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Description and characteristics of potato varieties Rocco


Potatoes from ancient times to this day is the most popular vegetable. Vegetable is used in its pure form, and is part of a large number of various dishes. In addition to excellent taste, potatoes are enriched with nutrients. Such properties of tubers gave impetus to the cultivation of various varieties. Rocco is a popular potato variety.It is bred by Dutch breeders. Now it is grown in many countries of the world, including in Russia.

Description of potato varieties Rocco

According to the description, Rocco is a varietal variety that belongs to mid-season. Some attribute it to late-ripening.

Ripens potatoes 150 days after planting in the ground. The main advantage of the variety is high yield.

From one bush you can collect up to 12 tubers. Rocco is one of the most high-yielding potato varieties.

But this is not all the advantages of this variety. Among the other advantages are::

  • excellent taste. Suitable for cooking and frying. In the process of heat treatment, the vegetable retains the color of the fruit - creamy white. Also used for cooking french fries and chips;
  • resistance to diseases, including viral;
  • resistance to dry weather conditions;
  • unpretentiousness in cultivation. Saplings take root well, and potatoes are almost indifferent to growing conditions and weather conditions;
  • This potato is well kept.

The weight of one potato can reach 125 grams.

Rocco is one of the favorite varieties in cooking. The starch content in potatoes is about 17%. To buy it on the food market is not difficult, since it is one of the most purchased varieties.

The main advantage of the variety is high yield.

Botanical characteristics

The fruits themselves have a pleasant taste and smell of flesh. The color of the pulp - creamy white. In the process of cooking the color does not change. The tubers themselves are not deformed. The shape of the tuber is similar to a rounded oval.

Tuber skin is thin. Its surface is smooth. Skin color - pale pink.

The bushes of potatoes have a height of up to half a meter. Stems are directed vertically upwards. Therefore, Rocco is fairly easy to distinguish from other varietal species. The flowers have a lilac color with a burgundy shade..

Sometimes this potato does not bloom. But this does not negate the active growth of tubers - this is its feature.

Sometimes Rocco does not bloom, which does not cancel the active growth of tubers

Appearance history

Rocco was bred by Dutch breeders. In Russia, it began to be grown since 2002. For a short time he managed to catch the fancy of gardeners from around the world.

It is most actively grown in China, Holland, France, India and Australia. Now Rocco is cultivated in Russia, in the CIS countries and neighboring countries.

Features of growing

Rocco - unpretentious varietywhich is resistant to many diseases and dry weather conditions. The variety is able to adapt to any weather conditions.

Grow it under the force of not only experienced gardeners, but also to those who have just started doing this.


When planting, observe a number of steps:

  1. Soil for planting varieties should be different looseness, solid soil is not too good for him, since the root system will not develop so actively.
  2. Before planting, the plot must be leveled and cleaned of weeds.
  3. Before planting, planting material is required. A copper sulfate solution, potassium permanganate solution and boric acid solution are suitable for processing. Epin will also work.
  4. The tuber is desirable to lay in the ground at 4 cm.
  5. Before throwing seed tuber into the planting hole, it is advisable to pour a little ash on the bottom of the hole. This will increase the level of starch.
Landing is desirable to make at the end of March or in April. This is especially true of the central and southern regions of Russia.

In the northern regions it will not be possible to land so early, but it is not recommended to be late with landing.

Plant Rocco variety preferably at the end of March or in April

Nuances of care

Care culture includes the following nuances:

  • it is required to weed the ground regularly;
  • the variety is drought resistant, but watering is necessary during dry periods, and if the soil is excessively dry;
  • periodically it is recommended to loosen and pile up the soil between the bushes and between the rows. This increases the permeability of the soil;
  • to protect against the Colorado potato beetle, siderats, lupine and mustard, help;
  • to combat disease, it is recommended to use chemicals, as well as folk remedies;
  • it is recommended to dig up the tubers after full yellowing and drying of the tops;
  • important feeding. Suitable ash wood, organic fertilizer and saltpeter. Also important are mineral fertilizers with a high content of potassium and phosphorus.


Rocco's Potatoes well stored and transported. It is important to observe some storage features of tubers:

  • You can store dug tubers in wooden boxes or in nylon nets. In the boxes, you must first make a gap;
  • You can store it in cellars, undergrounds. It is required to create favorable storage conditions - not too low air temperature, lack of moisture;
  • The grade carries long shipments.
The variety is well kept in the cellars, endures long shipments

Potato Reviews

Alexey, 62, Kostroma: “Rocco's potato accidentally came to me on a plot from a neighbor in a summer cottage. At first there were about five bushes. Potatoes liked the taste and the fact that for the past 10 years, he gives a high yield. ”

Irina, 44 years old, Samara: “Itself has not planted Rocco. A friend once treated to mashed potatoes, which surprised by a gentle and very pleasant taste. Took tubers for planting. ”

Tatyana, 31, Novosibirsk: “Rocco saw the neighbors in the cottage. A distinctive feature are erect shrubs with wavy leaves. According to the stories of a neighbor, about 10 large tubers are collected from one bush each year. Took a few seed tubers. Be sure to plant in the spring. ”

In this way, Rocco is one of the best Dutch potato varieties. with excellent features. It is unpretentious in cultivation, it is well stored, and also gives a rich harvest with excellent taste.