphorus and potassium. It is best to make them to the flowering phase.

Pruning plants is recommended in early spring or autumn, when the vines are at rest. Pruned shoots of eight to ten buds, leaving no more than twenty-four branches on a bush. Conducting pruning, the bush must be shaped like a fan, so that it is more convenient to take care of it.

Ripening varieties in bags

Another mandatory procedure in this class is rationing of bunches. On each shoot there should be no more than one bunch. Only in this case the brushes will be large, and the berries will be quite juicy.

The anniversary of Novocherkassk needs constant removal of weeds and loosening the soil.

For regions with harsh climatic conditions for the winter season for the vines are arranged shelters. To do this, you can use hay, dry leaves, branches of coniferous trees. If severe frosts are expected, the vine should be laid on the ground and sprinkled with soil.

Breeding methods

The best option is the planting of seedlings. But since the plant has a good survival rate, it can be propagated by grafting on a strong stock and layering. Here are just with the stepsons are weaker yields.

By the way, the stock needs a separate preparation, because the removal of the bush does not yet indicate that it is suitable for grafting. First, it should be well cleaned, remove bumps and dirt. Only after that, with the help of a small hatchet and a hammer, a cleft is made.

One method of propagating grapes is grafting.

Diseases and pests

Grape culture, although known for its complex resistance to many diseases, but powdery mildew and mildew do not bypass it.

To protect the plant, it is necessary to perform processing several times per season. A couple of times the plants are sprayed before flowering, then you can spend additional processing when the berries are formed. For such procedures apply herbicides used in the prevention of certain diseases.

In order to preserve the insects' fruits, one should timely find them on the site of their nest and get rid of them urgently. Normal dichlorvos, sticky tapes, wrapping grape brushes with a fine mesh will help in such a struggle.

The culture is really able to please not only professional gardeners, but also amateurs. When organizing proper care, which does not cause difficulties, you are provided with stable yields of delicious berries.