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Useful properties and contraindications of dyagil honey


There are many legends and beliefs associated with honey honey. The very honey plant - medicinal The disease is attributed to the disease.especially viral and bacterial infections. In the Middle Ages, thanks to him, they tried to fight the plague and other contagion. The roots of the angelica ate, and the premises and even the streets were sprayed with decoction.

Despite this, the dextrous honey has not received wide distribution, although in color, aroma, taste and beneficial properties it is very much appreciated. It is considered a high-grade and even elite honey.

The taste and color of honey

Honeydew honey the color is brown-red, sometimes with a greenish tint. The consistency of it is very viscous, volatile. The taste is saturated, sharp, with a caramel "touch", sometimes with a faint bitterness, from which it is extracted, see below.

Natural Honeycake Honey

The crystallization process is slow. Due to this, it remains in the liquid state for a long time. Pleasant aroma. After its use in the mouth remains a specific aftertaste, which for a long time envelops the oral cavity.

It is easy to distinguish a natural product from a fake, if you have ever tried real honey. The color of the natural product is lighter. Often the caramel flavor is faked with burnt sugar.

If you have a metal spoon, check the authenticity of the product in the following way: pour a product into a teaspoon. Bottom to the spoon bring a lit lighter. If the edges of the liquid after heating up are burning, then the spoon is fake.

Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

The composition of this type of fructose is more than sucrose. Thanks to this cedar honey recommend after consultation with a doctor to use patients with diabetes in small quantities, with contraindications can be found below. Its composition is as follows:

Water, polysaccharides, sucrose, ash, organic acids other substances22-28

Anagia honey is rich in minerals and trace elements:

  • Manganese;
  • Nickel;
  • Chromium;
  • Copper;
  • Fluorine;
  • Zinc;
  • Sodium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Calcium;
  • Iodine;
  • Iron.

The presence of essential amino acids and biogenic stimulants makes this type of honey especially useful. It contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamins of group B, vitamin K and E, and others.

Honey is very nutritious. 100 g of the product contains about 329 kcal.

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Beneficial features

Angular honey strengthens the immune system, therefore useful for a weakened body in the autumn-winter and winter-spring period, after operations, and diseases, as well as after tedious physical and mental stress.

This variety has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral effect. It heals wounds, beneficially affects the work of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver.

Useful properties of honeydew honey

Thanks honey normal menstrual cycle. It is useful to use as a prevention against thrush. This bee product contributes to the enhancement of lactation processes in women, however, due to the fact that honey is an allergen for children, it is better to refrain from eating it to nursing mothers.

Delayed honey soothes the body, so it is useful to use it before bedtime. Like all varieties of honey, he useful for colds. Due to the rapid restoration of vitality (fructose directly into the blood and does not require preliminary and additional processing), this bee product helps to increase efficiency.

For prevention, it is enough for an adult to eat 50-60 g of the product per day. During the illness - 80-100 g.

Used in medicine, cosmetology, confectionery industry. It goes well with lemon juice, juice, other drinks. With it, baked fruit, produce various types of baking.

Contraindications and harm

Due to the high calorie content of the product need to use it in limited quantitiesotherwise the allergic reaction of the organism is not excluded. For the same reason, it must be carefully taken in food for patients with diabetes mellitus and young children.

About honey plant

The honey plant of this kind of honey is medicinal thistle. Therefore, honey is sometimes called fusion honey. This biennial herbaceous plant grows mainly in the northern territories of Europe and Russia.


Small flowers are collected in inflorescences in the form of an umbrella with a diameter of up to 15 cm. The plant blooms from June to August for the second year of life.

Thanks high content of essential oil and flavoring it attracts bees to collect pollen and nectar. The abundance of flowering for a long period (almost 2 months) makes it possible for these workers to work to stock up on a useful and environmentally friendly delicacy.

Storage conditions

Angular honey, like other varieties, preferably stored at a temperature not higher than 18, and not lower than 4 degrees Celsius. Suitable for this premises - storage room, basement, balcony.

The room or part thereof (the place where honey is stored) should be dark without exposure to sunlight.

Delayed honey packed in a glass dish

Utensils suitable for long-term storage - glass, clay, ceramic. Not suitable for metal and plastic.

Since dyagilic honey does not crystallize for a long time, at first it stored at temperature +13 - +18 degrees. Further, it is reduced to + 4.

You should not put honey in the fridge or reheat it after sugar, if you do not want it to lose its beneficial properties.

What are the main diseases treats?

Anagia honey helps to cope with many diseases, including:

  • hypertension;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • cystitis;
  • thrush;
  • constipation;
  • colitis;
  • gastritis;
  • ARI;
  • bronchitis;
  • angina;
  • periodontal disease;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • skin diseases;
  • postpartum complications;

This is not a complete list of diseases with which honey can fight together in the complex, primarily through enhancing the potential of the organism itself, increasing its immunity. In case of serious diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor. for pre-consultation.

Angular honey in honeycombs

Natural Honeycake Honey - a storehouse of nutrients, microelements, minerals. Due to this, as well as excellent taste and attractive color, it is acquired with pleasure for pleasure and health.