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What is honey honey?


Even in places where honey plants grow (Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Bashkiria) honey is rare enough. Therefore, it is unlikely to be able to meet him on the shelves of local markets. But it is ordered through their friends, relatives, or simply bought through the Internet. Of course, the last option is quite risky if you have not tried natural honey honey before.

This variety is interesting in taste and composition., especially since the honey plant is a medicinal plant. Therefore deserves special attention. It belongs to the "white" honey, because after sugar is white.

Acoustic Honey: Taste and Color

After pumping, the acura honey is almost transparent. Candied quickly. Thereafter similar to cream or ice cream with a yellowish tinge.

This honey is for those who do not like bright, rich and sharp aromas. This variety is an alternative for people who, in principle, are not lovers of honey, but are attracted by the use of a bee product. The subtle smell of flower herbs is just for them.

Acoustic Honey

The taste is tender, not cloying, with a barely perceptible sourness. It is eaten with pleasure by children and adults.

After crystallization acquires a fine-grained structure., easily raked in with a spoon and cut with a knife.

Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

Acoustic honey contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

90-92% of it gets immediately into the blood.

The composition is as follows:


Carbohydrates contain half of fructose and only one third - glucose. This allows this variety of honey to be eaten by patients with diabetes.

Packed Acuray Honey in Banks

By calorie it is comparable to beef. Of the trace elements are iron, manganese, chromium, fluorine, copper, zinc and others. In addition, essential amino acids are present. Contains in its composition ascorbic acid, B vitamins, vitamin K and E, and others. With contraindications of this type of honey can be found below.

Useful properties of Bashkir honey

Acute honey can be eaten by people with diabetes without harm to health. Because it contains a small amount of calories compared to other varieties, This delicacy can be consumed, and not be afraid to gain excess weight.

In the offseason, when there is a shortage of nutrients in the products, he will help us out, since a rich period of time remains rich in its composition.

Acacia Honey Cream

Honey helps to recuperate after overworkand also calms the nervous system.

Sometimes Acura honey is called female because it is used in cosmetology. Masks, which include this variety, make the skin fresh and hair silky and strong.

Acoustic honey cannot be diluted in boiling water. At temperatures above 40 degrees, it loses its beneficial properties and is used simply as a sweet.

Everyone knows the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of honey, which help heal wounds. To do this, it is applied directly to the wound or pre-impose gauze. In connection with such properties Bashkir honey honey is useful to eat, slowly, so that the sweet mass enveloped the oral cavity. If there are any wounds in the mouth, the honey will surely heal them. At the same time there is a pleasant aftertaste.

Contraindications and harm

Acute honey is not recommended for people who are allergic to bee products. Before using this variety, although it contains a lot of fructose in the composition, patients with diabetes mellitus still advisable to consult a doctor.

Refrain from giving honey for children under two years old. But, unlike other varieties, adolescents can eat it without fear, since this delicacy does not cause an allergic reaction, such as espartsetovy, chestnut or rapeseed honey. The daily rate for an adult can also be increased. If other varieties use in the amount of 80-90 g, then this delicacy can be eaten up to 120 g during the day.

About honey plant

The honey plant of this kind of honey is bony psoralea, which is often called akkuy. Hence the name of honey. It is a weed, grows in Kazakhstan and Central Asia..

Psoralea bark (acre)

It blooms with blue flowers in May - June. The plant is considered medicinal. It is part of some anti-baldness drugs. Contains a lot of essential oils.

As a honey plant it shows its qualities as medium.. But thanks to the specific taste and composition, beekeepers willingly take out their apiaries to collect nectar.

Storage conditions

Acacia honey is candied quickly. This does not mean that, due to such an indicator, this variety should be referred to as “bad”. Useful properties after crystallization are not lost. To save them longer, honey is stored at a positive temperature of 4 to 18 degrees.

It is not necessary to warm the honey after its sugaring, because above 40 heat it loses its properties.

The refrigerator also does not belong to him. Low temperatures adversely affect the structure and availability of vitamins.. Place of storage, choose a balcony, basement, other room.

Important storage conditions are temperature (mentioned above), relative humidity (60%), the absence of sunlight on honey. You can even hide it in a dark room.

What are the main diseases that this honey cures?

Acute honey is recommended for anemia because it increases hemoglobin levels.. This product promotes the elimination of toxic substances from the body. Honey is used for acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis.

Candied Acura Honey

Due to its antibacterial properties positive effect on intestinal function, restoring microflora. The solution from this variety helps women to treat erosion of the cervix, thrush.

It can also be used in the form of lotions and compresses for cuts, rheumatism. Honey perfectly cleanses the skin, does not dry and nourishes it, clears acne.

This variety is excellent for gastritis, ulcers, tachycardia, insomnia, and also cleanses the blood.

Acacia honey as a beekeeping product has a beneficial effect on the human body. is he 100% environmentally friendly. Fortunately, people have not yet come up with a way of bees genetic modification. Therefore, we can continue to enjoy this natural product as an assistant to medicines, and also to eat as a separate dish.