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Full description of the apple variety Gala


The variety of apples Gala by the assessment of gardeners is not inferior to varieties such as Red and Golden Delicious. Sweet fragrant fruits of this species conquered more than one lover of fruit trees. Interesting that Gala name means “solemn”. The description and characteristics of this variety, where and when it is better to plant, can be found below.

Description of apple varieties gala

Apple tree with gala varieties

Birthplace of Galov apples - New Zealand. Grandparents of the variety were taken varieties of Kids Orange and Golden Delicious. Gardeners around the world owe the appearance of such a fertile type of apples to the breeder J. Kidd, who received a new variety of fruit in the 60s of the XX century. To date, about 20 species are known that have come from the Gala variety since the 1980s, differing only in brightness and color saturation. The most famous are Jazz, Delfoha, Foreboding red Gala, Big Red, El Nino.

The variety gala spread very quickly around the world and ranked second in fruit productivity among other apple varieties.

The most popular gala is in the UK, the USA and some European countries. In the past couple of decades, it has been successfully distributed in Russia.

Fruits in 6-7 year after planting seedlings in the groundin the case of planting a dwarf variety - 3-4 years. Fruit ripening period is from September to November. It is considered a late autumn variety. Flowering time - later at the end of spring. Refers to partially self-pollinating species. Harvest time falls in September.

In order to get the largest possible harvest, it is recommended to place views of Elstar or James Grieve near Gala. On average, from one ordinary tree the yield is up to 90 kg.

Cold resistance is pretty good.. It can withstand a 30-degree frost, provided it does not have a long duration.

Tree and Fruit Characteristics

Tree characteristics:

  • Growth - average.
  • Crown - wide in girth, the shape is oval.
  • Branches - diverge from the trunk in the upward direction, do not grow densely, the strength is moderate.
Apple varieties gala

Characteristics of the fetus:

  • The size more often average, less often large. As the tree grows older it decreases.
  • The form - rounded, found slightly elongated.
  • Weight up to 150 gr.
  • Color - red, with a small amount of yellow thin vertical lines.
  • Taste moderately sweet-sour, the aroma is delicate with a caramel touch.
  • Fruit pulp dense, granular in structure, crunchy, the skin is thin, but durable. When falling, fruits rarely fight and get damaged.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • yield on the highest level;
  • early age of onset fruiting;
  • sweet dessert taste, thanks to which they are widely used in cooking, and the chemical composition and low calorie content makes them frequent products in the menu of various diets;
  • distinctive quality - retention capacity for several months;
  • due to high performance fruits are resistant to damagethat enhances their good qualities.
Collecting fruits of apple varieties gala


  • has a hyper yieldthat affects the quality - there are many apples, but the size is small;
  • regarding low safety during severe cold weather;
  • low resilience some pests.

Useful properties and chemical composition

The benefits of apples are invaluable, because they contain many vitamins and minerals, while they have a low calorie. Due to this combination of qualities they are often used in the preparation of diets.

Gala variety - one of the main types of apples used to create baby food.

The structure includes:

  • vitamin A - necessary for good vision;
  • vitamin C - is responsible for immunity;
  • iron - it is necessary for blood formation;
  • calcium - needed bones, nails and healthy hair;

Top dressing

For fertilizing, it is recommended to use fertilizers of natural origin in the form of compost or manure. This “food” should be carried out in one season. It is best to fertilize in the fall, mixing with mineral fertilizers. for fruit trees.

Top dressing of fruit trees in the fall

In the spring of Gala fed nitrogen fertilizingthat promotes good growth.

Where is growing?

Basically the variety is grown in the forest-steppe and steppe zones of the continents. It is considered that in these regions the most suitable conditions for the composition of the soil and its moisture content for the fertile cultivation of this fruit tree.

According to the data of the past five years, such countries as China (more than 60 million tons per year), Poland (more than 2.5 million tons per year), Italy (more than 2 million tons), France ( about 2 million tons) and Germany (from 1 million tons per year).

Recently, the apple tree has been adapting and spreading more and more in the subtropics and the tropics. Countries that have started to engage in technical cultivation of the variety are Brazil and China.

The gala is well developed and fruited in temperate climates. It can be found in Poland, Ukraine, Russia.

Planting rules seedlings

Landing place to choose with low moisture, that is, away from water. It is recommended to have other apple varieties near the location of the gala tree. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that they belong to varieties of this variety. Other apple representatives will play the role of pollinators, which will improve the quality and yield of gala.

Planting seedlings

Other landing guidelines:

  • landing time - no later than 30 days before the first frost;
  • preparation of the landing pit - A full month before the day of planting the seedling;
  • the size - up to 1 meter deep, 1 meter wide;
  • planting mix - a layer of fertile soil, collected during the preparation of the pit, is mixed with fertilizers of organic composition, add a little ash and lime



For a quality crop, you need to keep under control the number of inflorescences. With too many of them, which happens with the age of the tree, the fruit is a lot, but small in size. To improve the quality, it is necessary to thin out the apple ovaries slightly each year and reduce the number and density of inflorescences.. So you can save the quality of the crop.

Thinning apple ovaries


Not too strong the plant does not tolerate excess moisture. The initial frequency for young saplings is once a week. Further, as they grow older, it is necessary to reduce watering, conducting them only with strong drying of the upper layers of the soil.

Pest prevention

Young plants are usually covered with a solution of chalk in the lower part of the pillar. After a five year milestone, a lime mixture is used. Also In early spring, the crown is treated with an atomizer with a Brodsky liquid of 3% concentration, and during the appearance of buds and after the withering of the inflorescences, ½% copper oxychloride is used.

Spraying trees in spring

Periodically it is recommended to disinfect the top layers of the soil from insect pests. To do this, use chlorine lime and digging up the soil around the tree.


The newly emerging branches are cut to one third of the grown length.. This allows you to maintain high-quality yields and save the tree from further fruit overload.

Diseases and pests

  • High disease resistance: European cancer, powdery mildew.
  • Medium stability: scab.
  • Low stability: bacterial burn, fruit moth, monilioz.

Prevention. For preventive purposes trees sprayed with a special tool. It helps to destroy periodically occurring pests and creates additional protection against various diseases of vegetation. The tool can be purchased at any specialized garden shop.

Gardeners reviews

The variety is good because it gives a bountiful harvest. And this is taking into account the fact that it does not require special skills and knowledge for cultivation and care. The harvest from two apples is enough for both the family and additional income in the form of selling products on the market.

Fragrant, juicy, sweet and sour apples are great for cooking a variety of different dessert dishes. Yes, and fresh them nice to eat. At least one apple tree of the Gala variety should be in the orchard of every gardener!


Galovsky apples - one of the best varieties of apple trees for taste and a pleasant color. Him used to make baby food, in canning (jam and jam), as a filling for baking, in the manufacture of alcoholic (wine, cider) and nonalcoholic (juice) products. According to experts, the gala variety is one of the best species grown on an industrial scale.