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Strawberry Spinach or Raspberry Spinach


Strawberry Spinach - an interesting plantgrowing in popularity. On the features of the plant and the rules of cultivation will be discussed in the article.

In the shops for gardeners appeared seeds of plants with an unusual name. Before you start planting, you must carefully study the distinctive features, advantages and negative characteristics.

Strawberry spinach - strawberries or spinach?

Many gardeners believe that spinach is strawberry - achievement of foreign breeding, a hybrid of spinach and strawberry.

However, this is a misconception. The plant is distributed in the southern territories of Europe, North America and the coast of Asia.

The peculiarity of this vegetable culture is that both leaves and berries are suitable for food. And it got its name because of the resemblance of fruits with strawberries.

In addition to the main name there are many synonymous names - Spinach-raspberry, multi-leaved maria, many-sided maria, ordinary zminda, multi-leaved spinach.

Botanical description of the plant

Strawberry spinach belongs to the Mari family of the Marevy or Amaranth family. It has a great similarity to the quinoa. Annual plant, but if seeds remain in the ground, the next year the culture will grow again without outside intervention.

Leaves are green, triangular-lanceolate, edible. The tip of the leaves is pointed, the base turns into a petiole. Edges with pointed teeth. The branches reach 70 centimeters. The root is many-headed, thick. Stem erect.

Strawberry Spinach - an annual plant, blooms in July, the fruits ripen in August

The flowers, twisted into balls in the axils of the leaves, bisexual, three-membered, consist of five perianth leaves, five stamens and pistil. Perianth red, fleshy.

Seeds have black-brown color and longitudinal grooves. The surface is smooth and shiny.

The plant blooms in late July - early AugustThe fruits ripen in late August or early September. Inflorescence is a complex drupe.

The name of the plant is associated with the similarity of fruits with strawberries or raspberries. It is often called raspberry spinach.

But the berries do not taste like raspberries or strawberries. They are tasteless.

In the berry a small amount of pulp and a high content of seeds. Ripe raspberry spinach berries are considered when acquire burgundy color.

Features of growing

There are about 20 varieties of plants., the differences between them are in the size of the plant itself, form.

Gardeners grow about 10 species of this crop. The most sought-after species are Virofle, Victoria.

You can grow spinach without much difficulty. The ancestors of the plant were weeds, which is why it is very unpretentious and resistant to natural conditions. It grows on any soil, does not require special care.

If it is not timely watering or loosening, the plant will still produce fruit. Spinach grows like ordinary weed grass, not susceptible to frost, drought and other temperature fluctuations.

To get a harvest faster need to grow plant seedlings. It is worth starting in early March. Cartridges for seedlings fill with earth. After that, 1-2 seeds are placed in each.

Strawberry spinach can be grown from seed or seedlings

Too deep seed can not be placed, because in this case, it may not ascend.

In the open ground, the plant is transplanted after the appearance of at least 5 leaves. The distance between the holes should be at least 40 cm. Experienced gardeners recommend fertilizing the soil before planting spinach.

Another way to grow spinach is from seed.. This is the easiest way to ensure the harvest. Landing should begin immediately after the snow melts or fall in the fall before the start of frost.

In one well placed on 5-6 seeds. After the first few leaves appear, the weakest shoots are removed.

Beneficial features

The plant is a source of many beneficial substances.: Vitamins PP, B1 and B2, E, H, K, trace elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, etc.).

Regular consumption of fruits increases hemoglobin, and the use of spinach leaves as an ingredient and an independent dish leads to a cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and improvement of the nervous system.

In addition, the leaves can be used as a component of warming compresses and to improve the performance of joints and muscles.

The use of strawberry spinach is not capable of harming the figure, because the caloric content of the plant is small and is only 22 kcal. That is why the plant is the ideal product during the diet.

It is considered to be a source of protein., per 100 grams of a plant 2.9 grams of protein is useful. Carbohydrates - 3.6 g, and fats only 0.4 g.

