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How to feed chinchillas at home is tasty, healthy and varied?


Choose the right ration for chinchillas - responsible task. The state of health of the animal, the shine of fur and life expectancy completely depend on food.

Food for a rodent is very diverse, but there are characteristic features in how to feed a pet, especially at home.

What likes to eat chinchilla?

Chinchilla is a herbivore. The basis of the diet animals are feed of plant origin.

In the wild, the main food for them is cereals and legumes, cacti, shrubs, tree bark, small fruits, shoots, mosses and other vegetation.

At home man is responsible for the diet of the animal. Food should be diverse and balanced to ensure that all the needs of the body with the necessary components, vitamins, nutrients.

Chinchilla important quality food. They eat in small quantities, so the owners of animals should carefully consider the choice of food.

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Moreover, luxurious fur and irrepressible energy require a lot of nutrient consumption. Chinchillas are picky about food. From the proposed food, they will choose the most tidbits.

But for the full development the animal needs to receive various microelements and vitaminsso you need to try to make the animal fully consumed its portion.

If the pet began to scatter food from the feeder, it is necessary to reduce the food produced. You can give your pet food in small parts, to reduce in the diet of treats.

Choosing food for a rodent should be borne in mind that they, like all herbivores, have sensitive digestion.

First, they have a long intestine. Secondly, animal herbivores process hard-digestible plant fiber. From it they get the necessary nutrients.

The animal living in your home eats coarse dry and juicy food, nutritious mixtures, needs vitamin supplements and delicacies.

The food is rough and juicy

For juicy feed include fruits, vegetables, herbs and twigs of bushes, trees. They are saturated with beneficial microelements, vitamins, organic substances.

Throughout the year, available branches, snags, twigs of various shrubs and tree species. Eating hard wood, the animals will grind the ever-growing incisors.

From vegetables, chinchillas can offer tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin, lettuce, zucchini.

From fruits they prefer pears, apples, cantaloupe, berries, bananas, grapes, from dried fruits - apples, plums, raisins, hawthorn, dried apricots, cherries, barberries and wild rose. Fruits of large size, it is desirable to cut into small pieces.

From greens worth giving Clover, carrot, pea, dandelion tops.

Из-за чувствительного пищеварения шиншилл им не стоит давать следующие продукты:

  • пищу с общего стола (соленую, пряную, жирную, острую, копченую);
  • мясо и мясные изделия;
  • хлебобулочные изделия и сдобу (хлеб, выпечка);
  • мучное (макароны, лапша);
  • картофель, свежая белокочанная капуста, листья салата;
  • сладости (печенье, шоколад, сахар, конфеты, другие кондитерские изделия);
  • яйца;
  • жареные орехи, семечки, зерна;
  • грибы;
  • кисломолочная продукция;
  • фаст-фуд, чипсы, поп-корн;
  • несвежие и порченные продукты.

В перечне не содержится абсолютно никаких полезных веществ для правильного роста и развития грызуна. Перечисленные продукты являются калорийными и жирными, в результате чего у питомца может развиться ожирение.

Это отрицательно скажется на подвижности животного, его способности к размножению, продолжительности жизни.

Даже если вредная еда пришлась любимцу по душе, это вовсе не означает, что ее стоит предлагать.

Возможно, от одного поедания зверек не погибнет, но систематическое употребление в пищу таких лакомств приведет к серьезным проблемам со здоровьем шиншиллы.

Витаминные добавки в дополнение к питанию

With an unbalanced diet of chinchillas, young individuals, pregnant and lactating rodents, sick and weakened it is necessary to give vitamin complexes. They can be in liquid form, in the form of tablets and powders.

Liquid fortified feed can be given along with water, so it will not be difficult to enrich the pet's diet. Powders and tablets to offer pets hard.

In the cage of the animal is desirable hang mineral and salt stonewhich the animal will eat as needed.

You can buy immediately fortified feed. The composition most often listed as carrots, pumpkin, hay, rowan, wild rose. To replenish the reserves of protein and vitamins of group B, it is worth pouring some dry yeast into the feed (2-5 g).

Chinchilla to accustom to proper nutrition is not difficultbut necessary. Only by getting all the beneficial microelements, vitamins and other useful compounds the animal will be healthy, full of energy and live a long life.