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A detailed description of the strawberry varieties merchant


Strawberry is a favorite, natural and healthy sweetness. both children and adults. The popularity of this delicious fragrant berry provokes breeders to bring out more and more of its varieties. This is an innovative variety and Strawberry Kupchikha. The very name of this variety suggests that it was invented in our country, by our Russian breeders.

Breeding history

Developed such a novelty experts Kokinsky stronghold VSTISP. Direct authorship belongs to the scientist S.D. Aitjanov.

Despite the fact that this variety was bred quite recently, it has already confidently occupied the leading position in the sales market.

The merchant immediately fell in love with not only consumers, but also suppliers, and just gardeners - summer residents, as well as their families and friends.

Strawberry is not only combined in itself all the best qualities from their "parents", but also significantly outdid them in separate indicators.

Tradeswoman - the result of breeding European Muscat strawberries and large-fruited garden strawberries

Brief description and characteristic of the variety Strawberry Kopchikha

A merchant is one of the few varieties in which virtually no flaws. Excellent taste combines all the best properties of strawberries and wild strawberries. This is an incredibly tasty, fragrant and sweet berry.

Her "parents" are European nutmeg strawberries and large-fruited garden strawberries. Thus, breeders successfully managed to combine the sweetness and aroma of wild strawberries, with a rather large size of garden strawberries. Such a berry, in another way, is also called a zealot..

The main advantage of this variety is not only excellent taste, but also high yield and simplicity in care.

The bushes are quite high. and strong, leaves of juicy green color, the bush reaches 25 cm tall. The stalks are powerful and thick, the flowering is very abundant: there are almost no leaves behind the many flowers. Flowers are white with a yellow center.

The fruits are quite large, weighing 25-35 grams, oblong shape, dark red color, with a delicate violet shade. The berries are of a very interesting shape: there is a split at the ends, it looks like a berry with ears.

According to the description, the ripening time is average, the first fruits begin to collect in mid-June.

This variety is very fruitful.: 300-400 grams of delicious berries are collected from one bush per season. Fruits are dense and elastic, well tolerate transportation.

Merchant and her yield:

One of the advantages of this species is that the yield does not depend on weather conditions: regardless of whether the sun is outside or cloudy, the fruits ripen in their own way.

This berry can be successfully grown in a greenhouse, or in the house, in pots.

The variety is frost resistant. In the winter time, it takes the temperature to minus 20 degrees, but if the temperature outside the window is even lower, it is recommended to slightly cover the area with agrofibre, film, or other heat-insulating material.

Merchant is very unpretentious in the care, grows well in our latitudes, in different climatic conditions. We'll have to tinker with it only in the zone of risky farming.

Frost-resistant, productive, unpretentious grade in leaving


Since this variety is a hybrid, it multiplies exclusively by antennae. Seed propagation is not recommended, since, during seed planting, the varietal characteristics of strawberries will be lost.

Important to remember! Flowers of the Kupchikh are bisexual, for good yield, it is important that both male and female bushes grow in the garden.


Seedlings of the Kupchikh are planted in extremely fertile soil, which must first be carefully prepared: fertilize with organic humus, or with a mixture of ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and charcoal.

Planted it in early spring or early autumn, it is necessary to plant bushes at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other.

It is important to consider the factor that This species grows very quickly and needs enough free space.in order to get enough nutrients from soil and sunlight.

The distance between the beds should be at least 50 cm. A good result gives a landing in a checkerboard pattern..

Crop is planted in early spring or autumn, the distance between the bushes is at least 30 cm


The merchant is rather unpretentious in care, the plant is rather drought-resistant. Watering is recommended drip, the main thing is not to overmoisten the soil.

Also required regular weeding and loosening the soil, timely removal of weeds.

This variety is not very demanding of sunlight, it can be planted in slightly shaded areas. At one place the berry will bear fruit up to 5 years, then the yield will decrease.

Diseases and pests

Breeders are positioning this variety as very resistant to pests and diseases. This variety can not be even such common diseases and pests as powdery mildew and gray rot.

The landowner Kupchikha is very tasty and fruitful variety, very unpretentious, drought and frost-resistant, with proper care you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy plenty of fragrant and sweet berries.

The merchant is very resistant to pests and diseases, does not respond to powdery mildew and gray rot


Vladimir Ivanovich, amateur gardener: "For the first time I tried this sort of strawberry with my neighbor. I liked it very much. I planted it in my garden next year. The result exceeded all my expectations. Strawberries are distinguished by high yields and do not require any special care."

Vera Nikolaevna, summer resident: "I love strawberries very much myself, and my children and grandchildren love it. Therefore, I often try to please them with something new. I have several varieties of strawberries, but the Merchant variety has conquered everyone with its incredible sweetness, without sourness. I really liked this little fruit of my granddaughter ".

Nikolay, small businessman: “I have been engaged in the purchase and sale of different varieties of strawberries for a long time. The Merchant variety very much liked it, it is well transported, the berries are very elastic, and the wonderful aroma is immediately spread all over the car. Such a variety is bought with pleasure at grocery points”.

Alena, student: "Parents grow strawberries at the dacha in the dacha; each lotto cannot wait to be sated with such fragrant and sweet wonder berries again."

Strawberry Kupchikha suitable for fresh consumption and for processing. It makes excellent jams, preserves and compotes.

And drought resistance, frost resistance and unpretentiousness give it a special popularity and relevance.