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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties black prince


The unpretentious and beautiful variety of tomato black prince is not only a beautiful decoration of the greenhouse, but also possesses good flavoring qualities. The description and characteristics of this tomato can be found below.

Tomato Black Prince

This is a variety that has the same-name hybrid of the first generation F1. Should remember that hybrids do not give seed to offspring and for obtaining quality seeds, you should initially purchase a seed bag, which will indicate that this is the Black Prince variety. Seeds are purchased only from reputable proven firms in specialized garden centers.

Characteristic variety

Tomato variety Black Prince

The black prince is suitable for cultivation, both in closed and open ground. Zoned for cultivation throughout Russia. The taste of this dessert tomato is very sweet. Can be applied by making:

  1. Fresh salads.
  2. Sandwiches.
  3. Soups
  4. Lecho

Positive qualities of tomato:

  • Nice Colour;
  • Precocity species;
  • Large fruit;
  • Large harvests;
  • Sweetness taste.

Among the shortcomings, only that is not subject to storage and must be processed immediately after harvesting.

The black prince brings a good harvest from one bush can be removed up to 4.5 kg. Tomatoes.


The bushes of the Black Prince are quite high, so the stems and brushes must be tied up so that the shoots do not break under the weight of the tomatoes.

The bush grows to a height of 150 cm, sometimes with good care, its height reaches 2 meters. Since the variety is indeterminate, its growth requires restriction, because above 2 m of the mark, if there are flowers, the tomatoes will not be tied up, and the growth of the tomato liana will take nutrients from other fruits, which will not affect the ripening of the main tomato mass.

It is necessary to remove the top after a sufficient number of fruits are fastened on the bush. This is carried out depending on the growing region in the middle or end of August.

Stem bush resistant and bristly, but because of its growth still requires a garter, so as not to break. Brushes on the bush leave 8 pieces it will give the berries to ripen in time. Platinum sheets do not differ from other varieties - green and wrinkled. The root system develops 0.5 m wide and 1 m deep. The first brushes with colors appear after 9 leaf plates - each following three sheets.

Many colors are formed in the hands, but it is recommended to leave no more than 9 pieces in each brush. tomato otherwise the size of the fruit will be too small.
Distinguished by this variety unusual for tomatoes coloring: dark red, almost burgundy

Tomato variety mid-ripening period of fruit is 115 days from the moment of seed germination. Ripe fruits are round, ribbed have a flattened appearance on both sides. Tomato weight ranges from 100 grams to 500 grams. Fully ripened fruit is colored maroon with darkening to the base of the berry.

Tomato skin is smooth and dense, but the fruit does not tolerate transportation.

Tomato growing

In order to get the yield, consisting of beautiful tomatoes, you should make the first efforts at the stage of planting seeds.

Stepwise landing process

First thing before planting seedlings to a permanent place it should be tempered, gradually accustomed to open ground. Seedlings are planted depending on the region at the beginning or end of May, when return frosts are bypassed.

Tomato seedling Black Prince

Planting is done in cloudy weather, or if there is no such weather, then seedlings are planted in the evening and in order for the planted seedlings to settle down better, it is necessary to spread out the mulch around the seedling, and the cut grass will do. So in hot weather the moisture will last longer, and the seedlings will go through a period of adaptation in a new place.

In the prepared soil make the holes according to the scheme 50x40 cm depth depends on the seedling. If the seedling is too elongated, it is necessary to lay it horizontally and leave only the tip of 10 cm high on the surface of the earth. Moreover, the seedling is laid from south to north, if the bed on the prepared site allows. If the seedlings are short and stocky, they are planted vertically.

Before planting, one liter of water is poured into each well and 100 gr. wood ash, which will serve as potash fertilizer. Also ammonium nitrate is added to the well in the amount of 50 g. Sapling put in the middle of the hole, straighten the root system in different directions. Then pour the earth around the stem of the seedling and compact the soil to get rid of airbags. As the bush grows, it will require a garter to a peg or other support with the help of a loop.

It is necessary to shed the soil in the hole before planting.

Peculiarities of care

If you correctly fulfill the agrotechnical requirements, you will always get a good harvest of tomato black prince.


The land should not be allowed to dry out around the root system of a tomato, therefore watering should be timely and regular.

It is necessary to water regularly, so that the soil around the bushes does not dry to a state of dust. Since the plant is high, it also needs water enough to grow fruits on a bush. Watering is carried out early in the morning or in cloudy weather during the day..

Watering the bushes in sunny weather is likely to be burned by the leaf mass of the bush, which will lead to the death of the plant.


The temperature regime does not depend on us, but the best is considered 28 degrees.


Weeding plot with tomatoes from weeds

It is worth weeding after each watering or rain that has passed for the next day.. This will increase the access of oxygen to the root system of the bush and will increase the yield.

Competent care will help increase the yield.

Feeding methods

Top dressing are foliar and root.

Foliar spend on sheet plates in cloudy weather or in the evening at sunset, so as not to burn the foliage.

Root top dressing make directly under the root of the bush after watering. These two types of dressings should be alternated using such preparations.:

  1. Humate
  2. Emerald.
  3. Ideal.
It is necessary to make root dressings only on wet soil in order not to burn the root system of the bush.

The black prince variety is not only a good-looking type of tomato, but with excellent taste and with all the recommendations gardener will not be left without a tomato. So his tomatoes, growing on the top, do not have time to ripen by the end of the season, then they are removed in a green form and allowed for delicious winter salads.