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8 best varieties of potatoes in Belarus


Belarusian varieties are widespread, as are tubers with an excellent presentation, and the taste properties of potatoes are high. Potatoes, bred in Belarus, also grows well in Russia and Ukraine.

Belarusian potato varieties

Since Belarus itself divided into three climatic zonesthen varieties were developed specifically for each zone so that the tubers produce the planned yield. In this country, potato is the second bread in importance.

Everyone knows the important role of potatoes for Belarus

And therefore, the breeding of new varieties yielding stable large yields is viewed with great interest.

Potato breeding in Belarus

Today, the country ranks seventh in the world for growing potatoes and breeding in the country does not stand still. There are new developments that meet all the requirements of global standards.

Before you start mass landings each grade is tested for 12 years and only after that the variety is registered. At the moment, universal species are not being created - they create for certain climatic zones capable of producing a big crop on any soil.

Varieties have a high taste. Now they are breeding potatoes capable of preserving tubers for quite a long time at a temperature of 3 degrees of heat.

In Belarus, the type of local selection of Zhuravinka variety is cultivated; it cultivates every second farm. He has the presence of starch 18.5%, reddish skin and cream-colored flesh.
From hectare collect 640 c. The nutritional properties are excellent and the variety resists diseases well.

The selection of Belarusian scientists was the Skarb variety - which, in translation from the Belarusian language, means “wealth”. This is not a random name, because the tubers themselves when digging resemble gold ingots. Skin of a tuber of a yellowish shade and rounded shape.

Skarb table destination with a starch content of 16.5%. When preparing the tubers do not change the shade of a dark color. At the same time, it is remarkably preserved, and 645 c is collected. from one hectare.

Scientists believe that Skarb is also allowed to be used as a natural admixture for the soil in order to remove harmful components.

Breeders Belarusian Research Institute fired Zorachka. This type of collect up to 310 c. from one hectare. The variety is round and large. The skin is yellowish, the flesh is the color of homemade butter.

Zorachka perfectly resists disease, and remains dense until the end of winter.

Belarusian potato varieties

Belarusian selected vegetable is popular not only in Belarus itself, but also in the states that cultivate potatoes.

Among them:

  • Skarb
  • Breeze
  • Uladar
  • Manifesto
  • Zhuravinka
  • Bellarosa
  • Impala
  • Red Scarlet

These types are applied in the preparation of various dishes. For the production of grow or purchase - Zdabytak, Atlant, Signum, Maximum.

In these varieties, the overestimated containment of starch and is made from it:

  1. Starch.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Syrup.
Belarusian potato varieties are good because they are divided into different agro-climatic areas for cultivation.

The best varieties for planting in Belarus

Now choose species with a starch content in a fairly large proportion, since it is responsible requirements for culinary and industrial consumption. In the correlation of the desired effect in the manufacturer’s catalog, the species are divided into groups with different purposes.

There is also a variation of varieties in time of aging. But medium and species that ripen in the fall are more popular due to the fact that they have a long period of storage without effort.

Table 1. Mid-season species that mature for 105 days.

Species nameTubersPulpProductivity, tons / ha.Disease resistance
DubravaYellow shade and round shapeCream50,0To cancer and scab
KrynicaYellow and ovalCreamy49,8To cancer, scab and nematode
VolatYellow and ovalCream62,4To cancer, scab and nematode

table 2. Middle-latency species that mature in 115 days.

Species nameTubersPulpProductivity, tons / ha.Disease resistance
ZarnitsaLight pink ovalBeige52,7High
ZdabytakRed ovalWhite60,7High
MaximumYellowish ovalCream56,8High

Species that ripen in mid-autumn may be damaged by the first cold and therefore varieties are cultivated only in the southern regions.

The advantages of the Belarusian varieties

On the territory of the republic more than 100 species are cultivated varied in term potato cultivation. All species are zoned for different areas. The tests are carried out for a long time, in order to understand how adapted the potato will be when grown in a particular region.

Also, the tubers are bred in such a way that food and product quality at the level of foreign selection. But unlike it, you do not need to do an annual update of planting seed.

The fact that farmers do not need to regularly update seed for planting is significantly saves farm budgets.

Planting potatoes do not require large fertilizers and from the squares they harvest large harvests of potatoes with qualities:

  1. Productivity
  2. Alignment of tubers relative to shape.
  3. Presentable appearance.
  4. Resistance to diseases peculiar to solanaceous plants.
  5. Excellent taste.
  6. Excellent preservation in the winter.

In the republic there is a well-equipped technical station and elite knowledge of agronomists who develop new types of potatoes. With this received seed material sells well, since the sale to various countries has long been established.

