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Useful properties and contraindications of rape honey


Rape honey refers to "white honey", because after pumping it has a creamy white color, and after crystallization - even lighter. There was a twofold opinion about rape honey. On the one hand, it contains a unique amount and combination of useful substances. On the other hand, rapeseed (honey) in the west is grown from GMO seeds.

Scientists conducted an experiment: they took samples of this sort of honey from different parts of the world, including honey taken from GMO pollen. According to the results of various tests, it turned out that honey contains up to 0.4% of pollen. Therefore, scientists believe that honey can not be attributed to GMO products. The benefits and harms of this type of honey when used for medicinal purposes can be found below.

The taste and color of rape honey

Rape honey is similar in color to sweet clover. After pumping, it acquires a light amber color, almost white. After crystallization similar to whipped cream or ice cream with a pink or yellow shade. Aroma nice, a little sharp. The taste is pronounced. He is sweet, even cloying. Slightly bitter. The finish is long. It dissolves in water badly, so tea with honey can be “whipped out”, and not in a diluted form.

Rape honey is one of the few that contains as much glucose as fructose. therefore patients with diabetes better to use other varieties of honeywhere the fructose content is higher. But the composition and proportion of elements varies depending on weather and climatic conditions. Another distinctive feature of this variety is that it has a high water content - Up to 20%, so it quickly turns sour under the wrong storage conditions.

The composition is as follows:

Water, polysaccharides, sucrose, ash, organic acids other substances23

The composition of this honey, there are about three hundred minerals and trace elements, including boron, manganese, copper, iron, zinc, fluorine, iodine, chromium, potassium and others.

The presence of essential amino acids give this variety more value. It contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamins of group B, vitamin K and E, and others.

Calorie honey. 100 g of the product contains 320 kilocalories.

Beneficial features

Rape honey is recommended for the treatment of blood diseases.and in cardiovascular diseases.

Like all types of honey, it helps with colds and viral infections, other respiratory diseases. To prevent it, take two tablespoons per day - on an empty stomach in the morning and also in the evening before bedtime.

Due to the fact that rapeseed high-calorie honey with a specific taste and aroma, its overeating can cause nausea, and persistent overeating can cause allergies. Therefore, it is better to limit its use for an adult to 100 g per day, for a teenager to 40 g. Contraindications: do not recommend taking bee products for allergies. But allergy to this type of honey is very rare. Patients with diabetes mellitus, as mentioned above, it is better to refuse to use it or to first consult with your doctor.

You can not give it to children up to three years. After consuming rapeseed honey, a feeling of fullness comes quickly, so it is used in dietology. In addition, it is used in cosmetology, medicine, less often - in cooking.

About honey plant - a herbaceous rape plant

Honey for this variety of honey is rape - a herbaceous plant. In our country it is not common, because it dries up the soil. In the west, it is grown in large quantities. To collect nectar, one beehive per 1 hectare of sowing is sufficient.

Rape honey is one of the few varieties that can quickly turn sour due to improper storage conditions. This is due to the presence of a large water content in its composition.

Rape Honey promotes the regeneration of tissues of the human body. All this is due to the presence of boron in its composition. With all pulmonary, acute respiratory diseases, it also helps.

Honey is useful to those who suffer from diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver. Due to its antibacterial properties, it has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestine, restoring microflora.

People suffering from neurosisThis kind of honey is useful for the reception in the morning and at night. Natural stimulants and enzymes that are part of the bee product, contribute to the restoration of human energy potential.