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The right technology for growing potatoes in bags


On poor soils to get a good harvest of potatoes is problematic. In such situations, the method of growing potatoes in sacks has proven itself well. This method allows you to get a good harvest and save space on the site.

The process of growing does not require special knowledge. After the warm weather has set in on the street and the threat of night frost has passed, you can take action.

general information

To understand the method of growing it is necessary to understand the essence of the method, determine its positive and negative points, take into account all the features and recommendations. Having dealt with all the elements, it will not be difficult to grow a healthy crop.

The essence of the method

The essence of the method of growing potatoes is planting tubers into bags, where the bush will develop and additional tubers will be formed.

the main thing provide optimal conditions for this:

  • Sufficient lighting
  • Abundant watering and care
  • Loose soil
  • Holes to drain excess water
For growing potatoes in bags, plenty of watering is needed

Necessary materials

Before you start planting, you must prepare the following materials:

  • Tara
  • Priming
  • Planting material

Potato growing technology

Cultivation technology includes the following steps:

  1. At the bottom of the ground pour in so that its height was 15 cm.
  2. Sow potatoes approx. 3-4 cm. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the sprouts. The approximate amount of vegetables per bag is 2-4 pieces.
  3. On top of the potatoes to a height of 15 cm fall asleep soil. Watering during this period is not required. After 7-14 days, shoots appear.
  4. Shoots are watered regularly. When they reach heights in 30 cm, it is necessary to fill the ground with another 15 cm. Each time the procedure is repeated until the bag is 2/3 full.
2-4 tubers are planted in each bag

For the normal development of the plant it is necessary to choose a sunny place. You can put along the walls of houses, near trees, as long as they do not fall on their side. Please note that there is no drain near, in this case, the excess water will accumulate.

Also, do not place bags in a permanent shade, plants need light and heat.

Container for planting potatoes

In order to grow potatoes by this method, it is necessary to prepare the container. You can purchase packages in the store or sew yourself. Often used sugar bags, flourAny will do.

Use even ordinary garbage bags. They are less durable, you should carefully handle them to keep it whole.

Be sure to have holes so as not to accumulate excess moisture.
Practically any tight bags are suitable for the method.

Planting material

In 2 weeks before planting, the tubers should be decomposed for germination. To begin with, good, intact tubers are picked, laid out in a warm, lit place, for example, in boxes or small barrels. After 2 weeks sprouts appear.

For planting choose most powerful and healthy of them. Thin and brittle sprouts should not be planted, a good harvest can not be obtained from them.


In addition to planting material and packaging, they also prepare the soil for planting. For this, the earth is mixed with humus in different parts.

Soil start cooking in the fall. It is necessary to weed, disinfect it from pests.

You can take the usual land from the site, but when using ordinary soil, yield decreases.

When to plant

When the threat of frost has passed, warm weather will be established, you can start planting.

The end of April and the beginning of May is the optimal time for landing.


Crop harvested in the second half of August

Harvest usually start in the second half of August, sometimes later. It depends on the timing of planting and varieties of potatoes.

In order to harvest potatoes, you just need to put the bag on its side, to harvest. If the bags were special holes, valves, pockets, they open and take out the potatoes. If they are no longer needed, you can simply cut them and easily assemble the potatoes.

The soil after cultivation loses all the useful properties and not suitable for reuse.

The difference of growing in bags from the usual way

Growing has a number of features. Unlike the usual way requires more watering.

Also throughout the growth, the bush is regularly covered with earth so that only the upper leaves remain on the surface.

The soil is filled so that only the upper leaves remain on the surface.

When grown at the bottom of the potato will be the largest, the higher to the surface, the younger. This is explained by the fact that at first it grows from planted tubers closer to the bottom.

Growing shrubs are constantly sprinkled with earth, a powerful root system is being formed, from which new and new potatoes begin to grow.

Unlike the conventional growing method, allows you to harvest throughout the year.


The method is not very different from the usual method, but still has a number of features and advantages.

Among the main advantages:

  • Bags do not take up much space and they can be installed around the perimeter of the garden
  • Nourishing and decontaminated soil contributes to the normal development of potatoes, prevents the occurrence of diseases and damage by pests
  • Good yield
  • Weeding is not necessary.
Potatoes in sacks take up little space in the plots


Like all other methods of growing vegetables, it has its drawbacks:

  • The possibility of obtaining a large crop limited to a small area
  • If cultivation took place on a balcony, the land used must be adapted somewhere.
  • The soil dries quickly enough, requires more frequent watering.


When using quality planting material and the fulfillment of all requirements, it will be a good way and will bring a good harvest.

For landing do not use high and tight bags. When using such, the soil will not receive the required amount of oxygen. To avoid this, cuts should be made along the perimeter.

It is important to use top dressings to get more yield. Potash supplements are perfect for growing in bags.

At the bottom of the bag can cut a special valvethrough which later it is easy to get ripe potatoes. With this method, the upper layers, where the potatoes are younger and still smaller, will remain undisturbed.

Ripe potatoes are convenient to get through a special valve

Is it possible to grow on the balcony?

Potatoes in this way can be obtained at home. There is the possibility of growing in this way on the balcony.

High yield can not be obtained, as the sizes of a balcony will not allow to arrange a large number of bags. To collect one and a half is quite realistic.

Thus, this method will save space when it is lacking. If there is enough space for planting potatoes on the site, then with additional cultivation in bags, you can significantly increase the yield and receive it throughout the year.