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Full description of the variety of apples Bogatyr


In almost any garden you can find different types of apple trees. In the CIS countries is very common cultivation of these trees.

High-quality care and good varieties, every year bring an excellent harvest of these beautiful fruits.

In this article we let's talk about variety Bogatyr, consider the history of plant breeding, rules for planting and caring for a tree, and also talk about the diseases of the tree.

Description variety Bogatyr

The history of apple selection

This variety was obtained by one of the Soviet scientists Semen Fedorovich ChernenkoHe was a breeder and fruit grower. The variety was personally approved by V.M. Michurin.

At the moment the Bogatyr grows and thrives in almost every corner of Russia, those who have planted this tree at least once fall in love with it forever.

They created it as a late-winter variety, therefore apples ripen, gain aroma almost until the end of spring. Bogatyr is the most productive of the late winter varieties.

Bred a variety when crossing the variety Antonovka and Reneta LandsbergIt was the latter that gave the apples enormous size and wonderful taste.

Tree and Fruit Characteristics

This variety grows quite high, up to 5 meters.more or less thick branches are fixed with a trunk, the color of the bark is olive. The sprigs in the inner part of the crown almost do not grow, it is almost bare.

The shape of the leaves is oval, serrated at the edges, steeped below. They are attached to the branches by reddish petioles.

Pinkish white flowers, slightly smaller than normal. Anthers are about 2 cm below the stigmas.

The taste of Bogatyr apples is sweet and sour with a gorgeous aroma.

Fruit formation occurs on kolchatka more often than on crown twigs. On such fruit, it is possible to form several apples, but not more than 3.

They have a rounded shape, becoming a narrower cone to the calyx. Enough large smooth apples, light green when removed, but during storage the color changes to yellow.

From the south side on them in sunny time there is a red blush. To taste, apples are sweet and sour, with a gorgeous aroma, unlike Antonovka, they are sweeter.


  • bear fruit early;
  • stable good yield;
  • perfectly tolerate transportation;
  • good marketability;
  • excellent taste;
  • good resistance to scab;
  • winter hardy.

disadvantages: color when harvesting ripe apples is greenish.

Terms of ripening apples, when to collect, storage

Usually the apples are hanging on the fetters before the harvest. The maturity for the collection comes around the beginning of October, but they are advised not to collect them too soon, because they will cringe at long storage.

Apples ripen for the consumer around the end of December, while at the same time Antonovka no longer has its own qualities, it loosen and darken.

If the Athletes are removed on time, they can be stored all spring, and even more, without losing any flavor or crunch.

Marketability of apples in the collection is estimated at almost 90%, of which 60% are premium. By weight, on average, apples are 160 g, maximum 390 g.

The variety begins to bear fruit after budding for 7 years, after planting in gardens for 4 years. The harvest will be pretty good when the tree is about 9 years old, in the flesh up to 50 kg, and from older 15-year-old trees up to 80 kg can be obtained.

The crop is harvested annually, in contrast to the Antonovka variety, although its weight may decrease.

Bogatyr varieties are harvested in October-December

Tree planting rules

You can plant an apple tree both in autumn and in springit is better to do it before the onset of cold weather. In fact, planting a tree is not difficult, but for quality planting, you need to take into account some aspects.

For good growth of a sapling, so that nothing could interfere with it, need a place on a hill. If there is groundwater nearby or the site may flood, it is better not to plant trees at all.

For a seedling you need to dig a big hole. Its depth should be about 80 cm, the width of the hole is 1 m. Do not forget that the variety is very high and spreading, the trees should be planted at a sufficient distance from each other.

As the seedlings grow, you can use the distance between them for any purpose. For example, to grow vegetables, but you can not plant sunflower or corn, as they will absorb all the nutrients.

In cases where the soil does not allow oxygen to pass through, it is recommended to add peat, humus and sand. This fertilizer will improve the oxygen permeability, the roots will breathe well, and there will be no stagnation of moisture.