The Republic produces a lot of elite seed material of sowing potatoes, which is implemented after testing the state inspector who monitors the quality of the material. All this has been going on for more than 100 years.

Features of planting and care

In order to bail out a large crop from the garden plot every year, first of all, it is necessary to acquire healthy seed material corresponding to the form.

Before planting, seed potatoes are germinated for 20 days at a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius.

The rest cultivation agrotechnics is not different and includes:

  • Weeding;
  • Watering;
  • Loosening;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Treatments for the Colorado potato beetle and viral diseases.

At the same time, the soil for a large potato harvest should also be light and fertile.

Competently approaching the cultivation of potatoes, creating the necessary conditions - this will be the necessary options for obtaining a good high-quality harvest.

Early varieties of potatoes of Belarusian breeding


Allocated for food, bush 50 cm high and spreading with refined stems.


Table 3. Features varieties Uladar.

SkinYellow shade and smooth.
EyesSmall and rarely located on the surface of the tuber.
PulpCreamy shade.
The formOval shape and large size, up to 12 pcs. in the bush.
FlowersRed and purple.

It shows resistance to numerous diseases of solanaceous plants.

The yield per hectare is 424 tons.


Designed for the manufacture of various dishes, moderately productive and short shelf life.

To preserve the harvest of the popular Aksamit variety in the room where potatoes are stored, the temperature should not rise above 2 degrees Celsius.

Table 4. Features litter Aksamit.

Skin Yellow shade.
PulpPure white without admixture of other shades.
The formOval, large tubers up to 12 pcs. in the bush.
FlowersWhite shade.

It is adapted for digging new potatoes.

The best mid-season and mid-late varieties

The gap between these species is highlighted:


The capacity of the starch in the potato is high, which gives confidence that the puree made from it will be lump-free.


Table 5. Features varieties Lasok.

SkinYellow shade, with a rough grid on the surface.
PulpCreamy cream.
The formRather large and oval.
FlowersWhite shade.

Lasunka has a remarkable resistance to diseases of solanaceous plants - cancer, late blight of tubers, scab, and viruses. Shelf life is only 4 months, provided that the temperature at the storage location will be from -1 to +2 degrees.

When feeding planted potatoes do not get involved in nitrogen fertilizersotherwise the tops will grow too much and this will reduce the yield of potato tubers.


With good taste, almost never boiled soft. From this potato it is good to cook chips.


Table 6. Features varieties Crane.

SkinRed shade, smooth to the touch.
PulpLight yellow shade.
The formOval and medium size.
FlowersRed-purple hue.

Crane is resistant to cancer and nematode, scab and blackleg, to late blight and viruses. A lot of potatoes are born in one bush and therefore a good harvest grows.

View responsive to nitrogen fertilizer. Excellent keeping quality, tubers with good storage can be stored until the next harvest. When cultivating requires watering.


Dining destination with a long shelf life and good taste.


Table 7. Features varieties Yanka.

SkinYellow shade, low mesh.
EyesNot deep.
PulpCream color.
The formOval shaped tubers up to 12 pcs. in the bush.
FlowersWhite shade.

Well resists potato diseases such as golden nematode, cancer, scab, late blight.

Resistant to mechanical damage and a storage period of 95 days, and, therefore, can be planted for commercial purposes.

Which Belarusian varieties are the best sellers in Russia?

What to plant in his personal garden, everyone decides for himself, but before giving preference to any, you should not be familiar with the main indicators.


Sredneranny type of the Belarusian selection, possessing great flavoring properties. Tubers with a starch content of 15%, the skin is reddish and creamy pulp.

Productivity due to different conditions, but under normal conditions form 71 tga. Stored for a long time, at the temperature condition of safety in 4 ° C.
The species has developed disease resistance and the Manifesto cultivates on the black earth.

Zdabytak Belarusian selection

Late technical type of potato containing starch above normal. Forms a crop to 61 t.ga. Tubers Zdabytka well boiled soft.

Valued by a high percentage of starch, reaching 27%, but during cultivation requires watering.


Early view of the Belarusian selection. This potato can replace the properties advertised Skarb. Tuber grows in the shape of a palm with a yellow skin, flesh of a light yellow shade, not deep eyes.

Content of starch substances is 17%. Gather in good years to 72 tenge. Uladar resists most diseases.
View adapted for cultivation on differently structured lands. Potatoes with excellent flavoring qualities - for culinary dishes.

Potatoes are great for dishes around the world

Giving preference to potatoes produced in the Republic of Belarus, one can be sure that in August-September we will dig up the harvest of high-quality potatoes. If at the same time adhere to the recommended agricultural techniques, then yields will be stable.