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Detailed description of the Nadezda Azos grape variety


Today, there are many grape varieties, differing in their taste, appearance and other properties that are important for any grower. Today we will get acquainted with such a hybrid form as Nadezhda Azosthat gained its popularity in recent years. The description of this variety is presented below.

Grape variety descriptionNadezhda Azos

The hybrid form Nadezhda Azos was obtained after crossing grape varieties such as Moldova, Cardinal and Arkady within the Anapa zonal viticulture experimental station. Shrubs belong to the early-average maturity. This is because the buds dissolve rather late. The first well-ripened crop can be obtained at the end of August. Whereas with an increase in the number of fruits, this may be delayed until the beginning of September.

Grapes grade Nadezhda Azos

The cluster is rather large and fluctuates around 0.5-1.0 kg. The sugar content of the berries is in the range of 17-18%.

Characteristics of berries

Hope berries are rather large, they are distinguished by an oval shape with a slightly pointed tip. The color of the fruit is dark purple. Whereas after ripening, the grapes acquire a practical black color. If the weather is rainy enough, the grapes can crack. But over time, everything will be delayed, and the berry will become whole. The flesh is soft and crunching at the same time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of Hope Azores include:

  • high and stable yield;
  • attractive appearance;
  • frost resistance. Grapes calmly withstands lowering the temperature to 25 degrees Celsius below zero;
  • great transportability;
  • preservation for a long time, up to the month of January;
  • lovely taste qualities.
Harvest Nadezhda Azos can be collected from August to the frost

The negative qualities of grapes should include:

  • this variety is prone to overloading a bush;
  • berries can pee;
  • under adverse conditions, namely high humidity grade poorly pollinated;
  • low rooting rate cuttings when planting;
  • heavy rains can lead to cracking fruit;
  • in clusters of berries can be diversified.


Before the will, cuttings are often used for planting grapes of this variety. But there may be a problem with their rooting. In this case, it is recommended initially to study the reputation of the nursery where the seedlings will be purchased, to inspect the cutting itself and the conditions for its location. Sometimes plants lie directly on the floor, which significantly increases their chances of catching fungal diseases.

Before planting a grape seedling should prepare the soil and planting hole

Soil for the landing of Hope is better to choose fertile and rich in micronutrients. Although sandy and clay terrain is also suitable. But in this case it is recommended to pre-fertilize the soil.

You can plant cuttings in autumn and spring, it all depends on your wishes. But if this happens in the fall, it is important to warm the seedlings for wintering.

For the landing is to prepare a pit size of 0.6-0.6 m. That will be quite enough. Compost or humus diluted with water is poured at its bottom. It is better to do this a week before planting the cuttings. Although the best option: do prepare a place since the fall. The distance between the individual cuttings should be left 1-1.5 meters. It is better to choose a sunny place, protected from northern gusts.

Care for a young and mature vine

  • although this variety can survive the drought, it is still worth watering the grapes. This is especially true of spring - the active growing season of the bushes. As for the newly planted cuttings, they are also very important to water. This is the only way to ensure rooting of the plant and its further growth. Please note that watering should be done not under the root, but in the hole around the bush. And at once the place of watering becomes covered by a mulch. To do this, you can use straw, dry grass or sawdust wood;
The grapes should be watered not under the root, and in the holes around the bush
  • for Hope it is important to produce fertilizer. The introduction of mineral substances into the soil once a year is sufficient for bushes. Whereas cuttings are necessarily fertilized during planting;
  • as the vine tends to grow rapidly, It is important to ensure regular circumcision of excess pagons. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the grape to cope with an unbearable load, and it will start to yield poorly, the fruits may pee and mature for a long time;
  • it is necessary to ensure periodic spraying of the bushes of Hope specialized means of diseases and pests. This is best done at the same time as watering.

Breeding methods

There are several ways to breed grapes. For the variety Nadezhda Azos, the most popular method is planting with cuttings. Although in this case there is a weak rooting of the plant, but with a positive result, you will definitely get a good harvest in the future.

Grape cuttings Hope Azores difficult to root

Although the vine can withstand significant loads, it is important to keep a stock of old wood. But it will be later. In the early years of the growing season, the plant needs a lot of strength to grow as it should. In subsequent years, the vineyard will thank you for it.

Diseases and pests

Grade Nadezhda Azos differs in average resistance to various plant diseases and fungi. Moreover, protection from damage by oidium is somewhat higher than mildew. Although under the right conditions of cultivation, neither one nor the other should not bother you.

Hope AZOS is resistant to fungal diseases, but treatment is still needed in order to prevent

Such indicators of resistance to disease, is not a reason not to produce preventive spraying of bushes. For these purposes, it is recommended to use specialized tools, the number of which in the current market is simply amazing.

Now you are well aware of all the pros and cons of Hope Azores grapes, including the rules for planting and caring for the plant. Here difficulties should not arise. All recommendations are practically no different from the care of other grape varieties. Timely watering, fertilizer and pruning bushes - all that is needed. Have a good harvest.