In the spring, when the tree has already dismissed the leaves, you need to spray it from insect peststhat is suitable for apple trees. It is better to dig the hole for the seedling in advance and fill it with compost, humus and sand.

Peculiarities of care

High-quality care for the Bogatyr variety is divided into stages. Each of them needs a special approach and special procedures.

In the year of planting, you need to pluck about 80% of the flowers.. It helps the tree to settle down better. Later, it will be necessary to cut off half of the crop, when the fruits have only begun to ripen to 2 centimeters in diameter.

Such actions are called rationing.. Now, when forming the harvest, your fruits will be much larger and tastier, besides this it is easier for the tree to prepare for winter.

It is necessary to water a tree 4 times a month, by type: one bucket for one tree twice a day

It is necessary to water a tree 4 times a month, by type: one bucket for one tree twice a day. Watering is especially important at the end of summer, when the tree bears fruit, and lays almost to form the next crop.

Watering mode should be monitored, paying attention to weather conditions. We recommend to finish watering in Augustotherwise the shoots will grow too much and it will be harder for the tree to survive the winter.

Of course apple tree culture frost resistant, but to help the tree to move the winter, you can mulch horse humus pristvolny circle.

How to prune apple trees? High-quality pruning regulates the yield, the size of the fruit, and also helps save the tree from various diseases:

  1. If you plant a branch of a young seedling, you need to cut a third part. This will speed up the crown bookmark.
  2. Trees should be pruned every year at the beginning of spring before buds will blossom.
  3. If you are completely cutting a branch, you need to do it at the base so that hemp does not remain.
  4. It is necessary to remove the branches with fruits that reach to the ground and fall on it.
  5. In order to increase the harvest, you need to thin out the apple trees every year.
  6. From the new shoots need to leave only the most direct and strong, the weak is required to be cut. But do not confuse strong escape with a top.
  7. You can cut off well, more than 4 part of the shoots from the total mass.

Diseases and pests

Scab disease bears harm to the fruits and leaves of the tree. The very first signs of the disease you can observe in early spring.

Greenish-brown specks will appear sharply on the leaves of the apple tree and the leaves will fall off. Many small brown spots will form on the fruits.

The Bogatyr apple tree variety is resistant to scab, but instead it suffers from powdery mildew. It resembles flour grains, with white spores.

In this disease, flowers, ovaries and leaves are affected; they simply crumble. Also occurs the twisting of the shoots of the tree.

How to deal with this disease:

  • fallen leaves need to drip or recycle;
  • infected shoots need to be cut and burned;
  • you want to spray the tree with a solution of manganese - 7%;
  • repeat a week later - 5% solution;
  • after harvesting spray again.

Fruit Rot - brown spots are formed on fruits, their number is constantly growing. After that, white mushroom spores appear on them. As a result, the fruits either fall off or remain dried to be seen on the tree.

Control measures: all fallen and infected fruits should be removed from the garden, treated with 1% bordeaux liquid. After harvesting, spray the trees with copper sulphate solution.

The main pests of the Bogatyr apple are varieties, aphids and haws

Major pests:

  • moth;
  • aphid;
  • hawthorn

It is necessary to take time to destroy them, otherwise the tree will die.

Aphids eat away the kidneys from the inside, sucks the juice from the leaves and flowers, while rapidly multiplying.

Methods of struggle:

  • burn out damaged areas of the tree;
  • treat the damaged parts with a solution: 40 g of soap with garlic decoction or yarrow;
  • processing by special means.

Hawthorn is a gray-brown caterpillar and dark stripes. Attacks trees in early spring, eats leaves and buds.

Way to fight:

  • attract the birds that feed on them;
  • spray with special means: wormwood decoction, tomato, and yarrow.

Peduncle also eats leaves and almost, and also because of it in the fruit worms are formed.

Fighting method:

  • burn damaged parts of the tree, also dig up the soil next to the tree;
  • hang naphthalene or wormwood on the branches, their smell will scare away the pests;
  • process biologics.

Variety of apples Bogatyr - the dignity of any garden. The quality of the fruit leaves no one indifferent.