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5 apple core removers


An apple is a healthy and dietary fruit that needs core removal for preparing some dishes. It takes quite a lot of time. But the housewives found a way out of this situation and use a number of devices to remove the core of the apples with their own hands.

How to quickly core apples?

Apples are used in any national cuisine. These fruits are included in the most different sections of cooking - from blanks to meat dishes.

It should be noted that these fruits are quite difficult to prepare - you should carefully remove the petiole, the stalk, remove the peel with a thin spiral, and then cut out the central part. To simplify this time-consuming exercise, you can get special devices for removing the core of apples. They will help make the procedure easy and quickly prepare the fruit for the table or for drying.

Coreing with a ski pole

For the preparation of apple preservation, you must remove the seed chamber. This can be done even without cutting the fruit into pieces, leaving it whole.

Apple core ski stick

To do this, you need a ski aluminum stick with a diameter of 15 mm. Cut a part of the pipe 15 cm long. One end of the pipe is sawn with a triangular file to make six sharp teeth. On the other side of the stick, a polyethylene champagne plug is inserted into the stick and a hole is made in the end of its upper part, into which a rod is inserted to remove the seed box.

During the process, the fruit is placed on the kitchen board, the device is placed on top of the stem and pressed by hand. When a fruit has an uneven surface, incise it, holding it in your hand.

After processing 2-3 fruits with a rod made of metal or wood, push the waste out of the device to keep the fruit whole. This is how you can quickly remove the core.

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Cutting the core with a syringe with your own hands

The simplest device for removing the core of apples can be made by hand from a medical syringe. With it, you can clean the fruit for drying and for preservation.

To do this, use a syringe with a capacity of 20 ml, with a piston, as well as a pointed knife and good scissors.

Preparing a syringe for apple core removal

Take a syringe and cut off the bottom with the tip, which puts a needle on. Trim the cut with scissors and remove from the surface of the syringe all the paint dimensional division. Then, using a knife, carefully cut small teeth at the end of the cylindrical wall of the syringe. They need to be made so that during the work process, the movement coincides with the scrolling of homemade clockwise. Everything, the device for cutting a core is ready!

Sharpen one side of the syringe to remove the apple core

To remove the apple core with such a device, press the toothed side of the syringe onto the fruit from one side along the longitudinal axis around which seeds are placed in the fruit, rotating the syringe clockwise. Scrolling through, you need to deepen the device in the fruit to its middle. Repeat the same action on the other side of the fetus. After the process, the core is pushed out of the syringe with a piston.

Using a syringe to remove the core

Such a device, made by hand from improvised means, is quite effective and convenient to use.

For a smooth and easy removal of the seed box, the teeth are best done as small as possible.

The use of a special knife

A simple but useful device is a device for removing the seed box of apples. Essentially a punch. Driven into an apple and taken out with the seed box. Perfect for feeding children and sick people.

Special core knife

Such a device is easily included with the fruit of any size and, if necessary, it can be twisted around the longitudinal axis. The seed box is detached easily and pulled out along with the blade. After this device, the walls of the fruit remain smooth and without rags.

Core knife in action

A device for cleaning and cutting

The process of cleaning and cutting can be simplified with a special machine. This device immediately clears the fruit from the skin, the core and cuts it into neat pieces. And this is not the only device for cleaning and slicing apples.

Apple Cleaning Machine

Such a device will help save time hostess. To remove the core, simply slide the fruit onto the special blades and then scroll the handle. The seed box will remain on the blade of the device, and the seedless fruit will remain in the hands with a neat hole.

Apple cutter application

Such a device is very practical. With it, you can divide the fruit into 8 equal parts, removing immediately and the core.

Take an apple and fixture. Apply the apple cutter to the fruit on the board so that the tail is in the center of the apple cutter and press all the way. It turns out separated core and identical slices of apples.

Using a special apple cutter

Now you know all the ways to core the apple. For the preparation of apples, each hostess selects a device for themselves. This can be a device made at home, or purchased in the store. The main thing is that the function is the same.

And finally, a short video in which an apple cutter and knife are used: