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Description and characteristic of strawberry grade Asia


Strawberries are a favorite summer fruit of both children and adults. Regardless of the variety, it conquers with its sweetness, aroma and unsurpassed, incomparable taste. This berry can be used both raw, immediately from the garden (only having washed it beforehand), and in all sorts of dishes and drinks. Different delicacies are prepared from strawberries: jams, jams, compotes, marmalade and jelly. A variety of all sorts of varieties, for example, Asia, allows each gardener to choose the best option.

Brief description of the variety Asia

First selected in Italy in 2005. But, despite his overseas origins, he quickly got accustomed and fell in love in our latitudes.

Asia is positioning itself as an industrial variety, with excellent taste and transportation qualities.

Sredneranny, begins to bear fruit at the very beginning of June. Productivity is slightly above average: for the season from one bush is collected 1-1.2 kg. ripe tasty berries. Excellent proven both on an industrial scale and in small suburban areas.

The berry itself is elongated, in the shape of a cone. It has a bright scarlet color, with a brilliant glossy sheen. The average size of the fruit is 30 grams. In isolated cases, at the very beginning of active ripening of fruits, individual fruits reach a size of 70-90 grams.

Strawberry variety Asia has excellent taste

Peduncle strong, large leaves shiny. The bush itself is quite large, throws out a moderate amount of antennae.

It has excellent taste: the pulp is soft, tender, has a high content of sugars, and only a small shade of sourness.

The species is drought-resistant, but frost resistance according to the description is moderate: in winter can withstand temperatures down to -15 degrees.

Ideal for a mild climate, if the climate is temperate continental, then in winter and early spring it is necessary to cover the bushes.

If in winter the temperature drops to -15 degrees, be sure to cover the bushes, otherwise the strawberries will die.
At temperatures below -15, it is necessary to cover the bushes

Advantages and disadvantages

The main benefits include:

  • Excellent taste.
  • The density of the berries, which allows them to be transported over long distances.
  • Completely decent yield.
  • Resistance to all sorts of root diseases.
  • Early ripening.
  • Drought tolerance.

The disadvantages include not very high frost resistance. In the temperate - continental climate of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, during the winter period, it requires careful care: it is necessary to cover the plant with agrofiber.

Planting strawberries

Soil preparation

Seriously it is necessary to approach the choice of a place for planting this variety.

Asia is very demanding on the composition of the soil: it grows poorly on sandy, clayey and carbonate soils.
Asia variety grows well in humus rich soils

Theoretically, it can be grown on such a composition, but it requires very careful care, as in such a soil the variety is prone to a disease such as chlorosis.

The soil high humus - A great place to plant such strawberries.

Regardless of the type of soil, it must be prepared for planting: thoroughly gnaw, remove all weeds, and disinfect with ammonia solution. After the disinfection of the soil, you need to give time to dry out and only after that you can begin to plant the bushes.


Planted bushes in the distance 30-35 cm. From each other. The bush itself is of rather large size, there are a lot of berries on it, so there is a need for space between the bushes to ensure good ventilation and nutrition of the roots.

It is necessary to plant bushes on flat ground, or slightly under the slope. The soil should be well lit not covered from sunlight.

You can not plant strawberries in lowlands, and on a hill. In the lowlands, the roots can suffer from constant dampness, and on the hill there will be an acute lack of moisture.

Watering and fertilizer

Although Asia is positioning itself as a drought-resistant species, but just like other varieties, it needs abundant and regular watering.

If watering is limited, this variety will not disappear, but it will yield much lower yields, and the fruits will be of much worse quality, small in size.

To increase fruiting, when planting, you can feed a little bushes, exclusively organic fertilizers.


The variety needs regular care, throughout the flowering, fruiting, and even after the season of ripe berries. It is necessary to remove weeds in a timely manner, loosen the soil in order to retain moisture - to mulch the soil.

After harvesting, you can feed the beds of wood ash. In autumn and spring, potash and phosphate fertilizers should be applied to the soil.

After harvesting, it is necessary to feed strawberries with wood ash.
Unlike other varieties, it needs constant fertilizer.

In the autumn, be sure to carefully remove all the dry leaves on the bushes, thoroughly weed the soil and cover the bushes with either agrofiber, or dry leaves, or straw (depending on winter temperatures).


This variety propagates mainly sockets. Bushes do not give abundant antennae, and independently form new sockets from which it is possible to form a new bush. This is the easiest and best way to grow strawberries.

Pests and diseases

This strawberry variety is resistant to various diseases of the root system, but is susceptible to chlorosis, anthracnose, powdery mildew.

Anthracnose strawberry variety Asia

In order not to give the plant a final ache, it is necessary to observe the bushes, and with the slightest hints of disease, treat them, otherwise the disease will quickly spread to the whole area.

Means to combat this or that disease must be purchased in a specialized store, and strictly follow the instructions for use.

The variety of strawberries Asia, despite the average yield, distinguished by excellent taste. And the vitamin composition and benefits of the berries of this variety are in no way inferior to even the most high-yielding species.

Fruits are also suitable for freezing. With proper care, this berry all year round will delight you with its sweetness and aroma.