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How to grow delicious strawberries from seeds at home?


Strawberry harvest directly depends on the quality of seedlings. Experienced gardeners grow berries from seeds in their area. Seed material can be purchased or collected independently from ripe Victoria. In this article we will look at how to plant a berry at the dacha plot, how to germinate seeds and propagate.

Is it possible to grow strawberries in the country from seed?

Traditionally, strawberries are grown by rooting the antennae and dividing the bushes.. Less commonly used seeds. For some reason, planting seeds is not widely used. This is largely due to the fact that this is a very complex and painstaking process. However, this method ensures that good-quality seedlings will be planted.

It happens that a very tasty berry is bought, and its variety is unknown. After collecting the seeds of this strawberry, you can dilute it on your site. Even a very rare variety of purchased seeds will grow in caring hands, which can then be planted in the root. Only repairable species are suitable for landing. Germination of hybrid varieties is not guaranteed.

Where to get seeds for planting?

The best varieties of strawberries are widely presented on sale, you need to choose, based on the characteristics of a particular type. There are - early, mid-season and late varieties. You can buy them in specialized stores or via the Internet.

The best varieties for growing berries from seeds at home:

  • Bagot
  • Gourmand
  • Sakhalin
  • Muscat
  • Fresco
  • Rugen
  • Geneva

Because of the high cost, seeds can be harvested on their own. It is necessary to select the largest and ripe berries. Cut off the top layer. Collected strawberry change washed, spread out on paper and dried.

Keep the seeds inside the glass container, the strawberry germination persists for 3-4 years.
Planting strawberry seeds in open ground

Terms of sowing seeds for seedlings

Before you start growing strawberry seedlings. It should adopt the secrets that are shared by experienced gardeners.

To the seeds rose together, and the seedlings were strong and not overgrown. Planting should be carried out on time. The time of sowing Victoria seedlings end of February - early March. The resulting seedlings in a permanent place planted in May. In the northern regions, dates are at the beginning of June.

Preparing for sowing

Gardeners use two methods of seed preparation before sowing. Both are effective, you can choose any of the options:

  1. Soak the planting material before planting. This is done to swell the seeds. This method allows you to check how high-quality seeds. Overdue seed does not swell, it remains empty inside. Soak them better on a piece of cloth. Pour just water is not necessary, the seeds can soak. Soak them for 2-3 days. It is necessary to ensure that the fabric is not dry.
  2. The second method is to harden the seed. To do this, moisten a piece of cloth, place the seeds on it. Wrap them up and send them inside the refrigerator to the bottom shelf. The temperature should not be too low. Hardened plants in this way will more easily tolerate frosts. Withstand the seeds in the cold for 2 days.

If desired, you can simply sow strawberries in boxes with earth and pour them with a spray bottle. For those who do not like to be lazy, we propose to consider the method of planting from experienced gardeners.

Seed preparation is not necessary, however, these measures will provide 100% germination of healthy seedlings.
Strawberry sprouts grown from seed

How to plant seeds?

Planting is carried out with the preparation of fertile soil.. Mixed soil is necessary for growing strawberries for seedlings. 2 parts of the earth, a part of sand and peat are taken, where it is necessary to add wood ash, biohumus. The soil should be easy crumbly. Otherwise, after watering the land will be clogged.

  • The prepared soil is poured in boxes. It is leveled and compacted.
  • Stick draw a smooth shallow grooves on the length of the box.
  • Inside the grooves with tweezers stacked seeds. If there are no tweezers, a toothpick will do.
  • Between each seed, so that they are not thickened, leave a distance of 2 cm.
  • When planting different varieties, you need to sign each groove.
  • After landing, ram the earth and pour it abundantly with a spray bottle.

Until strong shoots appear, it is better to water with a sprayer, otherwise the water will wash away the seeds.

Seed care before germination

Special care, except for irrigation, seedlings do not require until the moment when the shoots need to dive. It is better to keep a box with seedlings on the window, sunlight will appear through the glass. Until the shoots appear, the box for preserving moisture can be covered with glass or film.

Transplanting strawberry seedlings to open ground

Picks carry out when there are 2-3 leaves. Carefully remove the seedlings and replant in individual cups. Peat cups are ideal for this purpose. If planted in disposable dishes, you need to make a hole at the bottom of the cup.

How to plant bushes berries in open ground?

Grown independently strawberry seedlings with proper care should be green.fresh and healthy looking. Before landing in the ground need cups to pour abundantly. The weather should already be warm. If cold nights are observed, it is better to wait some time, use a greenhouse or covering material.

Planted seedlings on the prepared bed, the soil in it should be loosened and fertilized. Recently, gardeners are actively planting on sublime beds with covering material. If you grow strawberries in the traditional way, strong bushes need to be mulched.

Straw, hay or sawdust are suitable for mulch. Good hosts use mowed grass or rotted foliage.

The difficulties of growing berries from seeds at home

Strawberry closeup

Difficulties that novice gardeners can face:

  1. Expired seeds will not germinate, in which case they need to be re-seeding.
  2. Provide regular watering, sprouts can die in dry soil.
  3. If the window is very sunny, it needs to be slightly shaded, otherwise the leaves may turn yellow.
  4. In addition to watering, seedlings can be sprayed. If it grows poorly, fertilizing with growth stimulants is recommended.
  5. If the soil smells like mold, it means that watering should be reduced or the sprouts can rot.

If you follow all the recommendations, monitor the condition of the seedlings and properly care for her. On your site you can equip a strawberry field rich in harvest. Experimenting with different varieties, until late autumn, the harvest will be provided!