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Characteristics and description of the grape variety Original


If you have a cottage or a country house, then growing grapes is simply told by fate. It is healthy and tasty. In addition, it does not require complex and painstaking care. Especially when it comes to the Original variety. It is about him further and talk.

Description of Original Grape Variety

The Original variety was obtained by crossing the Datier de Saint-Valle grape and Damascus rose. It belongs to the category of medium-late maturing table. Bushes are actively growing and give a decent result.

If you create optimal conditions for the growth of grapes from one bush you can get up to one hundred kilograms of crop. Average bunch weighs about 500 grams. Whereas individual specimens can reach mass. 1.2 kg.

Grapes ripen in 145 days.
Average grade grape weight - 500 grams

Up to 80 percent of shoots actively bear fruit throughout the season. Due to this yield, the Original is also grown in industrial volumes. From one hectare of land you can get up to 100 quintals grapes, which is especially profitable for entrepreneurs.

Characteristics of berries

No wonder the grape variety got its name. Its berries are really original. They have a specific shape and color. Most of them are ovoid, while the nipples are also found, with a slightly pointed tip. Usually a medium sized berry weighs 5-7 grams.

Distinguish Pink, white and black Original. From this will depend on the color of the fruit, from pink, white and pink and to the dark skin of the berries. An attractive and characteristic taste gives a high sugar content to the variety - up to 20%.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Any grape variety has its positive and negative qualities. Consider them further in more detail.

The advantages of the Original should include:

  • attractive appearance;
  • good molding, which make it possible to significantly increase the yield;
  • long shelf life fruits;
  • high yield;
  • the rate of development and growth of vines.
Original variety has a high yield

The disadvantages of the Original should include:

  • this variety can not be called frost resistant;
  • if during flowering adverse conditions are created in the form of excess moisture, the berries are amenable to pea;
  • on the stepsons there are so many fruits that even don't have time to ripen;
  • during transportation berries can crumble.

Planting varieties Original

Original grapes can not be called too whimsical, but there are some recommendations for choosing a particular landing site.

Recommend south or southwest of your building, protected from strong winds. Plus, this place should be sunnyso that the plant gets enough heat.

Soil for planting any suitable. But best of all, if it is fertile and light soil. If your land is rich only in sand and clay, the situation can be corrected by applying fertilizer for 2-3 years.

Best for planting fit light and fertile soil

Normal humus and compost in this case will do. No need to buy fertilizer in specialized stores. It is not necessary.

Pay attention to the occurrence of groundwater. Their depth should be no higher than one and a half meters. Otherwise, the measles system will be damaged, and you are unlikely to get a good harvest.

In the process of planting cuttings need to leave the distance between them. not less than two meters. Although ideal - 6 m. As this grape grows quickly and develops. If the bushes will be planted near the basement of the house, then you need to leave a distance of 1 m from it.

Original grapes can be planted in autumn and spring.

Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. In autumn time You can choose healthy and beautiful cuttings on the market, while in the spring - grapes will take root better and will have time to get stronger before the winter cold.

Care for a young and mature vine

It is very important to properly and timely water the original.

Plant care requires the following recommendations:

  1. Extremely important watering regularly plants. This will allow it to grow well and ripen the crop. Particular attention is paid to irrigation in the flowering process and the formation of the crop. Need to know how to water the bushes. Water is poured not at the root, but into the hole around the grapes. Then it is buried, and this place is covered with mulch (forest moss, straw or wooden sawdust). Thus, the moisture will remain in the soil for a long time.
  2. It is also recommended periodically. fertilize the soil. For this you should pay attention to the complexes with potassium and phosphorus. Although organic is also great. But at this moment it is important not to overdo it. High concentration of fertilizer can harm the plant. Feeding the grapes is the same as watering: not at the root, but in the recess around the bushes.
  3. Since in the process of growth on the shrub Original many shoots appear, they need to be on time thin out. Uneven load distribution can significantly reduce the yield of the vineyard. For this, experts advise the following:
    • with the arrival of summer to reduce the number of stepsons and leaves. When the bunch begins to ripen, it will increase significantly in size. It is necessary to take this into account;
    • it is important to prune shoots. To do this, you need to make sure that the bush has at least 50 buds (10 buds on each shoot).
  4. For prophylactic purposes, periodic spraying the bushes from fungal diseases. The time and amount of treatment will depend on the particular drug chosen. This is indicated on the packaging.

Breeding methods

Vaccination on the old supply - the most effective way of reproduction

It should be noted that grape bushes can be propagated in several ways:

  1. The use of seedlings of cuttings on germinated rhizome.
  2. By grafting on the stock.
  3. Growing seedlings from seed.
  4. Branches from the bush with a huge number of shoots.

Experts say that vaccination on the old supply - The best breeding options for plants. Since in this case, a well-developed rhizome is used and the grafted cutting receives a unique opportunity to eat a sufficient amount of useful microelements, rather developing.

But if the stock is missing, the use of cuttings with roots also a good option. If you do everything right, you can get a good harvest over time.

The second two breeding options can not be called less effective. But, unfortunately, they are less popular.

Diseases and pests

Sort Original shows excellent stability to various plant diseases and insect attacks. He is practically not affected by mildew and oidium. Whereas wasps can sometimes attack. At the same time, there is a certain regularity: the white Original most often suffers from these insects than the black one.

Anthracnol can be used to spray the grapes from the fungus

As preventive measures from the fungus, it is recommended to periodically spray the bushes with specialized means. A great option would be Anthracol and Chloroxide Copper.

You can process plants simultaneously with watering.

Original variety is very popular today. Its berries are tasty and fragrant, the skin is quite dense, which ensures long-term preservation. But grape yield and ease of care deserve special attention. That is why the variety is usually cultivated even on an industrial scale.

And how to plant and care for the plant from the very landing of the seedling, we told in detail in the article. If you follow all the recommendations, then you will definitely get a wonderful harvest of the Original variety in your country house.