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Useful properties and contraindications of black walnut


In the world there are a huge number of different types of nuts. One of the most unusual and rare representatives is black walnut., which got its name due to the rich color of the root system. Such nuclei have a rich chemical composition and, accordingly, many useful properties. Let's learn more about the benefits of this plant and its uses.

Description and origin history

North America is considered the birthplace of black walnut, where it grows from Massachusetts to Texas, for this reason, the second name of the black walnut is American. In Russia and Europe, it was introduced only in the 18th century and grows only in warm countries.. In Russia, the black walnut can be found Krasnodar and Stavropol Territory.

The natural habitat of black walnut begins and ends in North America, in other countries this plant was imported and planted artificially.

By its appearance and taste, black walnut is very similar to walnut., but in the American representative the concentration of active substances is much higher, which makes it much more useful.

Black walnut

In appearance, American walnut also strongly resembles a walnut, but with a few knowledge of them, they can be easily distinguished.:

  1. The tree can grow up to 40-50 meters;
  2. Dark brown barrel with deep grooves;
  3. The wood is very strong and strong, has an excellent appearance and that is why black walnut is often used in the manufacture of furniture;
  4. The krone is very big and powerfulusually, its diameter is not less than the height of the tree trunk, and sometimes even larger. Characterized by the inclination of the branches down;
  5. Roots are very powerful and germinate deep down. The main feature is rich black color.

The leaves are arranged alternately and reach a length of 25 centimeters. Consist of several small leaves of an oval, oblong shape up to 10 centimeters in length with jagged edges and a width equal to 3 centimeters. Leaves bloom in late April-early May.

The first bloom occurs in April or May for 7-10 year of tree life. Staminate flowers are earrings up to 15 centimeters long, but pistillate ones are collected in small inflorescences of 3-5 pieces.

Black walnut is a spreading tree, 40-50 m tall

The diameter of the fruit is 3-5 centimeters, the shape can be round, ovoid or obovate. The shell of such nuts is covered with small grooves and is particularly durable.

Chemical composition

The black nut has a very high nutritional value, so it is not recommended to use it to people who want to lose weight. 100 grams of the product contains 618 calories, and the table of the percentage ratio of the components is as follows:


The composition of the product includes a large number of nutrients, the use of which has a beneficial effect on the state of the body:

  • flavonoids;
  • alkaloid yugladin;
  • juglon;
  • carotene;
  • tannins;
  • phytocides;
  • glycosides;
  • iodine;
  • vitamins C, B1, B6, P, E, B, PP, A, F;
  • a huge number of trace elements (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, cobalt, manganese, selenium, silicon);
  • essential oils;
  • various acids;
  • quinones;
  • useful enzymes;
  • tannins;
  • sugar.

The concentration of all nutrients is at the highest level, American walnut is considered one of the most common components of traditional medicine.

Beneficial features

Black walnut fruit

Black walnut has a lot of useful properties.:

  • is able to resist intestinal bacteria, improves the state of microflora;
  • has antibacterial propertiesalso helps get rid of germs;
  • slows down the natural skin aging and promotes the regeneration of skin cells;
  • boosts immunity and the general body resistance;
  • there is a good anti-inflammatory effect, swelling is significantly reduced;
  • also present light analgesic effect;
  • black walnut has long been used in the fight against viral diseasessuch as herpes;
  • helps to cope with various fungal diseases;
  • black walnut able to fight cancer and prevent their occurrence;
  • helps to cleanse the body from toxic substances and larvae of parasites;
  • effectively fights worms, promoting their removal from the intestines;
  • possesses antispasmodic property;
  • relieves nausea, prevents vomiting;
  • helps with injuries, stops bleeding and forms a film that becomes a barrier to various infections;
  • calms the nervous systemhelps with stress, nerves, insomnia;
  • increases the amount of vitamins, thereby improving the overall condition of the body.


