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How and how to quickly wash your hands from walnuts - 6 proven ways


Walnut is considered one of the most popular plants. It is unpretentious in the care, and its fruits are extremely useful for the human body. Many centuries ago, he was brought to Europe from Greece, for which he got his name. After the harvest has ripened, its harvesting begins, after which it is then very difficult to wash your hands. How to properly collect the fruit and wash your hands after nuts, let's talk below.

How to wash your hands

People who collected walnuts at least once, or at least forest ones, faced such a problem as the appearance of indelible brown spots on the skin of their hands. Household chemicals do not always help with this problem.

The easiest way to help your hands is to pick nuts with gloves. It is best if it will be rubber, because they do not miss the juice of the nut containing pigment.

What can wash your hands?

Today, there is a wide range of household chemicals that can help in cleansing hands.

But, not everyone can help in scrubbing the pigment from the walnut. However, at home, people's recipes will help to wash your hands.:

  1. Lemon is the safest and most effective means.. It is necessary to make warm lemon water, pour into the basin and rub the hands with a soft washcloth. You can make it easier and rub your hands with an ordinary lemon. After that, it will be good to wipe the hands with a nourishing cream so that the skin does not dry out.
  2. Grape has the same effect as citrus.. The juice of the grapes should be rubbed into the skin of the hands for a long time until the dirt recedes.
  3. Make a slurry of raw potatoes and dip into warm water.. In this mixture, wash your hands and scrub dye stains. But this method may not help everyone.
  4. Sea salt. You can make a bath out of it and do it every few hours until your hands get the same look.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide can only affect spots only.. Pour peroxide on sponge and wash. If a brown spot has already appeared, then it is simply useless to fight it with this tool.
  6. Ammonia can help off brown specks. To wipe with cotton wool with the massing movements before full bleaching. The process should take place in the open air, so as not to have a headache.
Wash hands from plaque from walnuts will help citric, acetic, grape or other acid
Pigment contained in walnuts, add many businesses in hair dye.

As for household chemicals, they help well, but can greatly harm the skin, so you need to be careful with it. These tools include:

  • household bleach;
  • bleaching agents;
  • kerosene;
  • petrol.

In addition to these, there are also other household tools. However, it is still not worthwhile for them to strongly affect the skin, because they may harden, and this will lead to the appearance of ulcers. After the hands have been treated with one or another agent, it is necessary to rinse them with water as soon as possible.and then spread the hands with a nourishing cream or oil.

Peeling or shugaring will be an effective method, however after this procedure you need to moisturize them with a cream.

To improve and consolidate the effect it will be good to use soap.

For a softer stain removal, you can make a mask like this.: before going to bed abundantly smear your hands with cream, wrap them in plastic bags and put on mittens. By morning, the spots will turn pale and begin to gradually disappear.

Why after cleaning a walnut dirty hands

Hands become dirty by direct contact with unripe green walnuts, especially during brushing. Peeling the skin of the hands after cleansing the husks of unripe fruits is a difficult task.. Why is this happening?

Walnut shells contain the dye Juglon

The composition of walnuts includes pigmented substance Yuglon, which is a dye, which is extremely hard to wash. The most interesting, if the dye gets on the skin, then it does not immediately appear, only after some time, staining may occur.

Ripe walnuts practically do not have Yuglon, so they do not paint hands.

Walnut ripening time

Walnuts are harvested only when they start to ripen - the green pericarp splits and the fruits themselves fall out.

You do not need to collect fruits ahead of time, because only a truly mature walnut will be of high quality.

When they are mature, then they have little water in the core, are well cleaned and dry well. Because the fruits do not ripen in the same period, then the collection should be carried out several times. Harvesting is necessary only in view of its ripening. Mature nuts in Russia begin in late August - early September. It is necessary to finish fruit picking in the middle of September.

Ripe walnut

To facilitate the task, it is best to hire several people so that the collection process goes faster, and the nuts retain their freshness and have been preserved longer.

Collection rules

Collecting nuts is not as easy as it seems. The main rules for the collection of walnuts:

  • Fallen fruits must be collected no later than 24 hours.so that they do not deteriorate. Next, clean and dry them a bit.
  • In no case do not knock down the fruit not yet ripened. If this is done, then ripe and immature nuts fall.
  • Those fruits that are not yet fully ripe put in a dark room until full maturity. It is desirable if there will be cool.
  • If you knock the nuts with a stickthen the whole crop can be harvested in a day. This will save you time, and much of the harvest will be saved from being eaten by pests.
  • Soft-shelled walnuts can easily damage or crash on the ground when falling. For this there are specialized accessories. You can make such a device yourself: attach a small bag with a solid hole in the mountain to an oblong stick.
If you collect nuts in time, you can preserve the maximum quantity and quality of the crop. It is also important to properly preserve the nuts and protect them from diseases, bacteria and rodents.

How to split a walnut

Splitting the fruit is not an easy task and you need to make a lot of effort to get the coveted kernel. There are various ways to open a nut.:

  • Uncover the nuts with the door. To do this, you need to set the nut between the door frame and the door and slam it sharply. However, you should not overdo it, otherwise you will get crumbs instead of nuts.
  • Split a whole walnut with a knife. To do this, insert the knife edge into the gap between the two halves of the shell. Next, rotate the tip until a split occurs. However, there are also disadvantages of this method: only a small part can break away through which the nucleoli are hard to reach.
  • Equally effective is the kitchen hammer. Walnut put on a chopping board and hit with a hammer. Again, here you have to be careful, because if you hit too hard, you can get porridge mixed with the shell.
Walnut splitting tools
  • In hardware stores for sale special nut splitter. It will help you easily get the precious cores. If there is no nut, you can still use a gas key, pliers, pliers, garlic press.
All these methods can damage the fingers.

How to chop walnuts so that there is a whole core? For thisit is necessary to take a specialized board with a notchin which you can put a nut. To prevent the nut from scattering from scattering throughout the kitchen, you can put it in a bag or a bag.

Walnut kernels can also be removed by water softening.. To do this, boil water and put fruit there. An hour later, get the nuts and gently split the shell.

Not less effective way will be split walnuts with high temperatures. To do this, hold them in the oven at 200 ° C. This procedure will greatly facilitate the separation of the kernels from the nut shell.


Walnuts have long been a favorite delicacy of adults and children. Sharing, picking and peeling fruit from the skin with gloves is not the most interesting work., and now to wash your hands of brown spots will not make a trace. There are a lot of options to wash your hands of ripe nuts, the main thing is to choose the appropriate method, depending on your skin type. The main thing that you should not forget is to apply a nourishing cream after each rubbing, because The skin of the hands is quite tender and requires special careful care.

Gloved walnut cleaning

And so the walnuts are well cracked they need to choose the right in the store. For this you need to take one two fruits and squeeze them properly. If they start to crack, then most likely you will not have any special problems with cleaning.