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Benefits and harms of sainfoin honey


Some consider that sainfoin honey is not distinguished by outstanding healing properties, although useful for the human body. The variety has its uniqueness in taste and aroma. It is used with pleasure in Europe. The main producing countries of this variety are Italy and France.

But many of his belong to the valuable types of honey.

The taste and color of sainfoin honey

Dietary honey fragrant, has a sweet taste with a faint smell of rose. After pumping the grade liquidin the literal sense of the word, it can spill out of the pot. The color is light yellow with a greenish tinge..

Crystallizes slowly, acquiring a fine-grained structure. The color after sugar changes to white with a pink tinge.

Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

In adulthood, honey contains fructose less than glucose, and the percentage of sucrose drops to 1%. But a lot depends on weather and climatic conditions. Because of this (less fructose relative to glucose), this kind of honey not recommended for patients with diabetes.

The composition is as follows:

Water, polysaccharides, sucrose, ash, organic acids other substances14

It may also vary due to storage conditions.

The composition of this honey, there are about three hundred minerals and trace elements, including boron, manganese, copper, iron, zinc, fluorine, iodine, chromium, potassium and others. Carbohydrates contain about 83%, proteins - 1%.

The presence of essential amino acids give this variety more value. It contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamins of group B, vitamin K and E, and others.

Calorie honey. 100 g of the product contains 315 kilocalories.

Useful properties and its application

Dietary Honey improves blood circulation. It helps with colds and viral infections, other diseases of the respiratory tract. For prevention, it is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, as well as in the evening before bedtime.

Dietary honey in a glass jar

It helps against overwork and surprises with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Honey useful to use during physical and mental stress, because its caloric content helps in the shortest possible time to restore power. It normalizes the intestinal microflora, a beneficial effect on the entire digestive system of the body. Its enveloping effect after taking successfully helps to fight against gum disease and gastritis. After consuming honey, honey feels quickly full, and is therefore used in dietology. In addition, it is used in cosmetology, medicine. In cooking, he is a welcome guest and ingredient in many dishes, especially in the confectionery industry.

Contraindications and harm

Sageret honey is high in calories. Therefore, it is impossible to overeat. Daily rate for an adult up to 100 g for teenager - up to 40 g. If someone has an allergy to bee products or to legumes, then it is better to refuse to use it. Patients with diabetes, as mentioned above, it is better not to eat it.

Do not give to children up to three years.

About honey plant Esparcet

Honey for this type of honey is esparset - herbaceous legume plant. It grows in Ukraine, central Russia, Siberia, Central Asia, North Africa in the wild. In some countries, it is specially sown as a honey plant.

Blossom begins in late May - early June lasting from two to three weeks. Its value is manifested in the fact that bees can take nectar from it at a time when spring honey-bearing plants have already bloomed, and most summer ones have not yet begun to bloom.

Each flower lives less than a day. Blossoming in the morning, it fades in the evening. Therefore, in favorable weather, the bees work from early morning. The optimal weather for collecting nectar is windless, warm weather with plenty of dew.

Due to the high yield of nectar, it is also highly valued. From 1 hectare area get up to 0.5 tons of honey.

Storage conditions

This kind of honey sugared slowly. In this condition, it is better Store at +14 - + 18 degrees. After crystallization, reduce the temperature to 4 - 7 degrees Celsius. Air humidity - 60%. These are the optimal conditions. In this state, the beneficial properties of honey will last for a long time. Above 40 with a plus sign and below 35 with a minus sign, they are lost. Store in a dark place on the balcony, in the basement, another room, subject to the temperature.

Avoid contact with honey for a long period of direct sunlight.

Espartacetovy honey in a plastic container

Glass, clay, ceramic ware for long-term storage is preferable to food grade plastic or plastic. Do not store it in the freezer in order to avoid loss of its useful properties.

What are the main diseases treats?

Dietary Honey recommended for the treatment of blood diseasesand in cardiovascular diseases.

Its healing effect on the body was noticed by ancient healers. Therefore, it was recommended after prolonged physical exertion, illness. People suffering from neurosisbetter to use in the morning and at night. Natural stimulants and enzymes that are part of the bee product, contribute to the restoration of human energy potential.

With all pulmonary, acute respiratory diseases, it also helps.

The use of this variety useful for those who suffer from diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver. Due to its antibacterial properties, it has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestine, restoring microflora. People who are overweight will help normalize metabolism.

Altai sainfoin honey packaged

It is used not only in food, but also used in the form of compresses for cuts, rheumatism. It perfectly cleans the skin and nourishes it. Therefore, in cosmetology is used in the composition of some ointments and creams. Honey does not dry the skin and cleans acne, boils.

Many beekeepers and other connoisseurs of bee products Consider this variety the standard of honey. Gentle aroma and pleasant taste, coupled with its beneficial properties will not leave anyone indifferent.