But in addition to a large number of useful properties in some cases American walnut can harm human health:

  • eat no more than a handful of peeled nuts per dayOtherwise, it may cause inflammation of the tonsils and vasospasm on the head;
  • black walnut list allergenic productstherefore, it should be used with extreme caution;
  • in no case do not eat spoiled nuts, they can cause severe poisoning;
  • moldformed on nuts, provokes the formation of cancer cells;
  • also worth noting that during heat treatment some amount of nutrients is lost, and heavily transferred nuts can adversely affect liver health;
  • black walnut is contraindicated with dietary nutrition.
Corroded black nuts are contraindicated

Also, in addition to the harm that black walnut can bring, experts highlight specific contraindications, in the presence of which the use of such a product is prohibited:

  1. Individual intolerance to American walnut;
  2. A stomach or intestinal ulcer;
  3. Cirrhosis of the liver;
  4. Thrombophlebitis;
  5. Gastritis;
  6. Pregnancy and lactation.
All the harm from nuts in the majority is the consequences of misuse, so the beneficial properties are far superior in their number of contraindications.

The use of black walnut in medicine, instructions for its use

Due to the huge number of useful micronutrients, American walnut can often be found in traditional medicine recipes or as part of various medications.


Black walnut oil

The oil extracted from the kernels of this nut is used to achieve the following effect.:

  • prevention catarrhal diseases;
  • job recovery immune system;
  • treatment assistance skin diseasessuch as dermatitis or warts;
  • it also helps well in case of malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • helps to fill the body with vitamins, and therefore used for avitaminosis;
  • used at various inflammations of the female genital organs;
  • helps with problems with bladder and kidneys;
  • also used with hemorrhoids;
  • is used to solve various skin problems, for example, psoriasis, depriving, burns, boils and boils helps rubbing oil 2-3 times a day;
  • oil is used mouth rinse for preventive purposes;
  • can also do steam inhalation for treating colds.
The course of treatment with nut oil lasts no more than 1 month, while adults are allowed to take half a teaspoon, and for children from 3 years old 1/4 3 times a day 30 minutes before eating food.


The extract is made from both the peel and the black walnut kernels themselves. Such a tool perfectly helps with:

  • The appearance of worms and other parasites in the human body;
  • Various wounds and violations of the integrity of the skin;
  • Thrush;
  • Fungal or bacterial lesions;
  • Comprehensive cleansing the body.

Most often, the extract is used to remove worms from the body, for this, according to the instructions,Once a day take 80 drops of funds together with 2 tablespoons of water, after which you must take medicines with the same effect of action. The duration of this therapy is 2-3 weeks.

American walnut extract can only be used by adults.

Also black walnut can be found in the following forms.:

Black walnut preparations
  1. The juice - helps to stop the blood, and contribute to the speedy restoration of the skin;
  2. Pills - in their manufacture using black walnut leaves. Means well helps with colds.
  3. Dietary supplements help strengthen the body;
  4. Ointment - used in various skin diseases;
  5. Candles - used in gynecology to restore microflora, are also effective in hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  6. Decoction Prepared from 5 grams of finely chopped dried leaf, which is poured 200 ml of water until the liquid darkens. This tool can be used as a compress for diathesis, gargle them with infectious diseases and rinse hair to strengthen them.

Cooking Application

Black walnut kernels can be eaten raw, or as an ingredient in various desserts. American walnut can be added to pastries, salads and ice cream. Especially popular are oil from the kernels of black walnut.

Black Walnut Jam

Many people love black walnut preserves, the preparation process of which consists of the following steps.:

  1. 100 pieces of green nuts are peeled and soaked for a month, and the water must be changed daily;
  2. Then each nut is pierced, poured with 500 grams of hydrated lime and poured with water for 2 days;
  3. After this time, the nuts are thoroughly washed and filled with clean water for 4 days, while the liquid is replaced 2-3 times a day;
  4. Once the nuts are fully prepared, they are poured with hot water, a tablespoon of alum is added and roasted for 20-30 minutes;
  5. Then you need to change the water and cook for another 5-10 minutes;
  6. Then the nuts are moved to a colander and proceed to the preparation of the syrup;
  7. 2 kilograms of sugar mixed with water and brought to a boil;
  8. Nuts are added to the resulting mass and kept on the fire until they turn black.
In the finished jam, you can add cardamom, cloves or cinnamon.

Black walnut kernels have a large number of nutrients. They are often used in cooking to create desserts., and the beneficial effect on the body is recognized by traditional medicine. The main rule is moderate use of black walnut.