In addition, the plant serves as sources of beta keratin.

Medical applications

Spinach stimulates the cardiovascular system. Vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants that prevent cholesterol oxidation. The composition of spinach strawberry includes carotene, which prevents damage to the walls of the arteries.

In addition, the contained nutrients, in particular, vitamin C and beta carotene, protect the walls of the colon from exposure to harmful substances and prevent constipation.

Regular consumption of strawberry spinach improves the male reproductive system. In addition, consumption of spinach is recommended for anemia, rickets, scurvy, tuberculosis and anemia.

Spinach strawberry increases hemoglobin levels, improves the functioning of the male reproductive system, etc.

With hemorrhoids and hypertension The plant can also have a positive effect on the body. In addition, spinach occupies an important place in the diet of people suffering from diabetes.

Strawberry spinach boosts hemoglobin levels and strengthens the immune system the human body. If the nervous system is impaired, experts recommend adding spinach to your diet.

The plant is recommended for use. women during pregnancy to strengthen the immune system and elderly men to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.

Cosmetic use

The plant is actively used by cosmetologists. as an ingredient for face masks and creams, because it contains beta keratin.

It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin of the face, helping to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Mask for rejuvenation

100 grams of the leaves of the plant cook in milk before the formation of a mushy substance. It is recommended to use enameled ware.

Put the mixture on a thin fabric, apply to the surface of the face, neck, avoiding the area around the eyes and hold for 15-20 minutes. After that, it is necessary to remove the remaining particles of the mixture and wipe the face with a decoction of chamomile.

Strawberry Spinach is actively used by cosmetologists as an ingredient in face masks and creams.

Cooking Application

The plant has a low calorieand therefore ideal for dietary nutrition. From it you can cook a lot of different dishes.


Ingredients Required:

  • 500 g of spinach;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • pepper, salt (to taste);
  • 200 g of hard cheese;
  • 3 tbsp soy flour;
  • 200 grams of ricotta.

Beat the eggs, add seasoning to the mixture. Grate the cheese. Then add the remaining ingredients to the egg mixture and mix thoroughly.

Grease the baking mold with butter. Next, you need to put in the greased form the mixture and send in a preheated oven. Bake for 50 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.


First you need to wash the berries, dry them. Cook the syrup from sugar and water in a ratio of 1: 1. In the resulting sugar syrup add washed fruit. Bring mass to a boil, then allow to cool.

In addition to spinach berries, you can add other fruits to the jam.. For example, Kiwi. Jam gets sour and unusual exotic taste.

From strawberry spinach you can make jam, kvass, pies


Ingredients Required:

  • fruits strawberry spinach - 2 kg;
  • 2 kg of sugar.

No need to wash the fruit. On the surface of the fruit there are natural yeast, which will act as a starter. Fruits pour warm water. Place the sugar.

Cap the ingredients with a lid and store in a place with room temperature. Insist kvass for at least three days.

Contraindications to the use

Despite many advantages, spinach has disadvantages. The most significant - excessive oxalic acid contentcontained in the plant.

Use is contraindicated in people with gastric ulcer, padagroy. In diseases of the genitourinary system, it is also impossible to consume strawberry spinach as food.

For medicinal purposes, it is recommended to use the green part of a young plant., because in mature cultures in addition to a large amount of oxalic acid contains bitterness.

Strawberry Spinach - a beautiful and healthy plant. Recently, the cultivation of raspberry spinach is gaining increasing popularity.

Strawberry Spinach is a beautiful and healthy plant, unpretentious, used for decorative purposes.

It is very unpretentious, does not require special care. and insensitive to environmental changes. The fruits are held for a long time, from June to the end of September.

That is why spinach strawberry often used for decorative purposes. They are planted in places where the growth of other ornamental crops is problematic.

Besides, the fruit and leaves are edible. It is used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking.